Good evening everyone! This blog was supposed to be updated on the 27th, after my two weeks holidays were over. Better late than never!

I hope you are all week and have all truly settled back in after the festive season. I have taken advantage of having the two weeks off. I have worked out 11/15 days in the two weeks I had off. I’m so happy with myself. I had a 12 day plan I found that I wanted to stick too but I didn’t do it. Instead I did my own plan. I started off with doing 20 minutes on my stepper and adding 5 minutes every second day. As well as my stepper, I have been doing weights. I added on another 5lb weight to the one I lift already. I also added 5 minutes to my weight lifting each week. I was doing 20 minutes the first week and then 25 minutes for the last week. I’ll be on 30 this week (I have yet to lift this week though…) and then move back to 10 minutes and start over again. Overall, I’m so pleased with my progress and actually doing good workouts on my time off.

I started back at college on Monday. I would like to be able to do a 30 minute workout at least. It might be a good thing to do and a way to get away from the books for a while each evening. I don’t have too bad of a timetable and come the Spring when the evenings get longer, I will be able to make time to get back into walking. I’ve two days where I will be home at 8pm so those days I think I’ll stick to just lifting days.

I spend a lot of my two weeks hanging out and relaxing. Just what I needed. I cleaned out my room and wardrobe last week which really needed to be done. I got rid of so many clothes that I just simply don’t wear. There is no point in keeping them. Some other things are too big on me and needed to go also. It felt very good throwing out jumpers which were a UK16 and keeping my newer ones of a UK10 which I got last month! I could have kept them for comfortable jumpers to wear when lounging around the house but they would just be taking up space in my wardrobe. I will admit I got a lot of kicks throwing out a bunch of my clothes that are just too big on me.

Finally, I have gotten through my list of jobs I had to apply too which is a relief! I didn’t think it would take me this long. I had applied to a number before Christmas, then during Christmas and again one of the evenings during exams. (Anything to dodge study, right? :p) Now I have completed the list and it is all just a waiting game. I do have my interview on the 8th which I’m excited and nervous about. I have been doing research on the firm and have looked them up online finding out information about them. I’m still unsure about what I want to do next year, I can study for my professional exams myself full time and work part time or work full time and study part time. I really need to decided on what I want to do.

I have considered revisiting my goal weight, once I get to 112lbs. I know I have another bit to go until I get there. But it is something that is sticking out in the back of my mind. This is where I worry. I wonder will I ever be happy at a certain weight. It will be something I will think about a lot closer to the time. My scale break ends on Friday the 1st and I can’t wait to have a new official weight (and new measurements!) I haven’t done so well this week and I think it might impact the scales. But, I’m going to face them and see where I’m at.

Until then, enjoy your week everyone. 🙂

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Started: June 1st 2012
Start weight: 142lbs
Current weight: ???
Goal weight: 112lbs

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