Ups and Downs

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First of all: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

February I stayed at essentially the same weight, I’m back up into the 250s.  I thought I’d conquered that “decade,” but my weight crept back up, I’m here again.  This past couple of weeks I managed to cut back on calories, except for one incident kept my hand away from the chocolate.  I did have a glitch when my boss bought all kinds of muffins and scones from the local bakery (I’m a sucker for scones and muffins).  I still managed to lose a pound last week.  With TOM (am perimenopausal) throwing a monkey wrench into the equation, I saw a spike in my weight that brought me down.  I’m in a big see-saw period in my life, going up 10 lbs, losing 10 lbs, going up 10 lbs…. well, you get it!