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Books June 8, 2011

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The underlined books I recommend to ANYBODY with an eating disorder/ weight problem.  These books are helping me change my life for the better, and I want to share that with all of you!!!

School Girls: Young Women, Self Esteem, and the Confidence Gap – Peggy Orenstein  READ THIS BOOK!  EVERY WOMAN SHOULD READ THIS BOOK!!! SERIOUSLY!  This isn’t about weight loss, but it is about American culture, and how women are raised to believe that being a woman is a handicap from the start.  This book addresses the “hidden curriculum” that public schools teach, and how badly it effects girls’ self esteem and body image.  In spite of the feminist movement girls are still being raised to only value their appearance.  If a girl doesn’t want to be a pretty, quiet caretaker and mother, she is ostracized and punished socially.  If you have daughters, please read this.  If you don’t have daughters please read this for yourself.

When Food is Love – Geneen Roth (this is the best one, I think.  It goes good with Why Weight? (a workbook)  Also by Roth that I think are good- When You Eat At The Refrigerator Pull Up A Chair,  & Women, Food, and God

Eating in the Light of the Moon: How Women can Transform Their Relationships With Food Through Myths, Metaphors & Storytelling – Anita Johnson   This book is fabulous!  I started reading it last night and couldn’t put it down.

Half Assed: A Weight Loss Memoir – Jennette Fulda

Our Lady Of Weight Loss – Janice Taylor   &  All Is Forgiven, Move On – Janice Taylor   These books are really good if you are a creative and arty sort of person, because they have neat art projects in them.  Fun!

Secrets of a Former Fat Girl – Lisa Delaney    This one isn’t my favorite of the bunch, but it did have some very useful tidbits in it.

The Earth My Butt and Other Big Round Things – Carolyn Mackler – this isn’t a diet book or anything.  It’s actually a book for teenagers, but I really liked it and wished that somebody had given it to me back when I was in junior high.  It’s an awesome story about a girl with weight troubles- I WAS the main character when I was that age…


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  1. ambermichele77 Says:

    I love your selection here. I will definitely be reading those of which I have not. I’m in the middle of reading Jennette Fuldas book. I like it a lot. She has wit and the same attitude as me as far as life and losing weight goes, haha
    so thanks for the selection!

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