It’s always somethin’

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Ay Dios mio, it’s always something.  Last week was good, I dropped some weight, I got back to the gym, I’m feeling good about being in control for T-day, then BAM! I catch a co-worker’s cold.  Me hates that.  I’m at home today with my knitting….


….and box of tissues, cups of tea and chicken soup.  Don’t have much of an appetite.  I’ll do some home exercise tonight; I know it’s not the same as the gym, sigh.  Ah, well, I’m headed in the right direction.  This is a (winteresque) hiccup.

My new sweater and restaurant choices

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So, here’s my new winter sweater.  Got a pair of jeans today too.  I needed them.  This is a Lane Bryant 14/16.  One of these days I will post a pic of me in a sweater that I’ve bought from a store that doesn’t specifically cater to larger sizes.

I had my TOM and my weight dropped.  Today after we went shopping we had lunch at a diner, I rather painlessly made a better choice than I’d originally planned (I had in my mind “waffles!” I got 2 over easy eggs with wheat toast, only had one piece of toast and ate bf’s tomato slices with my eggs; I had sausage too, but I chose that over the bacon, and didn’t eat all of it–really, the best choice would have been to have ham).  Not too long ago I would have had a cheese burger with fries (bf had a bacon cheeseburger) and would have consumed just about every bit of it.  Tomorrow I’m going to the gym after church, I haven’t been in a couple of weeks because of my leg injury.  I thought I’d recovered, got cocky and didn’t take it easy, and it came back again.  Since I walk so much in general, and go up and down stairs all the time, it took longer for it to heal.  I have been exercising at home, about 3 to 4 times a week, side bends, free weights, crunches.  That helps, but it’s no substitute for the gym.  I really have missed going.