It’ll be just like starting over…

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Wow, I have on my exercise outfit right now, the yoga pants and Y-tee.  I can feel the weight I’ve put on over Christmas and New Years, in my thighs and stomach.  Ouch(!)  I told myself I wasn’t being that bad with the goodies I was eating, but truth be told, I ate pretty much what I wanted, with some exception, but not much.  I let the stress of the season get to me, and let myself celebrate with food.  We got lots of candy and cookies as presents, and we had champagne and potato chips on New Year’s Eve and day.  I haven’t been to the gym in two weeks.  I have a lot to make up for.  I did do some exercise at home, and the days I went to work, Tuesday through Thursday, saved me eating wise during the day (I take my lunch).  Plus, the extra workout of sloshing through the snow and ice, which definitely was a workout.  But January is here, the holidays are over, and I have to face the reality of getting off the extra poundage.

On the bright side of things, the New Year does make me feel re-energized and hopeful.  This past year has been sucky where weight loss is concerned.  I concentrated on work, and keeping my head together while I was readjusting to a new life and new people.  I’ve had a good amount of time under my belt.  Now I need to put my goals out in front of me again, and get working.