It’s been 6 weeks since I started my challenge Make 2014 Your Goal Year. Yesterday was the start of Challenge 2 which will run until April 20th, Easter Sunday. The first challenge for me was a wake up call that I can actually do this. While I struggled at times, overall I’m proud of my progress and I’m down 3.2lbs. It’s not brilliant but it’s a start, isn’t it? I have some really good weeks but then a string of bad weeks! However, I believe that a loss is a loss and that everyone should be proud of a loss no matter how big or small.

For Challenge 2, I have set a goal. My weight was 143.2lbs yesterday morning. My goal is 135lb but due to visitors at the end of this month and myself going away for two weeks in March (getting so close now!!! WAYYY too excited), this will be tough at times. If I lose more, I’ll be delighted! But that will be my goal for the end of this challenge.

So far my eating has been a little up and down. During the week, I’ve been pretty good. I plan my lunches for work. I bring enough food to keep me going during the day and I eat during each break times we have instead of just eating all my food at lunchtime. It’s now spread during the day. My biggest challenge is walking by the shop after work and not going in to get a potion of something they have on the deli counter. The weekends are a little bit of a struggle but I’m trying! This is an area I’ve to work on and will continue to work out during this challenge.

With regards to exercise, my friends joined the gym at the start of this month. We’ve been motivation for each other to go. I’ve struggled to go to the gym during the week due to working and not getting home until 7pm. But now that I’ve someone to go with, it’s much easier to get home and just go for an hour. The gym is only 5 minutes away from my house but when I got home, I’d head straight to the shower and then into bed. Going at for 7:30pm has shown me that I can actually do it and I was just being lazy. When I’ve someone to go with, it’s fine! And the funny thing is, I go with my friend(s) and we never do the same things so we are just busy doing are own thing. I’ve being going weekdays for about three weeks now – I think I’ve managed to go twice each during the week and then weekends too. So I’m averaging about four times a week. I really do enjoy the gym! I don’t know if many people like it or they just go because they have to exercise but I do enjoy it. I won’t be heading there today now I have plans and it closes earlier on the weekends but I plan on going tomorrow morning. Next week, I plan on going three of the days but if this will suit myself and my friends, I don’t know. We can all tend to be busy from time to time! 😛 My aim is to go as much as I can in the next week as I have a visitors coming next weekend for a week. While they are here, I know I won’t be able to go as we will be out and about doing things. BUT! I have my hopes up on being good all week and getting at least three sessions at the gym done.

As well as my 2014 challenge, I joined another challenge that puts weight to the side and focus’ on exercise and nutritional goals. These nutritional goals in particular are helping me with my eating habits. I’m currently finished Stage 2 of this challenge and I will be moving onto Stage 3. It works out well – each stage by the number so Stage 3, you do for three weeks.

For my Stage 3 exercise goal, it is strength train twice a week. This might be a struggle because I don’t enjoy weights and when I’m at the gym at the moment, I actually just do cardio majority of the time. But I’m going to have to rethink this one now.

For my Stage 3 nutritional goal, it is to drink at least 2L of water a day. I used to be great with my water intake. I’d drink litres and litres. Not so good these days. I do be good on days I’m at the gym, because I just do be downing the water. This will be a challenge.

Just going over my next two goals has realised this is a step up for me! The first two stages were fine for me, but this is where I think the challenge will become more difficult. By the time I go on holidays in March, I should be moving into Stage 4 but I’m going to break for the two weeks while I’m away and once I’m back, I will begin start Stage 4.

I’m also on a mission once I’m back – Operation Bikini Body. 😉 Those cold winter nights and mornings will soon be leaving I hope (although those in the USA are experiencing a lot worse weather than what we have where I am!). The clocks will go forward for us at the end of March, making it a little lighter. Although, there seems to be a little stretch in those mornings and evenings already. When I get out of work at 5:30, it’s still been bright out and just starting to get darker. I love the summer, and the long bright days! Here’s hoping I’m rocking a bikini body this summer.

That’s all for now folks! Have a good weekend. 🙂

Restarted: December 1st 2013 (3rd attempt)
Restart weight: 143.2lbs
Current weight: 143.2lbs
Goal weight: 112lbs

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