Ponderings on my next step, and middle aged body changes

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(That’s a long title, isn’t it!)  I’m a little agitated today.  I’ve noticed now that when my TOM approaches, the week before, usually, I get a big weight gain, about 4 plus lbs.  And I’ve been inconsistent enough with the diet and exercise that I’m having a tough time telling when I’m on the right path, so I keep losing and gaining the same few lbs.  I’m pondering going to a local OA meeting, with the thought that it might keep me from overindulging, portion wise and in sweets (my bigger problem, really).

I felt so wiped out this weekend, I ended up not going to the gym yesterday :-(.  I exercised at home, but I know it’s not the same thing.  There’s some chance I’ll go today, doesn’t seem likely.  I think part of the problem is that I’m overtired.  I’m not sure if it’s TOM related or what; last week walking home I was all stumbly.  My energy levels are seriously sagging.  I’m sleeping well, and eating healthily.

I think it might be a combination of not being in as good a shape as I was, stress, actually working long hours, exercising less, and the changes in my body.  I seriously need a vacation.  I haven’t had longer than a long weekend off in a few years.

Well, I guess a good plan would be to have a list of pleasurable activities in the future.  S.O. is down lately, and revving myself up to go out and enjoy myself gets ratcheted down because of that.  It feels like fighting an uphill battle.  My activation energy requirements start to get daunting.

Here’s to pleasures aside from eating:  Exploring, traveling, crossword puzzles, knitting, walking/hiking, museums, botanic gardens, reading, shopping, gym, watching movies, yakking with friends, and so forth.