On the ever elusive dieting “click” moment

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That moment I’m talking about is when some number on the scale, or incident — a stinging comment, pants that won’t zip, seeing myself in a photo — propels me into action, pushes me past my inertia point to change something I’m doing that I know isn’t working.  This time for me it was a combination of seeing a number on the scale I’d passed going down many moons ago and feeling my pants getting tighter and tighter (my thighs felt like sausages in my jeans, yikes).  And I won’t say that I haven’t been seeing a bunch of numbers again that I’d thought I’d left in the past for a while now.  And yep, I noticed but ignored how much less roomy my pants had become — they used to slide down, and I’d constantly be pulling them up.

My diet wasn’t completely out of control at all; still, I had let extras start to creep in (chocolate, for one).  I was still exercising, though not 3 times a week at the gym the way I used to.  It’s not like I was losing at a stellar rate when I had been going 3 times a week.  I had a fear of eating less — that, with bf aggressively telling me I didn’t need to eat less, and that I’d get hungry, was enough to keep me in a state of denial that led me to gain over 20 lbs from my lowest weight.  I was afraid to eat less.  I was afraid I’d be hungry, that it would lead me to binge, that I’d feel deprived on top of all the other stresses in my life, and that I’d have to let go of using food as a stress reliever — and where would that leave me??

Two weeks ago I just said enough, I cut out a couple of items from my daily food regime, and focused on not eating anything extra.  During work that’s much easier for me.  I bring my lunch, and am there 9 to 5.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t that difficult to ignore the candy dish boss keeps.   I still had more trouble with the eating on the weekend, but the 5 days of good eating made a big difference.  I finally have been able to see the numbers drop — and fairly quickly.

I think the weekends will continue to be a challenge.  We go out a lot, and I have a difficult time resisting.   But I’ll keep the momentum moving forward and downward.  I love that amazing and wonderful feeling of “future hope” — this is working, and I can do it, and I can achieve what I want to achieve weight wise.  I can have a difficult time getting into that groove.  When I’m there, the view is good indeed.

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Meals, diet cookbooks, the gym, and the farmers market

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I’m continuing on my quest to be more more plugged into the meals (bf does most to all of the grocery shopping and cooking).  I pulled out my Jenny Craig cook book last weekend and color tagged several recipes.  I handed him the book and said:  anything you make from here is ok.  He made a fish with red onions that was DELICIOUS (thanks, Jenny!), some creamy potatoes (ate that with chicken), some chicken nuggets with honey mustard sauce.  Was a good thing.

farmers market

We’ve been going to the little neighborhood farmers market after church on Sundays (went today), and that’s a very good thing too.  (This pic is actually from a couple of years ago, we don’t have these fall colored leaves yet this season.)  Not that I don’t think the supermarket veggies wouldn’t work as well, it’s more that we do it together, pick out things we might not have tried yet (variety has been a problem with the meals; I go crazy eating the same things again and again), and I do some of the cooking.  Today I bought a bunch of carrots and several types of apples.  I roasted the carrots with some red onions and potatoes (left the skin on), added coarse salt, pepper, fresh rosemary and oregano, tossed it all with olive oil.  It smells FANTASTIC.

Saturday I went to the gym after spraining/straining my knee and being out of commission gymwise for a couple of weeks.  It felt great to get on the treadmill again and sweat.  I did a couple of resistance machines too.  I decided to take it easy, since I’m just getting back up to snuff walking wise and definitely DO NOT want to re-injure it.  I miss the gym when I don’t get to go.  I’m so happy to be getting the leg back into working order, though it did still feel a little stiff this morning.  Guess I can’t expect it to heal overnight.