01/04/2013 – Restarting!

Good afternoon everyone and Happy Easter!

Today marks a new beginning. All of the academic year, I have slacked! I’m not doing nearly half as much as what I was doing during last summer. It is April now, the weather is turning around and the evenings are longer. While I do have exams coming up in the middle of May, I plan of sticking to exercise and healthy eating. I believe I said it before that I feel getting out will help keep me sane during exam time. Lately I have noticed I am back to hating pictures of me on Facebook. I always had this but when I lost weight and I could see it last summer, I didn’t mind pictures of myself on Facebook. I want to go back to that!

My 300th day was on the 28th of March. 300 days since I started losing weight. Where I have got to now? Back in December I was 128lbs. Since December, I’ve gained 12lbs making me back up to 140lbs – almost where I started! Now it’s time to start working on finally getting to my goal hardcore, once again. I had made a plan for March which I just didn’t stick too. This is mostly because I was too busy doing tests and assignments. My exercise goal for April is to clock up 30 miles for my 750 miles challenge in 2013. This is the goal per month from February to May while still in college. So far, I have managed to meet my goal. I also would love to re-introduce weight training. It really did help my weight loss last summer and I think it’s time it makes a comeback. So, with this goal, I would like 20 days of weight training in April which I feel is doable.

I had last week of college and this week off also for Easter. While I would have hoped I do more, I didn’t. I was sick one of the days, and lazy another day. This week, I would like to make a good start to the month! 🙂 For now, walking is good enough for me. Getting out and doing something is better than nothing. In the summer, when I have more time, I plan on joining a local gym. This of course depends on if I can afford it or not. I was up at the gym getting information a week or two ago. Seems like a great gym and I do hope I will be able to join once I’m finished college.

Since I am starting over, I decided to take out the measuring tape and get new measurements and ones which I can follow for my journey this time around. I have also deleted any long term goal challenges I am in and am starting fresh. The new measurements as of today are:

Restarting Measurements: 01/04/2013
Weight: 140lbs
Thigh: 17.125”
Calf: 12.5”
Upper Arm: 9.5“
Wrist: 5.375”
Hips: 36.250”
Stomach: 37.5”
Waist: 30.5”
Bust: 35”
Underbust: 30.25”

Well, since I last measured at 128lbs, I have gained inches apart from my wrist which seems to have gotten smaller. However, I track all measurements on my blog and decided to look back at what my measurements were when I was 140lbs and starting out. I’m surprised by the difference! Even though I weigh the same, my measurements are smaller this time around. I say I’m restarting but I have been exercising and watching food but just not fully dedicated to it. But I completely stopped weight training so I don’t know why my measurements are smaller this time around at 140lbs. Ah, well! I’m not going to wonder and just take it! 😛

Going to get ready now for a walk in a while and start getting back on track! 🙂

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Started: June 1st 2012
Start weight: 142lbs
Current weight: 140lbs
Goal weight: 112lbs

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