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dysfunctionalbarbie on Mar 20th 2012 10:44 am

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I stole this off of Pinterest, which I don’t really understand the point of that site…but it’s kind of catchy, and it seems to be really easy to find motivational fitness quotes off of it. It’s definitely a site I will waste time with at work but not my home time. lol.

Switch Kicks: 100

Power Jacks: 40

Power Knees: 60

Power Jumps: 20

Globe Jumps: 7 (I hate these!)

Suicide Jumps: 8 (I hate these even more!)

Push up Jacks: 13

Low Plank Obliques: 20 per leg.

I’d say I did pretty good having an un-motivated friend just sit on my couch like a log and instead of me making an excuse not to do the workout I did it anyways. I’m tired of making excuses instead of just doing it. What is one hour of my day to be physically active right? I guess a three hour nap sounds better than busting my ass off for an hour but whatever. I need to learn that it’s okay to go at my pace, that I don’t need to be at the speed that these 6 pack fitness instructors or whoever else they have in the background doing these workouts go at. Besides it’s more emotionally draining to continue to make excuses than it is to just do it.

I’m going to work on being more of a go getter for everything…anything I hate in my life at this moment I’m going to take one day at a time to change it. Without a plan for your goal in the end it’s truly just a wish isn’t it? So here is a list of things making me unhappy and what I will do day by day to change it!

1)    Job – every day apply to at least ONE job every day (career wise hopefully)

2)    Weight – Keep up with Insanity for at least 30 days and lets see if an improvement of my mood and weight loss happens.

3)    Friends – I should really join up with and try that out. But arg I’ve been anti social for so long it’s hard to get out of that habit and become more social able.

4)    Time – I should take some time off for myself since all I do is work work and work.

My Measurements! I decided to take them before I started Insanity, because usually it’s the scale that doesn’t move but our inches do!

Breast: 38.5 (you’d think they’d look bigger.)

Stomach: 35.5

Hips: 38.5

Ass: 40 – do people even measure this? I wonder how big Jlo’s perfect ass is? I would love to have Jlo’s ass, you’d think with an ass that measure 40 it’s be big and ghetto like lol.

Right & left arm: 11.1

Left Thigh: 22

Right Thigh: 22.2

Calf left: 16

Calf Right: 16.1

Being close to TOM sucks I can already feel myself becoming really irritated about everything. I wonder why I’m so psychotic when I’m Pms’in?

Todays Goals: Shaun T- workout it’s only 41 minutes!

Do the dishes when after my workout, (at least get one house chore done!) shower than head to work for 3 hours! (probably grab a turkey sub from subway.)


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