The Fall Equinox and weight loss goals

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This year the autumnal equinox falls on September 22.  What, you may ask, do I mention that?  Well, I signed up for the Fall Equinox Weight Loss Challenge at 3FC, gave myself a 10 lb goal (which many others dwarfed with their goals).  I have 6 lbs to go, and I have to admit (ok, I don’t have to, but I’m freely admitting it here) that it doesn’t look as if I’ll make that target.  I may lose another 2 or 3 lbs, 6 strikes me as highly unlikely.

What happened?  you ask.  Nicely, but with a note in your voice, something like criticism, or disappointment, a little shake of the head.  Right after I got back from vacation in Pennsylvania, my weight, miraculously to my mind, actually had stayed the same.  A week later, the scale showed a 3 lb gain (!)  I had a delayed upward blip!  So, I’ve been riding on this see saw for a bunch of weeks of up a couple, down a couple.  It’s not that unusual for me, but I had in my mind to be more focused, have a blog, post and read at 3FC as much as possible; that I would really do it!  Not that I’m not doing it, I just have really continued in the weight loss way I’ve most always had, and can’t honestly say I’ve stepped it up all that much.  I made Friday my official weigh in day, I may get it down to 241, which would be a nice mental boost for me.  I went to the gym today, and ate well.

I’m not sure why I don’t do well at challenges.  Maybe if I hadn’t gone on vacation.  Am I being excuse laden?  Am I not engaging myself enough in this battle?  Do I not want it enough?  Thoughts to ponder.


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I’m feeling very bummed today.  I have many life things on my mind, and I didn’t sleep well last night.  An email friend of mine basically told me to leave him alone today, which hurt, especially since I’ve been away for a couple of weeks and he went away for several days, and this is basically just the second day we’ve both been around.  I know he has serious things going on in his life; it still stung.  I guess I wanted him to need my support as much as I feel like I need his.  That’s not how it always works, unforunately.  

I got to the gym Friday, Saturday and Monday, I made the routine shorter to work my way back into the groove.  I think I was starting to burn out with the 2 hour workouts.  I struggled doing that 4 days a week, then went back to 3.  I’m thinking 4 shorter workouts might be better, physically and mentally.

I took up my knitting again, which I’m hoping will help me mentally too.   I’m making a blanket for an aunt who’s ill.