25/08/2013 – Day 450

Once again, I hit a standstill! I have still been working out but doing very short walks and have totally stopped doing weight lifting. I’ve had exams the past two weeks and again, I’ve been exercising but very little. Tomorrow, I’m planning to start again once over.

I’ve set a few goals and challenges for myself. I’ve set myself to lose 10lbs by October the 31st. My exercise targets are to continue to work up my 600 miles for the year. I have doing alright with this challenge – having clocked up 351 miles so far.

For this challenge for the next two months, I have a new exercise plan. My plan is to do 5 days of exercise per week. I’m planning to join the gym the first week of September so I hope this will encourage me to keep on going. I need to begin to watch my foods and water intake and just try and stay motivated. I really would like to shift these 10lbs for my graduation which is the first week of November.

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