Seeing the loss, but the road’s been up and down

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I’m finally back to my 3FC tracker weight of 251.  I let it sit at that number for all the months that I went up into the 260s, wavered there, dipped into the 250s, went back up, etc.  Then, when I finally hunkered down, stuck to the exercise and cut out many calories, I didn’t see those dramatic drops, like you see in the weight loss shows (that I overwatch).  No, I saw a couple of pounds drop in one week, it would go up slightly, 1/2 lb the next week, stay the same for a couple of weeks, then drop a couple of lbs in one week.  It added up to about 1lb loss a week, which is GREAT in my book, but mentally I had to get past those gain/non-loss weeks without letting it derail me.

Logically, I knew my TOM and the heat were affecting my numbers.  Emotionally, I just wanted to see some scale results from all the efforts I felt like I was putting into it.  I feel like when I look in the mirror, I can SEE the thinner me waiting there, when I’ll look better and feel better.  I need to work off this weight and be patient and trust.  I did go back to fitday and calculated my calories again, and then to the Mayo clinic site to get a good sense of my nutrition.  Those are great tools.  For me, my own head is my toughest obstacle — my cravings and emotional eating.

Getting back to my ticker weight is a real victory, and I’m going to savor it and keep moving forward.  Backsliding gets to be a big waste of time and effort, the more I can fix that in my brain and remember it, the better, I think, I’ll be able to stay with my plan and keep losing.