My Weight Loss Progress

I posted this under anal charting, but I thought weight loss progress deserved it’s own page.  2008 clearly sucked weight loss wise.  This year I’ve lost 12 lbs, and still have 4 weeks to go to the end of December.  I obviously am not a speed loser.   What I can say is I’m am almost 80 lbs lighter than I was in 2002.  That is fan-friggin-tastic, and I’ll take it.  I also am working on my consistency and losing weight at a better pace.

I also have made a vow to myself never to regain this weight back again.  I’m 45 years old, and I do not want to have to go down this road again.  I’ve seen the scenery too many times, I’m bored with it, time to move on.  So, I can add to my accomplishment the fact that each year has been a net loss in pounds.

  • 2003     20 lbs lost
  • 2004     13 lbs lost
  • 2005     19 lbs lost
  • 2006     12 lbs lost
  • 2007      9 lbs lost
  • 2008      1 lb lost
  • 74 lbs total

2009  first weigh in Feb:  253.3   last weigh in December 25, 2009  241.3  (got down to 238 before holiday eating indulgences!)

2009 weight loss:  12 lbs

total weight loss as of January 2010: 86 lbs