06/02/2013 – Day 250

Just a quick update this evening. Today marks Day 250. A couple of other things worth mentioning:

  • I ended my scale break and weighed in at 137 on 02/02. Not the way I wanted that to go. The week before I went back to college and it was pretty awful. I’ve been trying to be good this week. I am still struggling with water. I worry I might not get back on track fully until the summer months when I have time for proper dedication.
  • I didn’t take any measurements this month but I will the end of this month and see any changes between the start of January and the end of February.
  • In January, I exercised 24 hours. I clocked up 45 miles for my 750 miles in 2013 challenge. I’m pretty proud and happy about that starting point.
  • My return to college has proven to be difficult so far. I’ve a lot of assignments due over the semester but luckily I’m ahead. For example – one which isn’t due until the 18th of this month is pretty much done. I might reread and make slight changes. I’ve also started on notes for classes to keep ahead of myself. This does mean that exercise and such has taken a back seat – which I will admit, it has. I am looking forward to the Spring evenings returning. They have taken a stretch in the last few weeks so I’m hoping it will be brighter earlier in the next few weeks and I can begin walking again. I think it will help with how stressed college is becoming.

Started: June 1st 2012
Start weight: 142lbs
Current weight: 137lbs (YIKES!)
Goal weight: 112lbs

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