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it is the fourth week now March 20, 2013

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It is now the fourth week of my person Burn 400 Calories a Day challenge.  Here is the breakdown of the first three weeks:

Week One : Six Workouts : 3,572 out of 2800 (+772)
Week Two: Four Workouts : 2290 out of 2800  (-510)  This is the week I injured my lower back terribly while shoveling snow!
Week Three: Three Workouts : 1118 out of 2800 (-1,682)  I was recovering this week, and definitely needed to take it easy!!

This is truly a challenge that will be ongoing until the summer.  Originally, I planned on working out nearly every day for four months straight just to see what kind of shape I could get into.  My long term goal is definitely to be less slug like a more active person, and to make sure that I don’t have more than one sedentary lazy day a week.  Laziness doesn’t suit me, and I need to learn to be active even when it is cold or the weather isn’t perfect.  This self challenge is definitely helping a lot.  The whole back injury was unfortunate, and unexpected, but after three sessions with my chiropractor (got another one today too) things are much better, and I’m in way better shape than I was even before the snow shoveling incident.  Hooray for that!
This week Xrisi is on spring break so we’ll be working out together every night for the rest of the week, which I’m pretty stoked about.  It’s nice hurling my fatty bits about with somebody who has just as many fatty bits.  We can giggle and complain when our bellies get in the way of doing certain exercises, and when our boobs smother us in certain yoga positions.  It’s nice to have somebody around to share those special moments with.  I wonder, has anybody ever knocked themselves out with their boobs doing yoga?  The threat is real for some of us, people, the threat is real.  Tuesday night we worked out for about an hour doing Tony Horton’s ten minute trainer (all five), and then a ten minute segment of a dance workout.  I can tell I’m already much stronger, because the first time we did the Tony Horton thing we only did two of the segments, and that was really rough.  I was all panting and sweating like a whore in church.  Don’t get me wrong, this time I was still panting and sweating, but it wasn’t as bad, and we did the whole fifty plus minutes of the thing.  That dude sure babbles a lot.  Sometimes I wanna stomp on his pecker because he isn’t doing the workout too.  Even if he were I’d probably still want to peckerstomp him sometimes anyway.  His workouts are good, but I think Amy Dixon is cooler because she does the workout all the way through, and is never even out of breath while explaining things.  Tony isn’t a demi god.  Amy is.  Plus, Amy doesn’t have some gimmicky and overpriced website that charges forty dollars for a fifty minute workout.  I totally want to get her other DVDs.  Her arms are so buff.  It is my dream to have buff arms.  I don’t care about the rest of me being muscular, but I’d like muscular arms.  Mainly because I have large arms, and I want them to be firm instead of wobbly.  My arms will never be slender, so I want ’em to be arms that people look at and think “Wow, that girl could pummel the shit out of somebody” instead of “Wow, that girl’s arms are larger and flabbier than my thighs.”
I think when I am a bit more in shape I would like to try the P90x program.  It’s a 90 day thing for people who are already accustomed to working out every day (or close to every day, I suppose).  It is pricey (140 I think), but there are 12 dvds in the collection with long workouts on them and a lot of variety, so I think it is a better value than the 10 Minute Trainer thingy.  These are just my thoughts at the moment though.  Xrisi has the P90x, so I suppose at some point we could try it out.  It may be wayyyy more hardcore than I ever want to be, ya know?  I like working out, and I love how much stronger I’ve been feeling, but I don’t think I want to commit to ninety minutes a day when I honestly think about it.  I don’t need to be able to crush a man’s skull with my inner thighs, do I?  I don’t find super muscular people attractive either.  Muscles hit a point where if they get any larger they are no longer attractive and they become cartoony.  I don’t wanna fuck a cartoon or look like one either.  😉  I wouldn’t mind if The Cubs had slightly more muscular arms or abs, but a person needs to know when enough is enough.  Seriously.  Why would people want to be all freakishly ripped?  There’s more to life than working out for several hours a day, right?  I guess working out is better than sitting on ones ass and watching television for all those hours.
I have rambled on for long enough.  I might be back later to post the enzyme cleaner project that I failed on in my last post.  This time it will be a success though.  I have a bottle with a cap, and seven soft tablespoons of brown sugar.  Win!!!


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