It’s been a while since I updated my blog – yesterday marked the start of Challenge 3 of my yearly challenge – Make 2014 Your Goal Year. Challenge 2 went the wrong way entirely – I gained 10lbs (partly due to being in holiday mode for a good four weeks!) I did have a great holiday and all the yummy food was worth it, I’m slowly getting rid of the gain but still struggling. Once I came home from my holiday, I was still eating unhealthily. It took me a while until I could get back the motivation to continue one.

I’m back to where I started. But maybe this is a good thing? Maybe I needed to get back to my heaviest to realise how much I actually do want this. My biggest problem is that I know I want this and I want to be slim and have a healthy lifestyle, but I just struggle to stay motivated.

I’ve been at this for two years nearly now and it’s back and forward all the time. At first, I did well but after that it was up and down. It does get frustrating and I can make up a million reasons why this was the case but at the end of the day it is down to me and I have to learn how to balance food and exercise. After I did gain the weight after my holiday, I didn’t enjoy looking at myself in the mirror. I was getting annoyed at myself for having no control over food anymore. I don’t know if this is a serious problem or just something I really just need to teach myself to do. Either way, I’m back again and trying again…

I went to the gym for the first time since February during the last week. It was definitely a struggle but I really want this – I just want to be happy in my own skin and with my body. And I will have to work for it. I know it will become easier as I go, but I’ve gone a 3 times during this week (and about to head there in a while before lunch) and it’s been tough each time. Naturally, I can understand this. I’ve been away from the gym for a while now. I’m hoping it will get easier each time.

Onwards and upwards from now on! And that means no looking back. I gained back any weight I had lost and I’m back to square one. I’ve started Challenge 3 today. My goal is 140lbs – a loss of 12lbs! Hopefully Challenge 3 will be where I can finally commit myself to this and I will see a real change in myself. 12lbs might be a stretch but I have a target in might that I would really like to reach.


It’s been 6 weeks since I started my challenge Make 2014 Your Goal Year. Yesterday was the start of Challenge 2 which will run until April 20th, Easter Sunday. The first challenge for me was a wake up call that I can actually do this. While I struggled at times, overall I’m proud of my progress and I’m down 3.2lbs. It’s not brilliant but it’s a start, isn’t it? I have some really good weeks but then a string of bad weeks! However, I believe that a loss is a loss and that everyone should be proud of a loss no matter how big or small.

For Challenge 2, I have set a goal. My weight was 143.2lbs yesterday morning. My goal is 135lb but due to visitors at the end of this month and myself going away for two weeks in March (getting so close now!!! WAYYY too excited), this will be tough at times. If I lose more, I’ll be delighted! But that will be my goal for the end of this challenge.

So far my eating has been a little up and down. During the week, I’ve been pretty good. I plan my lunches for work. I bring enough food to keep me going during the day and I eat during each break times we have instead of just eating all my food at lunchtime. It’s now spread during the day. My biggest challenge is walking by the shop after work and not going in to get a potion of something they have on the deli counter. The weekends are a little bit of a struggle but I’m trying! This is an area I’ve to work on and will continue to work out during this challenge.

With regards to exercise, my friends joined the gym at the start of this month. We’ve been motivation for each other to go. I’ve struggled to go to the gym during the week due to working and not getting home until 7pm. But now that I’ve someone to go with, it’s much easier to get home and just go for an hour. The gym is only 5 minutes away from my house but when I got home, I’d head straight to the shower and then into bed. Going at for 7:30pm has shown me that I can actually do it and I was just being lazy. When I’ve someone to go with, it’s fine! And the funny thing is, I go with my friend(s) and we never do the same things so we are just busy doing are own thing. I’ve being going weekdays for about three weeks now – I think I’ve managed to go twice each during the week and then weekends too. So I’m averaging about four times a week. I really do enjoy the gym! I don’t know if many people like it or they just go because they have to exercise but I do enjoy it. I won’t be heading there today now I have plans and it closes earlier on the weekends but I plan on going tomorrow morning. Next week, I plan on going three of the days but if this will suit myself and my friends, I don’t know. We can all tend to be busy from time to time! 😛 My aim is to go as much as I can in the next week as I have a visitors coming next weekend for a week. While they are here, I know I won’t be able to go as we will be out and about doing things. BUT! I have my hopes up on being good all week and getting at least three sessions at the gym done.

As well as my 2014 challenge, I joined another challenge that puts weight to the side and focus’ on exercise and nutritional goals. These nutritional goals in particular are helping me with my eating habits. I’m currently finished Stage 2 of this challenge and I will be moving onto Stage 3. It works out well – each stage by the number so Stage 3, you do for three weeks.

For my Stage 3 exercise goal, it is strength train twice a week. This might be a struggle because I don’t enjoy weights and when I’m at the gym at the moment, I actually just do cardio majority of the time. But I’m going to have to rethink this one now.

For my Stage 3 nutritional goal, it is to drink at least 2L of water a day. I used to be great with my water intake. I’d drink litres and litres. Not so good these days. I do be good on days I’m at the gym, because I just do be downing the water. This will be a challenge.

Just going over my next two goals has realised this is a step up for me! The first two stages were fine for me, but this is where I think the challenge will become more difficult. By the time I go on holidays in March, I should be moving into Stage 4 but I’m going to break for the two weeks while I’m away and once I’m back, I will begin start Stage 4.

I’m also on a mission once I’m back – Operation Bikini Body. 😉 Those cold winter nights and mornings will soon be leaving I hope (although those in the USA are experiencing a lot worse weather than what we have where I am!). The clocks will go forward for us at the end of March, making it a little lighter. Although, there seems to be a little stretch in those mornings and evenings already. When I get out of work at 5:30, it’s still been bright out and just starting to get darker. I love the summer, and the long bright days! Here’s hoping I’m rocking a bikini body this summer.

That’s all for now folks! Have a good weekend. 🙂

Restarted: December 1st 2013 (3rd attempt)
Restart weight: 143.2lbs
Current weight: 143.2lbs
Goal weight: 112lbs


Happy New Year!

Today is the first day of the rest of my life – well in reality everyday is that isn’t it? Today marks the first day of 2014 and the new me. This time I’m doing it! I had a great and fun filled Christmas with plenty of food, junk food and drinking. Now marks the end of that festivities and the start of reality. I’ve started a new challenge for myself and others on the website – Make 2014 Your Goal Year! It’s split into 6 challenges during the year rather than a full year challenge. The first challenge is to get to Valentine’s Day. I’m not going to set a goal to reach by then, I want to try get back into the game over these next few weeks.

My biggest issue is exercise. Working 5 days a week and not getting home until 7pm takes it toll. Since I started my job I’ve said I wanted to only get to the gym twice a week for 30 minutes as it was better than nothing but I STILL can’t manage that. I need to just stop being lazy. Going at the weekends won’t be a problem and never were just those weekdays. I really need to get off my bum and just go. 30 minutes isn’t a lot to ask for. The gym opens late on weekdays also. So I really don’t have an excuse.

The next time I update this blog I’m hoping to have make progress on getting to the gym on the weekdays and getting my foods back on plan.

Until next time

Restarted: December 1st 2013 (3rd attempt)
Restart weight: 143.2lbs
Current weight: 146.6lbs
Goal weight: 112lbs

01/12/2013 – Re-re-starting!

I’m re-re-starting. Can you do that? Ah well, I am. I started again on the today. Always seems like a good time to start new things, the 1st of the month, right? Although with the Christmas season upon us, I wonder how I will do. It’s my birthday this month too and I’ve a few catch up meals with friends I haven’t seen in a while. Hopefully I will be able to control myself enough – until at least Christmas week anyway.

I gained around 8lbs, I’m back into the 140s. I’m weighing in at 143.2 today which is slightly more than I weighed when I started before. It’s a mix of hunger during work causing me to snack on the junk food that does be floating around the office and not going to the gym and getting a proper workout done. I’ve been walking and doing a good 2.5 miles a day usually but it really doesn’t do anything with my eating being so bad!

I want to ease into it this month so I’ve set myself a little weight goal to get back into the 130s and being 139 by the end of the month. My exercise goal is going to be to finish my 800 miles in 2013. I’ve 75 miles to go. Anything else I will do will be a bonus. I started off well by going to the gym for the first time since November 2nd! This week is when I’m starting to go to the gym after work. My plan will be to go twice during the week for half an hour. Just 30 little minutes… (come on Dreamer, it’s not too much, you can do it…) And then go on the weekends for longer. This was always my plan when I got my new job, I just never got around to doing it. Last thing I wanted to do was to go to the gym after a day in work. But I keep trying to tell myself that without a lot of effort, I’m not going to get anyway. And the way I am going, I will just continue to slowly gain weight!

Here is to December! I hope I can come back and say I made a few changes to myself in a months’ time.

Restarted: December 1st 2013 (3rd attempt)
Restart weight: 143.2lbs
Current weight: 143.2lbs
Goal weight: 112lbs


So, in my last update I described how I was restarting. And when I said restarting, I meant from the start. I was practically the same weight when I first joined the forum in June 2012. My weight went down for the remainder of 2012 but once I went back to college after the Christmas holidays and began my last semester in college, I ended up gaining what I had lost during 2012. Since April time when I felt ready to get back into weight loss, I’ve been up and down like a yo-yo. So finally on August 25th, I decided enough was enough and I was going to get to where I wanted to be for so long.

I joined the gym on September 2nd and I am really enjoying going. Some days are easier than others though, of course. I went above and beyond what I ever thought I could reach in my exercise goals in September. This made me push my miles in 2013 to 800. Last month I did 137 miles, which is mostly down to joining the gym. This month I set a goal of 120 miles which I believe I might be able to do it. I’m really starting to believe in myself. In my last update, I mentioned wanting to exercise 5 times a week. I should have really explained I wanted it to be 5 times at the gym a week. Most weeks I’m getting to go 4/5 times but there has been a week or two where I only got 3 times. Need to try and work on that and try and achieve my weekly goal of 5 times each week. Some say it’s too much but I feel like it’s just right for me right now.

Last week, I joined a topic about writing to your future self. It’s a little bit of fun and a way of setting some goals you would like to reach by the time comes around. One of my goals was to be running more on the treadmill. At the point to which I wrote it, I was running comfortably 0.5 miles. The following day while at the gym I was thinking about my goal and I ended up running 1.1 miles! I must admit, I was pretty proud of myself. I’ll be working up how much I can run.

So far, my mini goal of getting to 130lbs by November 1st is going well! My main aim was for my graduation during the first week of November. I’m definitely feeling so much more motivated since I restarted and I’m doing what I can. I am losing slowly, but it’s working for me. I still believe I will reach my goal someday. Today I weighed in at 135lbs. I’ve around 2 and a half weeks to go until the 1st, but really about 3 and a half until my graduation. I’m hoping I will be able to reach that goal but even if I’m 1 or 2lbs off the goal, I will be super happy with my progress so far. After graduation has gone, my next mini goal will getting to a healthy weight of 127lbs by December 31st.

Restarted: August 25th 2013
Restart weight: 140lbs
Current weight: 135lbs
Goal weight: 112lbs

25/08/2013 – Day 450

Once again, I hit a standstill! I have still been working out but doing very short walks and have totally stopped doing weight lifting. I’ve had exams the past two weeks and again, I’ve been exercising but very little. Tomorrow, I’m planning to start again once over.

I’ve set a few goals and challenges for myself. I’ve set myself to lose 10lbs by October the 31st. My exercise targets are to continue to work up my 600 miles for the year. I have doing alright with this challenge – having clocked up 351 miles so far.

For this challenge for the next two months, I have a new exercise plan. My plan is to do 5 days of exercise per week. I’m planning to join the gym the first week of September so I hope this will encourage me to keep on going. I need to begin to watch my foods and water intake and just try and stay motivated. I really would like to shift these 10lbs for my graduation which is the first week of November.

06/07/2013 – Day 400

Well, we had have a totally turn around in the weather here. Last few weeks it’s been on and off sunny now we are set for a sunshine for a while! This has got me motivated to go out for my walks and take advantage of the warm weather since I don’t know how long it will be here for.

On the 1st of July, I started a 20 day challenge. The aim isn’t so much weight loss, but more staying on plan. I’ve been successful so far which is great! I hope this will continue and I’ll get to the 20 days. One of the main motivators for doing this challenge was that I’m possibly going on holidays at the end of the July. I would like to try and shift a few pounds before I go.

Also due to this new challenge, it’s made me revise a lot. I was 142 on July 1st, now I’m 140. My aim is to be 122 by November 1st. This gives me 4 months to get to my mini-goal and with graduation a few days after; it’s motivation for me to keep on going.

Now that I’m working, I’ve been doing my exercise earlier in the day when working evenings and late afternoons if I’m working early afternoons. I walk to and from work most of the time with adds to my exercise but I don’t count it as schedules workouts because I normally would take my time. But every little bit counts! I had a second round interview for another job in the area I want to work in last week. I’ve my fingers crossed I’ll hear back next week at some point. Only time will tell.

Started: June 1st 2012
Start weight: 142lbs
Current weight: 140lbs
Goal weight: 112lbs


It’s been an interesting few weeks. I’ve taken part in a 100 day exercise challenge and been successful so far with 18 days in. Today wasn’t great; I was out for a walk and began to feel dizzy and sick so turned around and headed home. It was extremely warm out so it could have been that. I hope to get back on track tomorrow.

I’ve started a summer job now and I actually love it. I previously worked in the same place before but this time, for whatever reason, I am enjoying it. I’m not doing a lot of hours right now but it’s better than nothing. Now that I’m finished college I did need something. I got my exam results last week and was very proud of what I achieved. I also got two dresses for my graduation in November which I ordered in one size smaller. This is going to be motivation for me to keep on going and try look amazing in them come November. 😉

I’ve been applying to jobs related to my degree, and I had an interview today for a job. I wouldn’t start for another few months if I did get it. It did go really well. So I do hope I hear back and have been successful! It would just make an amazing month already even better!

Other than the news above, my friend’s birthday is this weekend so I’m looking forward to having a good night out!

Until next time 🙂

01/06/2013 – Day 365

Today marks my 1 year since I started this journey. To getting half to goal by the end of last year to gaining that weight back over the first few months of this year, it’s been a roller coaster! I’m back now to get to my goal!

Exams and college are done now and it’s the summer time. The weather has been great here so I’ve been able to work out more. I’ve gotten myself a summer job which will keep me busy and lots of running around but I want to be able to keep up with my scheduled exercise. The earliest I would be in work will be 12 noon so this means I’ve morning times to do exercise before work. I feel it’s often better to exercise in the morning as you would have a lot more energy than in the evenings. I would often go walking in the evenings after college and sometimes it would be such a hassle as I’d have no energy left.

With it being summer now, and no study to do, I’ve decided to increase my goals. My new goals are now:

  • 45 miles
  • 24 days of weight lifting

I feel they are both doable, if I work hard I will be able to achieve these goals. Only time will tell how I get on with my goals for June but I’m hoping will be successful. In May I managed to add 39 miles to my 600 miles challenge in 2013. So I do need to work a little more to get my 45 miles goal. The same for my weight lifting. I just made my 20 days weight lifting so I will need to work hard to reach 24 days.

Since I’m finished college this year, I will have graduation and with that comes a pretty dress to wear. I’ve found a stunning one online which I plan on purchasing later on in the month. I want to order it in a smaller size and let it be motivation to keep on going but then what if I happen to fall off the wagon – it has happened before! I wanted to order a UK 8 (US 4). I’m a UK 12 (US 8 ) at the moment with my clothes getting a little loose. I have now decided I will order the dress but order it in a UK 10 (US 6). Graduation isn’t until November so gives me a good five months to be able to fit into the dress perfectly!

I’ve done a new set of measurements today. They are as follows;

Current Measurements: 01/06
Weight: 140lbs
Thigh: 16.875″ (-0.125)
Calf: 12.25″ (No Change)
Upper Arm: 9.750″ (+0.125)
Wrist: 5.375″ (No Change)
Hips: 36″ (No Change)
Stomach: 35.5″ (-0.5)
Waist: 30″ (No Change)
Bust: 34″ (-0.5)
Underbust: 30″ (No Change)
Total inches lost since 01/05/2013: 1.125 inches

Not a great change at all! I’m pretty disappointed by these actually and to add to that, I weighed in at 140lbs. Last time I was 137lbs. This could have been from my dinner yesterday but I don’t know. I guess though even a little loss in inches is something. But it is hard to watch everything go backwards instead of forward. Maybe June will be more productive and I’ll have better results to report in July.

Started: June 1st 2012
Start weight: 142lbs
Current weight: 140lbs
Goal weight: 112lbs


Well, April is nearly over. And with that, so ends my first month after restarting. I have to say, I’m really proud of what I have achieved. I have already met my 30 miles goal and I’ve 3 days to go on my weight lifting challenge. With 3 days left in the month, I think I have the motivation to meet that goal too. I had a weigh in this morning and I’m 137lbs. This was my goal for the month and I made it 3 days earlier! I definitely feel like I’m back on track now. My one issue seems to still be water intake. Some days I will drink so much, the next I won’t drink as much. So, I do still need to work on this.

While everything is going well now, my next weigh in is supposed to be during exams. Who knows how that one will go. 😛 I’ve been studying hard for the last two or so weeks. With less than two more weeks to go, I still have a good bit to cover but I’m tackling everything bit by bit. I have good marks going into my exams this semester so it really does help and lift some pressure off. I have a planned study day for today. But during my breaks, I plan on getting my exercise done. My classes finish this week and then we have a few days off to study before they begin. During my days off, I will be working around my study and exercise time making sure I fit both in.

While the month isn’t over, I have added just less than 38 miles to my 750 miles challenge. I’ve been re-evaluating this goal. With 161 miles done in the first 1/3 of the year, I don’t think I will get 750 miles by the end of year. I have decided to reduce the number to 600 miles. I know that if I’m at 161 now, I have to do extra to achieve that goal. But I feel like I will get a lot done in the summer and be able to aim for bigger goals than 30 miles per month which is what I try to achieve during college.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Started: June 1st 2012
Start weight: 142lbs
Current weight: 137lbs
Goal weight: 112lbs