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DVDs I Recommend June 8, 2011

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Jane Fonda’s Original 1982 Workout– THIS IS MY FAVORITE WORKOUT EVER!!!! I LOVE IT SO!!! It is really hard to find on dvd, but I managed to find it somewhere or other online, and then I burned a few extra copies of it (just in case).  It’s easy to get on VHS, but really… I haven’t had a VHS player in a long time.  Ok, I just found it on DVD on (the original and new workout dvd set) and it’s 15 dollars.  Why am I so crazy about this darn workout?  It’s corny.  It’s happy.  Everybody in the video is such a nerd and you can tell that they are genuinely having fun.  I used the beginner’s workout to lose forty pounds oh-so-long ago, and I know I can do it again.  I also like to repeat segments of the beginner’s workout.  I always do the arms and waist exercises parts two times, because I just really like those parts.  Yep.  I’m a dork. She has new workouts that I have seen in stores recently, but I’ve never tried any of them. I have her complete personal trainer series, which is pretty good, but I still prefer the old school one.

Hemalaaya – Bollywood Booty, Beautiful Belly, & Dance of the Kama Sutra all make me feel happy and are super fun.  Dance of the Kama Sutra is slow and sensual, and is great for stretching and relaxation.  It WILL help you love yourself more!  I have quite a few more Hemalaaya workout DVDs, but I haven’t done the other ones enough to recommend them yet.

Winsor Pilates (Mari Winsor) – Ab Sculpting, Bun and Thigh Sculpting, and Accelerated Body Sculpting were my favorites.  I used to mix it up by using the “band” workouts and the ones with the resistance circle, but I prefer the three that I mentioned the most.  Accelerated Body Sculpting is good, because it’s nearly an hour long, but there are great spots to stop at for varying fitness levels.  You can do more as your body gets toned, and in time are able to do the whole video.  If you google the first two, you can actually watch them online for free and try them out.  I have tried tons of different pilates routines, and Winsor is the best in my opinion.  I gave all my other pilates dvds away.

THE FIRST THREE ARE MY FAVORITE.  I like all these dvd’s because the instructor is very positive and upbeat.  For whatever reason, I need to see that somebody is happy or I lose interest in their workout.

The Belly Twins (Veena and Neena) – Discover Bellydance 3 dvd set.  This teaches you 3 different dances: basic, advanced, and “mystic” which is slower and you can choose to use a veil.  These are about 45-50 minutes long each and are very satisfying.  I think most everybody could do the basic dvd and not have too much trouble.  They also have a DVD with two workouts Arms & Abs combined with Hips, Buns, and Thighs that I would recommend.  These teach you moves, but not an entire dance.  Another combo DVD has Basic Moves combined with the Fat Burning workouts.  Again, these are moves and not whole dances, but for ten dollars you are getting two full workouts that are pretty good.  I DO NOT LIKE their “Bollywood Blast” dvd, nor did I care for “Indi Hop.”  Hemalaaya’s dance dvd’s are wayyyyyy better in the bollywood area.

Total Yoga Four Pack (Tracy and Ganja White) This comes with the Original Workout, and then the flow series Earth, Water, and Fire.  Earth is the beginner’s one, and it was wayyyyyyy too easy for me so I gave it away.  The others are all good workouts, and the only yoga dvd’s I have ever done that I liked.  These workouts are longer, but you don’t have to do the whole thing.  I’d rather have the option of working out for nearly an hour than to work out for twenty five minutes and feel like I didn’t do enough.  Honestly, I’m not that into yoga… I prefer other types of workouts.  I would still recommend these dvds though, because even though I rarely pull them out I have still kept them.  Any other yoga dvd I ever tried got the chop immediately.  (Never tried Hemalaaya’s)

Stuff I Don’t Like Much: I can’t do Denise Austin pilates because her voice is so dippy.  I know, I’m a jerk and a half.  I really like Jillian Michaels, but I don’t like ANY of her workout dvd’s.  She admitted that she doesn’t really like working out that much, and that just kills it for me.  There ain’t no sense in forcing yourself to do shit that you don’t like.  Find an activity that you DO LIKE.  I also just don’t care for her routines, so I ended up giving all her workouts to my cousin.  My cousin seems to like them though- different stuff for different people I guess.


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