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Is it really only tuesday?!

dysfunctionalbarbie on Feb 28th 2012 08:42 am

It’s no wonder I can’t lose weight, 2249 calories yesterday seriously?! What the fuck is wrong with me! I’m getting so fed up with myself it’s ridiculous, why do I even bother I’m not seeing any stupid results nothing is changing and even on day I do go I still technically suck! My goal in the beginning of January was to lose 10 pounds by tomorrow (the end of February) 10 pounds in two months! THAT IS NOT UNREASONABLE, NOR IMPOSSIBLE OR UNHEALTHY!!!!!!…but no here I am stuck at 163 because I continue to screw up. I really just want to scream at the top of my lungs and just let it all out. I’d probably feel better, even though I’d look like a mad woman. Not all is a fail from yesterday, I did do my Bob DVD, tho I skipped the first 10 minutes of it because it’s lunges, I hate lunges seriously every time I have to do them I want to quit because I’m like I hate these, my legs don’t need any more bulking up! They need to get thinner! Actually no they need to stay the same my legs are about the only fine thing on my body. It’s my upper body stomach, arms that need toning and slimming down. I’m beyond frustrated with my stupid self!

On a good note my mood changed within seconds, one minute I hated the world. The next I saw hottie who I figured would have been done by now but turns out he’s not. So here I am all giddy and happy again. I got my new glasses yesterday finally, they were ready last week but I was too lazy to drive down to the mall. I just realized I have really ugly nails and man hands. I knew I had man hands before but my nails…yuck! Maybe I’ll get a manicure, but spending 50 bucks on nails seems like a waste of money, but maybe my hands won’t look so manly with nice finger nails?


Have a good Tuesday bloggers!

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When people put you down enough you start to believe it.

dysfunctionalbarbie on Feb 27th 2012 08:04 am

Calories of last week:

Sunday: 1954 Calories, Without: 30 min JM Shred it. – Really need to bring more fruit and healthier stuff when I work those dreadful 12 hour Sundays…

Monday: 1619 Calories, workout: none. Not bad, apparently my calories should be in the 1600 when I do workout and down in the 1400 when I don’t.

Tuesday:  1685 Calories, workout: none.

Wednesday: 1455 Calories, workout: 30 min JM 30DSL1. Small Accomplishment for me yay!

Thursday: 1498 calories, workout 20 min JM 30DSL2. Another small victory!

Friday: Calories budget was 1800 because I was going out to dinner with a friend. I ate 2040 Calories boo! Workout: 30 min JM 30DSL2 (hey at least I got a workout out in!)

Saturday: 1690 Calories, Workout: none.

Sunday: Went out for breakfast with a friend, at first I wasn’t going to do the buffet thing, but decided to in the end and well…After the buffet and dinner my total calories were 2882! Very very bad! But on a positive note I did a 50 minute Bob Harper’s Ultimate cardio workout, so I did force myself to get a workout in despite the amount of calories I ate.

Since starting my St. Patty’s day challenge on Wednesday I’ve only missed one workout last week and that was Saturday. I don’t really have much of an excuse as to why I didn’t workout. I told myself I wasn’t allowed to eat the whole 12 inch sub unless I worked out, but I found myself so hungry so I ate it anyways. TOM is here and I’m not happy about that. Of course today I have cramps and they suck and I’m in pain.

I really should get a heart rate monitor thing because I’m a little curious as to how many calories I burn doing these workout videos. Dinner on Friday with a friend was fine, though slightly annoying because she’s this tiny girl who doesn’t have an ounce  of fat on her and I had to listen to how fat she was. I just shook my head it’s like when I hit her age I got out of my insecure “Oh I’m so fat” stage when I knew I was thin, (it’s so high school) it’s like come on your standing next to a chubby girl and you’re calling yourself fat it’s a little annoying. Yet me standing next to her it’s like I’m a giant air balloon. She’s like 5’2 and 115 pounds if that, her stomach is completely flat. I’m 5’5 163 pounds imagine how much bigger I look standing next to her. Even my other “fat” friend doesn’t sit there and go omg I’m so fat. Skinny girls who think their fat really piss me off. It’s like go to therapy or something and fix yourself, stop looking for people to praise you and go “omg no hunny you’re not fat.” *Rolls eyes* I have no sympathy for that. Unless you’re fat complaining on how fat you are. STFU. Thanks.

Personal drama also started up on Friday which of course will be brought into work because the woman is a twit. I really don’t appreciate rumorville when it comes to me, my reputation etc. I don’t care if she opened up her mouth to one person or many more the fact that this came out of her mouth with no facts on it being true pissed me off. I’m really good friends with this guy we both know, and of course her being 53 and me being 26 it’s like the competition with her and I don’t know why. You’re old, I’m young I’m sorry you go for younger men and they don’t want you, and I’m FRIENDS with them. She decided to tell someone that I was a horrible bitch because I’m sleeping with this guy and I knew how she felt about him. Oh shame on me for being a horrible person. She also continues to tell people how much of a bitch I am, when I have never done anything to her other than have her back the whole time. First off I’m not sleeping with him and if you’re going to make accusations about that, you’re seriously going to get slapped across the face. He’s married, and that makes me look bad because in the end the girl always looks bad. He comes in here every now and then to do work and I really don’t need a rumor going around about me AT WORK that I’m sleeping with a married guy when we’re just friend. Jealousy isn’t cool, you’re not cool for saying shit like that and if I find out someone else other than the girl who no longer works here has heard this shit come out of your mouth there is going to be serious consequences. I will keep my personal issue with her outside of work because I don’t mix business with pleasure. But I know right now she’s doing everything she can to make people dislike me because I and the guy called her out on it. Which is fine, she needs to realize the people that I’m truly friends with in this place are the only people I care about, and those people would never turn my back on me. So she can get whoever else she wants to hate me because they don’t matter to me, and they don’t have any balls to start shit with me anyways.

This week’s goals: Stay under 1700 calories, and workout at least 4 days! I have about 3 weeks left of this St. Patty’s Challenge and I’d like to hit 160 or finally get back into the 150’s!

Happy Monday all!

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Sprite Zero Taste Gross…But at least it’s Zero Calories

dysfunctionalbarbie on Feb 24th 2012 09:01 am

Calorie Intake yesterday: 1498 Woot! (That’s in total, I have no clue how much I burned after my workout so it’s probably a little less than that. I’d like to keep my calories under 1500 for the next week in a bit because TOM well…we all know how much of a bitch he really is.

Weigh in this morning: 163 🙂

Yesterdays Workouts: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Level 2 and Bob Harper’s yoga 15 minute abs. I have to say Level 2, I am definitely not advanced for wooo that was a good workout and I loved it. Then I did Bob’s Yoga DVD 15 minute abs but only did ten minutes of it, because he got to the point where my legs and upper body was both in the air and I just couldn’t do it. So I only did 10 minutes.

23 day’s left of the challenge I really hope I can continue with this, my determination last night for doing the workout was because my love handles are going down, they now look like curves not some awkward fatness that just doesn’t belong there. I’m going out for dinner tonight with a friend, so I really need to keep my Calorie count low today and look through the menu with the healthiest choices to choose from. I bumped my intake to 1800 today, My meal of choice comes up to 940 calories and if I stick to a salad for lunch and just water and lemon for dinner I should be less than that!  Also whoops to the Mars Bar I just ate…stupid cravings. At least I feel full and irritated as hell. I’m sure I’ll manage…I’ll go home and do an hour workout and then everything will be okay everything is always okay after a workout. :p

Alright Blogger’s Happy Friday!

Update: So I decided a Hi rise burger total of 520 calories and a Side Salad (210 which I’m sure is with the dressing so I will get it without.) and Lime or Lemon water with my dinner…As well I’m thinking of cutting the burger in half and saving the other half for tomorrow…and possibly not eating the bun as well which will cut more calories out. *Fingers crossed* Let’s hope I stick to this plan, and even if I eat the bun I will be almost right at 1800 calories so technically I won’t be over…

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St. Patty’s Day Challenge

dysfunctionalbarbie on Feb 23rd 2012 05:57 am

24 days left for this challenge, anyone care to join me!? I know it’s on 3FC but I really don’t find that site helpful anymore I don’t know what it is. I’d just rather read people’s blogs and comment on them, instead of going on a forum. So last night I consumed 1455 calories (woo hoo!) and did Jillian Michael’s 30 Day shred level 1 (which I’m going to admit I’m a little too advanced for level 1, so I must scratch that off and next time I do the video do level 2!). It’s the week before TOM so I’m going to stay away from the scale for about a week and a half and at the end of it, hopefully have a nice surprise that I left 163-164 behind! Every day for the next 25 days I’m going to force myself to do a different workout video. Depending on how I feel it’ll probably mostly be Jillian’s 30 minute ones, and at least twice a week I’d like to get in 1 hour workouts. Call me lazy but I’m lazy! I have 4 weeks left of working 7 days a week, but I took this Sunday off because I was annoyed at the way I was being treated and lied to. So I have a day off this week! Woot! But still, 25 days of working out, shouldn’t be hard as long as I continue to stay determined! I made a calendar for 25 days and posted it on my fridge and every day I accomplish a workout I clover stamp it. If I fail to work out a great big red X will go through the day…I hope that will keep me motivated! My goal by the end of this is 160…Here’s hoping I do this!

Career update. So I applied to become an Emergency Communication Officer for the City and I’m pretty much going to go through the same things as if I was going to try and become a cop. Except the part where I’d need to spend a good couple thousand to get laser eye surgery which I’m not cool with because it seriously freaks me the F out! I feel like I’m going to screw up or sabotage myself because that’s what I do. I’m just going to fill out the background review and go through it, what’s the worst that can happen? I fail the lie detector test and they don’t hire me LOL. Right?

Positive note on myself: My love handles are going down, and when I put my big boob bra on, damn I look good! Who needs breast implants when you can just spend $20.00 on a bra that makes your boobs look fabulous! Haha.

Happy Thursday Beautiful People!

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Creppy Bus dude…

dysfunctionalbarbie on Feb 22nd 2012 08:02 am

Still 164 I feel like I’m failing, completely disappointing myself something is clearly holding me back but what? Is it because I don’t have the money to buy my camera so I don’t lose the weight just yet? My eating habits aren’t bad, I eat normal food, I’ve always ate normal food and lost weight just smaller proportions. Wait, I just went back on my Calorie Journal…my eating habit’s suck! It’s not that I eat a lot of crappy food, it’s because I don’t have a lot of fiber, fruits or even much veggies in the mix I ate way too many carbs, they are my enemy! I bought a whole bag of oranges and seriously I ate one and the rest went to waste. I hate eating them at work because they always get stuck into my teeth…

So when I get paid Friday and use my 30 dollars for groceries I think I’m going to just buy a whole bunch of fruits and veggies and see if that will help me out a bit and start getting these dreadful 4 pounds off.  At least I’m maintaining instead of gaining so that’s a good sign.

So last week I drove into work on Thursday and Friday I had the day off. Yesterday when I got on the bus the regular bus driver was like.

Bus Driver: “I waited 10 minutes for you on Friday, did you know that?”

Me: “Umm okay, I had the day off” standing there feeling awkward because I had no clue if he was kidding, being an asshole or what the fuck his problem was.

Bus driver: “We’ll I waited and next time you have to tell me when you have a day off so I can plan my route better…”

Me: Confused and trying not to awkward laugh. “Umm okay…sure…”

Isn’t that weird? A bus route is already planned out, you have to drive by the stop no matter what… Anyone else find that weird, it’s like…it’s the bus it’s none of your damn business when my off day’s are not to mention sometimes their unplanned what? Am I suppose to just text you or something or wait at the bus stop and let you know I won’t be coming in today then go home? Like seriously anyone else find this creepy? I found it creepy, I still find it creepy…So today I stood there awkwardly waiting for the bus, which I’m starting to think I should take the earlier one now to avoid him…but it was a different driver today! Phew…Maybe next time I see the bus driver I should be like. “You need to tell me you have a day off, I waited for the next bus for you.” Ugh. Someone said maybe he’s just worried because it’s 5:30 in the morning and you’re a girl walking the streets by yourself so he was concerned? I don’t see him waiting around for mr. Hot bus guy who hasn’t been there for over a week now. Maybe I just have no faith in people anymore so I believe in the worse when it comes to them, but that creeped me out!

So contractor hottie is avoiding me today…because of him over hearing my conversation with someone else about how hot he was, then I realized it was him coming down the stairs from the washroom above I completely took off running and another guy was like. “Oh she’s running from someone, who is she running from..” So today is he not only mr. not friendly, he’s mr. let’s not make eye contact. LOL. One of the ladies at work was like, he already knew you liked him. No it’s different when you hear it from the person’s mouth instead of he said, she said BS. That’s okay though it’s the story of my life haha. \

Okay so you know how I have three jobs right and Sunday’s are pretty much 12 hour shifts and I’m doing this guy a favour in working for his company on Sundays. I thought he was a “friend” he’d come into my work here cause he did our system work and we’d joke and flirt pretty harmless stuff, I used to think he was a good guy, and I guess he thought because I flirt with him, I’d do omg anything for him because I seriously look like I’m a dumb naïve girl. He brags that within a year his security company will be booming and him and his wife can both stay home and work from home and all this money he’s making…Well he wanted me to work full time and of course I gave that an option because I was pissed about the bus situation and this company, but declined the job. Simply because I wasn’t going to take a friggen pay cut and he wouldn’t pay me what I wanted and I saw no benefits going to work for his company. So the two weeks after that he completely ignored me and acted as if I didn’t exist, which of course he wasn’t doing before. Which of course lead me to see how much more of an greedy asshole he is. (see I might look like a dumb naïve chick but seriously I’m a lot smarter and can see through people completely because I’m observant…) So Friday of course I was off and he’s only playing me 14.50 because 16 or 16.50 is too high for him because he simply couldn’t afford it…I work one day a week…Anyways so I get a phone call at 6:30 am, then a text messaging asking if I wanted to work Monday for time and a half.

I ignore it because I’m sleeping and when I woke up around 11 I still ignored it because I finally had a three day weekend. Well at noon I get two phone calls from him, a new text saying sorry for calling me early he didn’t realize I had the day off, do I want to work Monday…(because of course I didn’t get the 6:30 text right? *Rolls eyes*) and of course when I don’t respond to him or his phone calls he calls me twice again but blocking his number. So of course I’m annoyed! It’s my F’in day off I’ll get back to you when I get back to you!!! So I finally respond with. “I’ll think about it because I’m enjoying the fact I have a three day weekend.”

D “We’ll you work for me Sunday straight time, and Monday would be 1.5 time”

M: “I know”

D: “also you’re company stat pay, it’ll be good money…”

M: “3 day weekend!!!! I’ll get back to you after I think about it”

Truth is if he had of left it at that I would have took the shift, but no of course he had to keep on going with a guilt trip which pissed me right off.

D: “261.00 just Monday I’d pay you asap, just so I can feel good about the weekend. I have to work everyday this weekend or else I’d do it.”

M: “ yea well if I didn’t have THIS weekend off I’d be working 8 weeks STRAIGHT THROUGH!”

D: “Yea but you already knew that.” <~~~ Here’s where I probably would have punched him in the face if he was standing in front of me. Like where the hell does someone get off pretty much telling me I knew I’d have to work straight through so I should DO HIM a favour and do so he can be happy…

M:” Yep and now I have a chance to have a weekend off” (He’s lucky I didn’t say stick it and find someone else for my Sunday shift so I could have a 4 day weekend off!)

D:” You know you were my last resort, I know you’re helping me out a lot and I figured you’d jump at the opportunity to work over time. So consider it and let me know.”

A few hours later I declined and it turns out he offered a co-worker of mine 16 dollars to work that day for him. As if I wasn’t going to find out. Not only has he lost a good back up plan when he needs shift taken. I’m done. I know in the next  weeks the job will probably be extended and I’m pretty much going to say on the 18th of March that 8 weeks is up, I am no longer working anymore shift. I don’t care anymore he pulled a total asshole move. Not only did he make me feel guilty for wanting a day off and to enjoy my weekend he had the nerve to offer someone else 16 dollars an hour just to work for him when I’m the one who has been helping him out from the beginning. So too bad, I’m done. I may even just tell him to shove the rest of the 4 weeks. I haven’t decided because I don’t really need his money not to mention I will have the money for my camera.



Happy Hump Day everyone.

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Nothings new

dysfunctionalbarbie on Feb 21st 2012 07:15 am

160 was on the scale yesterday morning, which leads me to say it was a total fluke because I was back up to 164 this morning. I guess my scale decided to play a trick on me so I would get my ass back in gear, so I can be excited and happy and almost be out of the 160’s. But today it decided to laugh at me. On Sunday I did Jillian’s Shred it I literally looked at the move she was doing and closed my eyes and worked out and then opened them to see the next move. I didn’t work as hard as I should have, it was just more along the lines of DO SOMETHING! So I did. The 30 minutes flew by and even though I had a day off yesterday I didn’t work out.

Yesterday’s Calories: 1619 which isn’t bad if I had worked out.

According to my Calorie Calculator if I’m working out 3 times a week my calorie intake to lose should be 1635.

If I don’t workout my Calorie intake should be 1427.

So I’m going to strive for these two numbers and hopefully in the end I’ll start seeing more of a loss. I need to buy more fruits and veggies that’s for sure it’s just the fruit in Calgary is never good there’s an odd time you can find a good tasting juicy one that can satisfy you and the next one you eat you’re like wtf?!

Lately  I’ve just enjoyed being alone and I mean completely alone. I was so isolated this weekend (I only worked Sunday) and I pretty much did nothing but watch season 7 & 8 of One Tree Hill…no wonder I’ve been friggen dreaming of One Tree Hill the last two nights of sleep lol. Oh boy, I’m on the last season but I’m going to wait until it’s done and just watch it back to back because I can’t stand waiting week after week to see what happens all I know is (because I watched the first episode) is this is going to be an explosive season and a good ending to a series! Okay…I officially need a life LOL.

Happy Tuesday Blogger’s, today is my crappy Tuesday where I work both jobs…ugh I’m so ready to just have only one job now…


***Update: So I got an email back from the city stating I passed their first part of the screening test, that within the next 24 hours I will get an email back explaining what I need to do and to fill out more sheets of paper. I may soon because an Emergency communication officer. This please me..I need to think postive I can’t help the negative is creeping into my head…Maybe I will soon not have to work here or have three jobs anymore! Wish me luck!

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another Day

dysfunctionalbarbie on Feb 18th 2012 06:36 pm

Total Calories yesterday: 2,594 complete sabotage…

I expected it yesterday I just feared the Calories in the end of it but decided to face that today. Nothing budged on the scale and I redeemed myself today for a total of 1,241 calories. I decided I need to clean I need to unscatterer my place to unscatterer my brain to unscatterer my life…Every day we wake up we get a fresh start to change something we don’t like or need to change. Sometimes we have to start small just to see the bigger picture of it all. We ignore how completely broken this world is, we even being to ignore how completely broken we are as a person. We try to forgive, we try to learn to love instead of hate to forget the bad people have done to us. But we can’t. We get stuck in our pasts instead of embracing today and the future and in the end we continue to create new mistakes while reliving the same one’s over and over again. We know it, we don’t stop it. It’s like we become lazy to fix ourselves so instead we buy a book which tells us all the same things we tell ourselves. We can Dr. Phil ourselves in the face until we’re blue and we still don’t change…It needs to stop.

So here it is my vow, my voice, my stand to say enough is enough. I’m worth so much more. I deserve the best, I deserve everything I want in life and I shall not settle of anything less. I will work hard, I will fix my mistakes I make and make sure I don’t repeat them again. Here I am 3.0 version which is going to kick 2.0 and 1.0 versions ass!

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Zero is not a size…

dysfunctionalbarbie on Feb 17th 2012 06:27 pm

I felt inspired today watching One Tree Hill season 7 where a none model woman Millie had to become a model on stage and she said she couldn’t fit into the dress because she wasn’t a Size zero. I felt awesome and inspired I ruined my “All the rumors are true” shirt and created my own. I felt really good until I ate a whole box of Kraft Dinner earlier 3 grilled cheeses and for breakfast two eggs and two slices of toast…I attempted a workout and couldn’t find the determination to finish it let alone work hard at it. It didn’t matter what I told myself I just couldn’t. Now I’m sitting here fat and disgusted with myself…It’s just one of those days!

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Way to piss in everyone’s cornflakes…

dysfunctionalbarbie on Feb 16th 2012 12:15 pm

I over did it last night on my calorie intake: 2334 pretty bad, but I guess it happens. I blame it on that 1L of Chocolate milk I should not have had but did. I’m not really going to kick myself over it. I know if I keep to my calories today I’ll be under 1500 and get a workout in. I’ll be fine. I was down to 163.5 today so clearly that many calories didn’t sabotage me. Today is my Friday a two day weekend, work Sunday and I also have Monday off as well.

My mom decided to call and yell at me about charges on a credit card and to LECTURE me about my money. I just put that money back on and not to mention I helped her out with 300 that SHE owes me that I took off that Credit Card to give to her to help her out. I hung up on her for the second time today. The first time because she said she was going to start drinking again…of course that outright pissed me off so I hung up on her for being an idiot. Trust me you ever want to see a mean person when they have alcohol in their system meet my mom. You know leave it up to her to piss in everyone’s corn flakes because her life is boo hoo poor me let’s be fucking negative. No wonder why I was an unhappy negative child until I got my second chance to move out to Calgary and decided to change my attitude from dark and gloomy hating everyone to trying to be positive and happy 26 years later…. Then there are days she just needs to bring me down because she’s bitter.  

I need a nap she’s just royally pissed me off I’ll call her in a week’s time when I feel like talking to her. Lately it’s been negative, negative, negative and too be honest I’m tired of hearing it. Call me when you have something positive to talk about thanks. Now I’m in a pissed off mood and I’m trying not to have anyone else where it but fuck people and their dumb questions about stupid shit is pissing my off even more. I need a nice long nap today when I get home so I can breath and reboot and just enjoy my weekend.

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Miricles exist?

dysfunctionalbarbie on Feb 15th 2012 06:22 am

What a day yesterday! It was possibly a complete miricle.

My Step Dad was driving into work and he hit black ice which completely caused him to spin out taking out three light poles crunching the whole passenger side of the vehicle in. I guess my Papa was in the car with him because he walked out of the car without a scratch. (My Papa died last summer, just so you guys don’t think two people were in the vehicle lol…) So now my parents are on the hunt for a new one…man it seems like they can never get a break I don’t get why?! Maybe it’s my mother’s negative attitude or maybe they need to seriously sell that 5 bedroom house and find something smaller. It’s just so many things they CAN change but won’t.

Well I’m still at 164 not surprise I haven’t really worked hard this last little while towards my weight loss. I guess I was maintaining because I thought Mr. Douche was going to contact me on Valentines Day. He didn’t this friday will have been 1 month since I sort of walked away and not have text him. YAY ME! Now that I know he’s fully done with me and I’ll never hear from him again, I think I can move on and wipe him from my mind! Not that he’s really been on it, just one of those here and there things…mostly when I’m on TOM.

I did really well yesterday in the Calorie department! 1460! Would have been less if I didn’t drink sprite but whatever. I went to walmart to do some grocery shopping my main goal was bread to make grilled cheeses for dinner…YUM! but instead I made a mini size pizza for myself on flat bread. Which came up to a total of 425 calories! It was very yummy I must admit. I think I realized what my problem is and why I’m so hungry. I don’t make big enough meals. It’s like Breakfast I’ll make eggs and all it’ll be is eggs and toast, no meat of any kind. Dinner maybe Pasta with no salad or just chicken or something along that line. Anyone else have that problem? Maybe it’s only because it’s me so I don’t see a point on making a huge meal, I don’t know.

I worked out yesterday! It was brutal at first I was starting off with Bob’s Ultimate Cardio DVD and I couldn’t focus so I turned it off and through in Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 and still couldn’t concentrate but I told myself I MUST get a workout in, I HAVE to get a workout in. So I left her video on as I did my own workout while doing some of the workouts she did on her video.

60 Mountain Climbers (two steps = 1 rep)

Twist Mountain climbers (40 reps = 20 per leg)

Burpees with a jump 10 (I really hate burpees)

Tuck Jump Burpees 10 (Burpee, push up, high jump)

Plank (30 seconds)

Skaters (30 seconds)

50 crunches

50 reverse crunches

Side Planks (I know I did planks holy hell!)

1 minute butt kicks

I think it was around 25 minutes which was better than nothing! Maybe I need to start getting back to the gym to get my I need to workout mojo back! I have two days left of work (well one plus today) then my weekend. I haven’t heard fromt he Hospital yet about the job…I know it’s only wednesday and the closing date was friday so I’m sure they have tones of resume’s to go through. I may apply to ADT as well. I was going to do that when I got home yesterday from work…but decided I needed a nap instead so I took one. (My naps aren’t like 30 minutes…their between 2 to 4 hours depending. I know most people wouldn’t call that a nap, but it’s a nap! lol anything less than 1.5 hours I’m cranky…actually I’m cranky any ways…)

On a weird note nothing about weight loss but this guy who I knew when I lived back in Ontario has been on my mind a lot lately. Maybe because of this hospital job I really want I keep going back to the days I worked in the hospital with him. When I was dating Psychopath I had to cut ties with EVERYONE I knew especially when it came to him and my ex because of whatever jealous and insecurity he had. Now I can’t even find him on facebook which sucks, I want to see how he’s doing…

Happy Hump Day Bloggers!

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