Weekend outtings, the farmer’s market, and mindful cooking/eating

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Last weekend bf and I went to the Intrepid, which I LOVED.  Tons of walking.  It’s located on 12th Avenue, a good distance from the Time Square train lines.  Plus, once we got there, of course we walked around looking at everything and ended up being on our feet for hours.  When we got there, my hands shook from low blood sugar (I’m hypoglycemic).  They have an Au Bon Pain, I got a healthy chicken salad, coffee, and we split a small bag of vinegar chips (yes, I could have gotten a piece of fruit, my bad).  I did leave some of the bread.

On the flight deck of the Intrepid Since I spent last weekend as a fun mental health day, this weekend I wanted to concentrate more on diet, exercise and health, getting back to the basics.

Yesterday, I got in a nice two-hour work out at the gym, and got a good nap in in the afternoon.  I went on the computer and looked through 3FC and other places to find new recipes, showed them to bf (he does almost all the cooking), and he was very agreeable about varying the diet and trying new things.  I made sure to pick out dishes I knew he’d like, that didn’t call for a trillion ingredients that we’d have to go out and specially buy.

After church today, we stopped at the local farmers market and I picked up beets to roast, we got fresh basil, and small potatoes to roast to go with the 3FC basil chicken recipe.  Bf made fresh pesto with the leftover basil.  I sauteed the beet greens with garlic, onions, a little olive oil and pepper flakes (ok, maybe I did overdo it with the pepper flakes, doh!).

I can’t even tell you how good that food smelled roasting in the oven, wow!  And we have a nice amount of leftovers for next week.  I’m patting myself on my back, because I’ve been complaining that bf makes the meals, makes meals that really aren’t the best choices for my eating plan, and I passively sit there and eat it (it’s good, just too many calories, and I know it).  Then I whine when I get on the scale and I haven’t lost any weight (well, duh!).  He’s sabotaging me, kinda sorta!, I say.  So, at least I can say now that I took the bull by the horns and took responsibility for what I put in my own mouth.

I also watched the season premier of the Biggest Loser on the pute today, to give myself a mental boost.  I find it tough to stay on plan during the weekends, these past two I did much better, I’m proud of myself for that.  I’ve also been working on doing exercise in the evenings at home, since it’s been tough for me to crank up the energy to go to the gym after work.

Here’s to chucking passivity out the window!