Into the 240s

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Today I finally made it back into the 240s.  I’m at 249.2.  I have 12 more pounds to make it back down to my lowest weight, the weight I was when I started my new job about a year and a half ago–237.  It’s been a stressful time, too, with lots of uncertainties and changes.  Gaining that weight felt demoralizing, and I’d thought it couldn’t happen, that I’d changed my thinking and habits to such an extent, I couldn’t imagine the possibility of the number climbing.

Not only did it climb, it climbed fairly fast.  I still went to the gym and exercised at home (less often), I still brought my lunch to work, but got treated several times a month to take out lunches, and I found myself dipping into the office candy bowl way too often.  I ate for pleasure, and I ate from stress, and I ate to treat myself, and to relax.  Not even super pigging out, but it was enough to pack on the pounds.  I tried to turn it around, and usually that resulted in me staying at the same weight, maybe dropping a couple of pounds, then I’d start eating again and gain it back plus a couple.

It took resolve on my part, and I didn’t say anything about the free lunches, but that became phased out because I think my boss became sensitive to my situation (I didn’t really say anything, my weight gain became noticeable as did my routine changes: upping the days I went to the gym and trying to take walks during the day).

So I work to take it one week at a time, sometimes one day at a time.  And I strive to keep my head on straight when I see the ups and downs on the scale, and to stay the course so I’ll eventually see the down, which has been working for me.  I’ve picked my hard, ha.

Food for a day…

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The New York Times ran an article about what people all over the world eat in a day.

Here’s a list of what I typically might eat:

Breakfast: Bowl of mixed cereals, skim milk, topped with a sprinkle of fresh strawberries and blueberries (in season); mug of coffee with whole milk

Lunch: sandwich on low cal wheat bread (cold cuts or chicken breast, tomato, cheese, swiss or cheddar, mayo); cantaloupe with blueberries; a can of V8; about 10 baby carrots (an orange, sometimes)

Snack: apple

Dinner: talapia over rice, asparagus; or could be gnocci with sausage and peas with parmesan cheese; or chicken breast with mashed yams and asparagus; or thin cut pork chops with rice and green beans

Snack: yogurt (Yoplait), or Swiss Miss chocolate pudding cup with a glass of skim milk

I got down to 250, but got my TOM from hell this week, which made that number go up.