1000 Miles in 2014 Monthly Progress

January: 136 miles
Very pleased with this progress! Thought I’d struggle a little but did more than my 85 miles a month goal.

February: 116.32 miles (Total miles: 252.32/1000)
Pleased with my miles again this month – goal is set for 40 next because I’m on holidays for two weeks.

March: 26 miles (Total miles: 278.32/1000)
I didn’t reach my goal of 40 miles, I am pretty disappointed in my progress this month. I was away for two weeks but I wish the other two weeks I was able to do exercise and I actually did make more of an effort. I’m hoping April will be a better month.

April: 86.46 miles (Total miles: 364.78/1000)
Since my goal was 40 miles, I’m pretty happy with my progress. My goal for May will be 60 miles.

May: 74.30 miles (Total miles: 439.08/1000)
My goal was 60, which I got too. No complaints! Onto June. Again, my goal will be 60 miles.

June: 80.6 miles (Total miles: 519.68/1000)
I’m making good progress…Half way during the year and I’m on target. I seem to be beating my goal each month of 60 miles so I’m going to push for 80 for the month of July.







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