Tomorrow came…

dysfunctionalbarbie on Mar 19th 2012 08:27 am

Today is my list to do blog since I didn’t get around to insanity on Friday or Saturday I just couldn’t focus, so when I do the fit-test today here’s hoping I do better than I always do.

Insanity Fit Test

Load of Laundry

Dishes and clean the kitchen

Also clean the hallway stairwell.

I get home at 2:45 I don’t see why I shouldn’t have time to do ALL of this.

Maybe I should do some grocery shopping for the week as well.

Oh forgot measurements! (must do those! I’m sure doing instanity I’ll be seeing more inches lost than numbers on the scale.)

I need to start getting into my Photography, I just bought a stupid 600.00$ camera that’s been kind of sitting there that I apparently really wanted since November and the weather has been pretty decent. My god it’s getting out of the lazy state to start doing things again which is hard. For the last week I’ve been wanting to go out and try jogging again but as the say the first step for a running is putting on your shoes and getting outside. Maybe after I do my fit test I’ll head outside and jog, I’m already going to be hot and sweaty, I’ll already be in my workout clothes and I’ll already have in door running shoes on since I workout with shoes on…so I really shouldn’t have an excuse to take the first step outside AND I’ll already be warmed up thanks to the fit test!

Apparently looking up weight loss motivational tumbr = guys and lots of penis showing…why? I don’t know….Are the guys losing weight in their penis’ or something? LOL


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  1. turbomammothon 19 Mar 2012 at 10:20 am

    I LOVE the quote in the image of this post. Wery inspirational 🙂

    And I litteraly laughed out loud about the p*nis and tumblr thing. I think that guys would stay fat all their life instead of loosing from down there…

    Have a good day!

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