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UPDATED week two of 400 Burn a Day Challenge March 11, 2013

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I wrote a sad sack post earlier today, but came back and deleted it just now.  Geez, I don’t like it when I get down.  I seriously have two moods: happy, and it’s-the-end-of-the-world.  There doesn’t seem to be much grey area in there.  But, for realsies, when I am down it’s like sad clown tragic.  I mope around until I have the strong urge to kick my own ass.

Well, I expressed disappointment earlier about my back injury due to shoveling heavy snow, and that still stands.  (Go to hell, ergonomic shovel, you go right to hell)  My first appointment cost 125 as I needed to do the initial exam again (haven’t been there since 2008), and that ate up two things: the money we had intended to use for our snowshoeing, and the day that we had intended to go snowshoeing.   The weather is supposed to be 43 and rainy tomorrow, but we’ll see.  I was so excited to try something new!  Honestly, if it isn’t wet and melty out tomorrow maybe we can go.  It doesn’t cost that much.  Hopefully the snow will hold up and not melt!  Monday it should be in the thirties again with chance of snow.  Officially crossing fingers.

Today was pretty dreary, but I pulled myself together and decided to try the new Amy Dixon Give Me Ten workout that I recently purchased from Amazon.  Holy shitballs!  Some of that stuff is tough, and I had to skip certain things to keep myself from dying protect my still sore back, and other things, hell, even in perfect condition I can’t do them right now!  The side planking is beyond my abilities, but gives me something to work up to.  The Cubs did it with me, and the two of us were all sweaty.  We did the cardio segment (both of us laughing because we felt all uncoordinated trying to keep up with the changes in moves), the upper body segment (loved), the lower body segment (oh, squats and lunges… I slowly get better at you tricky bastards), and then the core workout.  I could only do half of the core workout.  It started off standing, and then moved into floor work, and I wasn’t feeling the floor work because I didn’t want to strain my back.

So glad that I chose to get in a work out today, because I felt immediately revived afterwards.  It snapped me out of my temporary emo state.  A shower afterwards, and then throwing in a load of laundry kind of sealed the deal.

Anywhoozles.  I need to remember to take it slow and not expect everything to be perfect.  Sometimes I am going to feel tired and run down.  Sometimes I’ll feel alone and unsupported.  But I’ll keep going because I am worth it, and I am moving through my problems and getting better and stronger.

So, my first week of my self challenge started on a Tuesday, buuuuuut from this point on I am shifting my weeks to match the calendar.  Sunday will now be my start of the week, and Saturday the end.  So even though week two technically has a couple more days, I am ending it today!  This week was rough and I wanna mentally end it.  Done and done.

Here’s the weekly scoop

Sunday : calories burned : 778

Monday : calories burned : 511

Tuesday : calories burned : 651  (tuesday night is when I injured my lower back)

Wednesday : calories burned : 0  (obviously I burned calories, but none from workouts/walks/etc)

Thursday : calories burned : 0

Friday : calories burned : 0

Saturday : calories burned : 350 (so far, I may do a little yoga later- we’ll see)

Pretty good week, all in all.  I fell 510 calories short from my weekly goal, but I was gimped up badly so whatcha gonna do, right?

UPDATE at close to two in the morning.  Sigh:

Jesus H. Kee-riste on a raft in Tibet!  I am about done with this bloody insomnia spell that I’ve been having.  There is only so much blogging and facebooking and pinteresting that one woman can do on a sleepless night at nearly two in the morning.  SAVE ME JEEBUS!  I was up in bed next to Cubby, and tried to get to sleep, failed, read a while, tried to get to sleep, failed, tossed around, thought about pushing my fella out of bed because he can fall asleep whenever the shit he wants to in, like, a minute.  Even when he quote “isn’t tired.”  When he says he “isn’t tired” it will take him about five minutes to fall into a dead sleep instead of his usual minute or two.  That fuckin’ guy.  Let me tell you though, when you are madly tired and can’t fall asleep sometimes it’s tough to be next to a person who has never suffered a sleepless night.  Like, ever ever in their whole life.  He’s so cute, and I love him so, but I envy his amazing ability to conk out while I toss around and curse the heavens.

Last night I woke up after about three and a half hours and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I finally gave up and got up.  But I left my sleep cycle alarm clock on.  Since I was no longer in bed it started tracking him, and guess what?  It was the best night of sleep tracked for “me” to date.  I showed him.  That son of a somethin’ had 100% sleep quality.  I showed him a bunch of mine: 37%, 63%, 75%, and once I even got up in the eighties!!!  Once.  He hits a perfect score on the first try.  I am so jealous right now.  How can I love the man so much, and yet still be tempted to slide him off of the warm bed and onto the floor?  Thunk.  Mwahahahahahah, sucker!!!!

I’m like, so dang bored that I was even thinking of doing another workout.

I need a whole flock of sheep to count.  Ha! That never works.  I’m gonna count naked men instead.  At least that will be entertaining.  And I can picture their junk wobbling all over as they jump over the fence…


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  1. troopersma Says:

    I am right there with you on the emotional front. I’m either on top of the world or wishing the world would just end already…and then I get tired of feeling that sad and I kick myself in the butt and get back up. Just have to wallow for awhile to get sick of the mud and then I get up. 🙂 Glad I’m not the only one.

  2. didibuttonsley Says:

    Hey troopersma, leave a link to your blog if you have one!

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