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strong like bull! (four weeks done!) March 22, 2013

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I still have recipes and an enzyme cleaner blog to post.  I really meant to do that citrus cleaner by now, buuuuut I haven’t gotten over to the grocery store to get a packet of yeast.  It takes three whole fricken months to brew up without the yeast in it, and only a couple of weeks with the yeast in.  I don’t want to wait three whole months!  I should be able to get to the grocery store this weekend though, so the post is on its way.  I swears.

Tonight I worked out with my new workout buddy for the fourth time this week (usually we can only do two workouts together a week, but she is on spring break right now).  We did thirty three minutes of cardio hula dancing, followed by the ten minute total body segment from 10 Minute Trainer.  Back when I first moved to Florida I purchased the Island Girl Dance Fitness Workout, which came in two sets with a total of four workouts. Click on the links if you are interested in these sets- it’ll take you right to Amazon. Back when I bought ’em I did a couple of the workouts a few times, and that was that.  I liked ’em, but had such a tough schedule that working out was absolutely not a huge priority.  We decided to try one out tonight, and it was a success.  There are tons of great movements for toning the hips, core, legs, and ass, and it isn’t super hard to follow.  Seriously, if I can do it with a few hiccups here and there, I suspect that anybody can.  I’m not terribly coordinated (YET), so some dance workouts confuse the bejesuses out of me.  No joke.  I’ll be twirling around and trying to keep up, and it can get ugly. Figuring out footwork, and arm movements is not something my brain can command my body to do very quickly.  Imagine a walrus in sweatpants attempting to rumba.  That’s me.  Picture a lumbering beast that’s all sweaty and appears slightly bemused.  Also me.  Still, all in all it was a fun workout.  The Cardio Hula is enjoyable, but doesn’t get the heart blasting away, so it ends up being more relaxing.  We intended to have a lighter workout today since we’ve been powering through workouts with resistance bands, intense cardio, and hand weights, buuuuut it didn’t turn out that way.  We ended up doing the total body segment from Ten Minute Trainer.  Originally we were going to follow the that up with Amy Dixon’s upper body segment and yoga segment, but we got to chatting about Tony Horton and the P90x program.

Kenpo?  Is this for real?

Ya know how the other day I was rambling on about P90x, and how I wasn’t sure if I was that hardcore and blah blah blah.  Well.  Guess what I learned tonight?  I am definitely and officially hardcore, so yay to me.  I was asking her about the P90x kenpo workout, because I wanted to know what the hell kenpo was.  I kept hearing about kenpo, and picture a ken doll holding a po’ boy sandwich.  That couldn’t be right.

Since all the workouts were strewn about right there, she pulled it out and popped it in.  We decided to give it a go, and then simply stop if we needed to.  Hah!  We were having so much fun punching and kicking invisible bandits that we did the entire hour long workout.  Yup.  That’s one additional hour after we’d already been doing over half an hour of cardio.  I couldn’t believe it!  Kenpo is apparently like kickboxing, so there’s lots of punches, defensive blocks, and all kinds of kicks.  There were no po’ boys involved.  I loved it.  No, really.  I loved it a whole bunch.  In my mind I was kicking the asses of evil ninjas.  You know, slow, sorta fat, and lazy ninjas, but NINJAS damn it!  And I actually was able to make it through an entire hour without feeling like I might die!

We followed it up with a bit of yoga, which rounded out our workout to about two hours.  It was awesome!  I used to work out for long periods of time at the gym, but it has definitely been a while since I did 120 minutes of straight up working out (not including walking/ hiking/ swimming).  I was/am so proud of myself!  I’m starting to feel truly strong in my body for the first time in about six and a half years.  This is such a huge milestone for me!  It’s nice to feel increasing strength, and see that I physically look more toned.  I feel like working out for these last four weeks has made such a huge impact, and that I have turned a major corner.  It’s like I was at alongside of a canyon walking back and forth next to the edge,  and looking down into the precipice for over six years, but this month I finally went for the fucking gold and jumped right the hell over.  Probably seems corny as hell, but it’s true!!

Xrisi told me that we could maybe try to do the full P90x program this summer.  She informed me that though the kenpo was an awesome workout, some of the other routines are wayyyy more difficult.  I guess the cardio one is a monster, as is the plyometrics.  Fuck plyometrics in the ass, cause I’m not doing that shit now or ever.  Didi no likey the bouncey bouncey shit.  However, I believe that by June I’ll be able to handle the rest of the stuff.  It might be fun to go through the full ninety day program.  I have no interest in body building, running marathons, or being workout obsessed for the rest of my life… but trying it one time for the full ninety days could be a fun experience.  Towards the middle of May I’ll rethink everything, and then decide if I want to invest in the full program or not.  At the moment I will stick to my goal of burning 2, 800 calories a week.

For now we have decided to incorporate the kenpo workout into our regular weekly routines.  It’ll probably end up like this: one dance routine (bollywood/hula/bellydancing), followed by resistance/weight training segments (one or two ten minute segments), followed by the hour of kenpo, followed by ten or fifteen minutes of yoga.  That’ll be a two hour workout on Wednesdays and Fridays from now on.  (burned 1,100 calories working out today!)  I’m going to use either Sunday or Monday as my “rest” day from now on, so that I have one day a week with only light stretching, or maybe a walk, but nothing intense.

Tomorrow is the LAST day of the FOURTH week of my personal challenge.

I could not be happier with the results of my first month!!!  All in all I feel stronger, happier, and very proud of myself for what I have achieved.

Instead of struggling to get in one or two workouts a week, I’ve managed to do 18 amazing workouts in the last four weeks.  I hung in there even though I injured my back out there shoveling fucking snow.  Go me, go!  My measurements are decreasing, and I’m seeing and feeling results.

I never thought that I could feel athletic and physically strong, but I guess I didn’t know what I was capable of.

I feel so great right now!  I wanna dance around my house doing over the head claps of joy.

I’m also glad that I found a way to improve my health without turning myself into a basket case.  Putting the scale into the upstairs closet, and stopping myself from tracking calories was a huge help.  It was definitely time to end the binge/ starve cycle of dieting once and for all.  I had thought that tracking calories could be different, but unfortunately it triggered my “diet” brain, so it just didn’t work out.  I’ll continue making small improvements with my diet, and only track my workouts on mfp.

It’s nice feeling so hopeful, and feeling like I WILL definitely achieve my fitness goals in the next year or so.

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to finally strive to reach my full potential, but it’s a good feeling.


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