It’s been a while.

dysfunctionalbarbie on Jul 28th 2012 09:37 am

Things have been going really well for me you’ll be updated by my weight loss, job process and boys all in this order. LOL

First thing is I’ve stayed away from the scale, week in and week out it’s been the same damn number 156-159 so I decided to stay away from it for a while and go by with what I feel and see in the mirror. I believe that’s a more healthier approach for me because the scale just depresses me. It’s fine though when I’m ready to get fully back into I will. For now I’ll just watch what I eat and continue to eat smaller portions. Now that being said I’m working my way up mentally to do a 10 day master cleanser (completely fail as I eat a MacDonald breakfast LOL) but I figured with everything goings well for me lately I may as well completely cleanse my body of all the toxins. Of course so when I start my new job everything will feel brand new? I’m trying to mentally prepare myself…

So I gave my two weeks notice at my full time job on Friday. My course started Aug 13-17th and I know a lot of people are asking “well what if you fail?” well now I CAN’T fail because I have nothing to fall back on and I doubt I would fail. I know the people asking that really don’t want me to leave my current position because I’m well liked but you know what in the long run it’ll benefit me the best. The hospital security was always my back up plan if the 911 – dispatching didn’t pan out. The only difference is instead of waiting to get on with Protection services right away (I’ve applied 18 times and nothing.) I decided to get into contract security for the hospital, start at the bottom and work my way up. (Turns out the reason why I wasn’t getting hired was because the contracted security who was working we’re getting the protection services jobs.) I’ve also never really feared starting from the bottom and busting my ass up to get to the top again. The pay cut isn’t drastic and within 3 months I’ll be pretty much making the same amount of money I am at my current job. I also have my debt under control with the exception of one creditor. So I don’t feel stuck anymore, I have my savings account going up quickly and I’m being smarter money wise. I also got a dollar raise at my part time job which I won’t be working at as much once I get my rotation shift of 4 on and 4 off. two days and two nights which is what I would have been doing if I got on with the City. Besides it’ll be a nice change not ALWAYS having to work day shift (I hope). I’m really excited!

So someone sent a comment last week when I updated about a boy but gave very little details…Well I’ll just start from the beginning because something crazy happened yesterday which NEVER happens to me EVER.

So I met this guy of a dating website and invited him out to dog walk Chloe with me. After we met we didn’t talk as much just random text’s here and there then all of a sudden last week he’s like “hey cutie whats up!?” So we hung out on a Friday night he was sweet and wasn’t one of those typical idiots grabbing at me trying to make out with me. But the thing about him is his car stuff comes first. We we’re suppose to hang out Tuesday and he told me that he’d get back to me 4:30-5:00ish to let me know if he was able to come for 6 or if he was going to check out this car. 5:30 hits and I decide to create boundaries it’s rude to make someone wait and if you still don’t know whats going on you text them and let them know. So I made other “plans”. 5:45 he texts me and asks whats up? I told him since he didn’t get back to me when he said he would, I figured he went to see the car and I made plans.

He asked to hang out later that night I said no I’m busy. He asked about Wednesday I said I was busy but Thursday would be great. So Thursday comes and he was suppose to come by around 7 and we were going to hang out at my place. He hasn’t taken me on a date it’s just been lets hang out at my place. 7 hits and he tells me he hasn’t showered yet and his roomate told him he needed to be out of the house by the end of the month. So he has 5 days to find a place. He ask’s if he can come over later. I flat out said no, I get cranky and like my sleep. So for 45 minutes he tried guilt tripping me and then he said how about I come for 8:30? and I said that’s fine as long as you don’t mind I’ll kick you out 10-10:30 the latest.

He told me there’s a thing called “live a little”. I laughed and shook my head simply because one if we we’re actually going out and doing things I’d gladly stay out late, but to have someone just come over and hang out I get tired quickly and we’re not at that stage yet. So I made plans with him for this Sunday since Saturday he wasn’t willing to change his plans to go out to Edmonton. Which I find a little funny because he can take a road trip out which of course cost money…but to offer to take me out anywhere he’s broke? *Shrugs* he wanted to hang out Friday but I said I was busy cause I was (I had a date, which you all will hear about this after this guy.) …I think that’s slightly ticking him off because I’m not available ever second he wants me to be?

So I had a date last night decided to give my friends, friend a shot who is younger. We made plans for around 5ish. 5ish to me mean 4:45-5:15 between that time. Turns out my friends defini of 5ish is between 5-6? That’s a pretty vague and anything after the 30 is considered the next timeish. IMO. So I gave him that when he showed up at 5:40 because if my friend things it’s between 5-6 then obviously his friend thinks that. So we go on our date sit down at the resturant and he says he has to make a phone call to his buddy to find out if he’s working tomorrow. So he picks up the phone and starts talking for about 5 minutes. Deal breaker right there so it was pretty hard for me to act remotely interested after that. After dinner we say Savages which I really liked. He was nice but he was a kid he has a lot of growing up to do and making phone calls on a first date is kind of a no no.


Friday after work I was chatting up everyone because of course I’m SUPER excited I’m quitting to move on to bigger better things in my life. I stopped by the other security team side and this cute contractor who I’ve seen around but never had much of a conversation with was standing there. As I walked up I was like “Oh it’s only you…okay” and he made a joke, then we joked around and he’s like “aww does someone need a hug” and I’m like “ya” so he gives me a quick one arm hug. and I’m going on about myself (cause clearly I’m good at that lmfao) and about how I’ve quit I’m getting into hospital security etc.. He told me his mother works in childrens hospital and her friend is protection services so if I ever wanted to work with children I may have an in source to get me in. Well as the conversation continued on he asked me if I was single, I said yes then asked for my phone number. We then text and decided to make a date for tonight! I thought I’d work until 5 but I get off earlier. I’ll contact him in a bit if he hasn’t gotten a hold of me by the time I’m done here.

Well Bloggers thats all for my update! Happy weekend!

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  1. badfaithon 28 Jul 2012 at 10:56 am

    That was a great update!! I really enjoyed reading about your dates :o) you’re one sought after lady!!
    Good luck with the new job, I really hope that everything works out for you! It sounds so good!
    I hope the detox goes well too x

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