I’ve now been in my new plan for a month and a half and I’m happy to say it really is working for me. I don’t feel pressured to exercise each day, even though I am exercising most days. During the summer I could have done anything from an hour to two hours of exercise a day. I think if I was still doing that amount with my current schedule, I would have given up a long time ago! This plan is a lot more manageable for me during this time.

Once again I’ve been thinking about how far I have come. So, basically around this time last year I was my highest weight of around 154lbs. I’m now 131lbs making a loss of 23lbs in a year. It wasn’t until February when I was weighed again and had lost 12lbs from doing nothing. It was then I decided to make this change! And I’m so happy I have. I was never happy with my body, all during my teen years. Now I can look at myself in the mirror and see the changes which have been made and how far I have coming. I’m still young, only 21 (22 in just over two weeks) and I have a life to live. I want it to be a healthy lifestyle rather than someone who is overweight and unable to do things a person should have the opportunity to do in life.

Unfortunately during last week, the weekend and early this week I was sick. At first I thought I was getting the flu as all my muscles and joints were sore like they would be when you have the flu. I still made an effort to get exercise in. That was until last Sunday. My brother had been suffering from a stomach bug and on Sunday night, I had gotten it. I think my muscles pains were the start of the stomach bug and I possibly gave it to my brother rather than him giving it to me. I was up all night, it was awful. On Monday and Tuesday I was in bed all day, both days unable to eat or do any exercise. I was feeling better on Wednesday and started exercising once again getting back on track. I was weighing in at 130lbs on the days I wasn’t well, even saw 129lbs on Wednesday which got me a little too excited! This was due to not eating obviously. Lord, I wish that number stayed! 😛 I weighed in at 131lbs this morning so only 2lbs away. I’ve decided to set a little mini goal of getting into the 120s before 2013 gets here because of the weighs I was seeing this week! Another bust of motivations also to keep on going. I didn’t really think about how little away those lovely 120s are. I hope I can do it!

It’s nearly December now which means Christmas shopping needs to be done. I started on Friday just gone, getting a couple of gifts. I had made a list of the people and ideas of what to get them so it makes it a little less stressful and without any hassle. That is beside the queues!! I plan on going and getting some more gifts over the next week also and hopefully be done very soon.

I answered a topic a couple of weeks back about a Christmas outfit. I don’t want to go spend a lot of money on something new and nice when it won’t fit me after a while. The size I am now, I’m not comfortable in. I don’t want to be this size for good. I would like to be smaller. I struggle with this because a lot of my jeans are saggy on me now. I have to tighten my belt and can’t afford not to have one on. I have a couple of tops in my wardrobe which would be kind of tight on me now so maybe in a month’s time, they won’t be as tight and I can work with that for my outfit. One thing I will get is a pair of new shoes. I was in a store a couple of weeks ago and I saw three or four pairs I liked! I don’t recommend going into a store when you’ve no money to buy anything that particular day which was the case at the time. This one particular pair was on my mind for weeks! I went and bought them on Friday. A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes! 😉 Decided that since I haven’t gone out since probably since September, I would go out last night. I ended up having a great night and the shoes were very comfy! I lasted until the very end of the night in them also. Very surprised as they are 5.5inch heels!

I said in my last entry that my weeks wouldn’t be as crazy and they haven’t. My exams begin on January 3rd and I’ve been doing out a study plan for them. I started it yesterday but I’m still at the stage of reading chapters and making notes with the plan. I don’t like to get into hardcore study until I’m finished the term and I can just do exam questions all day and all night in my own time and the order I want. This is usually due to having our lecturers do some revision with us in the last week or two also. I don’t finish term until December 14th which is three weeks away. (Oh my gosh! Only three weeks left!!) So when that comes around, I will be able to study more. I’m also hoping that once I finish term for Christmas, I will be able to add in a little bit more exercise. I might revise my plan to an hour a day during Christmas and see how it goes. I know my main focus will be my exams right after Christmas but I will see how it goes. My days for revision are usually divided between study times and break times to do other things because we all need a break in between. For some of the time I do take off, I can add in my exercise. It really all depends. I think it’s best to stick to the half an hour weekdays and if I feel like doing more, I will.

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Started: June 1st 2012
Start weight: 142lbs
Current weight: 131lbs
Goal weight: 112lbs

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