01/12/2013 – Re-re-starting!

I’m re-re-starting. Can you do that? Ah well, I am. I started again on the today. Always seems like a good time to start new things, the 1st of the month, right? Although with the Christmas season upon us, I wonder how I will do. It’s my birthday this month too and I’ve a few catch up meals with friends I haven’t seen in a while. Hopefully I will be able to control myself enough – until at least Christmas week anyway.

I gained around 8lbs, I’m back into the 140s. I’m weighing in at 143.2 today which is slightly more than I weighed when I started before. It’s a mix of hunger during work causing me to snack on the junk food that does be floating around the office and not going to the gym and getting a proper workout done. I’ve been walking and doing a good 2.5 miles a day usually but it really doesn’t do anything with my eating being so bad!

I want to ease into it this month so I’ve set myself a little weight goal to get back into the 130s and being 139 by the end of the month. My exercise goal is going to be to finish my 800 miles in 2013. I’ve 75 miles to go. Anything else I will do will be a bonus. I started off well by going to the gym for the first time since November 2nd! This week is when I’m starting to go to the gym after work. My plan will be to go twice during the week for half an hour. Just 30 little minutes… (come on Dreamer, it’s not too much, you can do it…) And then go on the weekends for longer. This was always my plan when I got my new job, I just never got around to doing it. Last thing I wanted to do was to go to the gym after a day in work. But I keep trying to tell myself that without a lot of effort, I’m not going to get anyway. And the way I am going, I will just continue to slowly gain weight!

Here is to December! I hope I can come back and say I made a few changes to myself in a months’ time.

Restarted: December 1st 2013 (3rd attempt)
Restart weight: 143.2lbs
Current weight: 143.2lbs
Goal weight: 112lbs

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