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Measurements August 19, 2010

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2013 numbers numbers numbers

September 2012 weight: 213

September measurements:  Waist at navel: 42    natural waist: 39   arms: both 16   thighs: both 27   neck: 14 hips: 48

February 2013 weight: 204

February Measurements:  waist at navel: 42    natural waist: 36.5 (-2 1/2 inches)     hips:47 (-one inch)    thighs: 27         neck:14     arms: both 16

March weight: ? I dunno, I threw the godforsaken scale in the damn closet.  Plus, my period is a few days late and I feel like a water balloon.  Ain’t no way Rotunda is stepping on the scale right now.

March (11th) measurements:

waist at navel: 42     natural waist: 36 (-.5 inches)  hips:46 (-one inch)   arms: 16 (both)   thighs: 27 (both)

April Weight:

April Measurements:


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