I won’t be around as much…

dysfunctionalbarbie on Jul 9th 2012 04:28 pm


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Last week I was fully warned that I was going to switch over buildings. They did their best to get our IT guy to get me the internet up and running unfortunately some idiot contractors who didn’t know what they were doing drilled a hole in the concrete and right through some wires causing the whole Security Desk to shut down as well as the escalators. I don’t know when that will be up and running and Yes, I am pissed to begin with about the move. Sure it’s because I’m good at my job, sure it’s because it’s best if I’m there but the reality is I DIDN’T WANT TO BE THERE! I had no choice in the say, and really if they had of just said the truth of WHY I was being switched to a building on my own, and have more work to do. Then just maybe I wouldn’t so pissed about it but I am.

I’m now that buildings friggen lap dog mean while I’m still getting the same crappy pay. I get it I can handle a stressful situation, I’m GOOD at my job, I have amazing customer service and lets face it the people in my building LOVE me and my boss knows it. The girl who is now in my spot, is rude, can’t tolerate stress and doesn’t have good customer service. But you know what?! THAT’S NOT MY PROBLEM! I didn’t hire her, now I’m being down graded to a smaller desk, with companies I don’t even like to begin with and not even a computer to use and I’m running around.. They through me in there today expecting me to know it all, mean while SHE had someone sit there with her for 3 hours to train her on my job which is nothing. So am I pissed? YES! am I done being pushed around?! YES. First they take away mine and her parking, now this? What next? Gonna put me on evenings now because you want to give someone else a shot on days? Nope…

So I applied to a contracted security to work in the hospital. I have an interview Wednesday and I’m a 110% sure I will get this job. Now I’m taking less pay, doing two days, and two nights and 4 days off. I hate 12 hour shifts, but I wanted into the hospital and the fact I’ve applied 18 times to become a protection officer and not once got a call back, it’s time to take a small step back just so I can move forward. I’m not going to move forward with my company and since they were so willing to take me out of my comfort zone, I’m willing to step out completely and go for something else. Who knows I may meet a hottie mchottie there. LOL.

The job starts July 23rd if I get it. I think it’s definitely time for a change! I got rid of ALL the toxic boys in my life hell I got rid of ALL of them and now its time to move on to bigger and better things! Especially since the hospital down south is opening up, more jobs will open up. I may not be around a lot since I don’t have the computer at work (well job one) I’m at job 2 right now writing this since it’s dead. I’m not one for writing at home. But BL’s please have your weigh in’s from now one before 5pm so I can write the blog sunday night at home for you guys!!!

Also I started dog walking for this guy! I made an extra 40 dollars to put towards savings this weekend! He hasn’t responded to my text so who knows maybe he doesn’t want me walking her any more. Her name is Chloe she is part German Shepard and Husky mix, she is a handful and this guy DEFINITELY didn’t do his research at all, I gave him tips on what to do and what he needs and he bought all of it the next day for me…but still. I texted him today and he usually responds but hasn’t this time? Who knows! She’s a cutie tho!

Thats all for now!

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  1. unskinnygirlon 11 Jul 2012 at 6:26 am

    Good luck with the job
    Interview! Places of employment need
    To realize that people leave when they are not treated the way they should be!!! Sometimes they need this lesson! Lol good luck!

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