18/12/2012 – Day 200, Mini Goal #2 Achieved!

Today marks Day 200 of this new lifestyle! What a week it has been. I had my birthday last week. For it, I went out with my friends at the weekend. I did have a really good night. It was the third time I went out since the end of September. It’s crazy how much college can change your social life so drastically. But I’m happy with only going out every couple of weeks. Over the past year, I could probably count the times I’ve gone out as it has been very little. Not having the money and wanting to focus on college have been my reasons for this. I do think it is good to have a social life – you’ll drive yourself crazy! But I don’t need to go out partying every weekend to do that. I’d gladly like to go for a walk with friends, meet up for lunch or have a DVD night also. These would mean that I wouldn’t be hung over the next day and I would be able to actually get up at a reasonable hour and do some college work. 😛

I had a woosh this week and lost 2lbs! I don’t remember the last time I lose 2lbs in a week. Nowadays, it’s usually 2lbs in a month! I am very happy about this. I’m now 128lbs meaning I’ve made it to my Mini Goal #2 – Get into the 120lbs before 2013. It could be down to being sick on Sunday and now I’m getting back into eating but I was still 128 this morning. This means that I am now onto Mini Goal #3 – 127lbs, Normal Weight. I’ve only one pound to go now since I wasn’t expecting to have this woosh of 2lbs. I’m unsure how it will go with Christmas next week and all the dinners and nights out planned with friends. My goal for Christmas is to maintain the 128lbs and get working on loosing after Christmas is over.

I finished classes on Thursday the 13th and on Friday I started a stricter study plan. I began practicing exam questions in preparation for my exams which begin on January 3rd. So far all is going well and I’m getting my study and exercise in. Christmas next week and I’ve a couple of planned rest days over the Christmas period. This is from both exercise and studying. I want to stay on plan over Christmas. It could be difficult but I’ll give it my best shot.

My next entry isn’t until after Christmas so, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all members and staff at 3FC a lovely Christmas. 🙂 Right now, I’m off to get my hair done and treat myself to a lunch out of money I received for my birthday last week. Have a lovely day everyone.

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Started: June 1st 2012
Start weight: 142lbs
Current weight: 128lbs
Goal weight: 112lbs

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