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back from the chiropractor’s and… March 11, 2013

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I am feeling much better, but won’t be able to get in any cardio again today.  I am a little bummed that this back issue has caused me to miss three days of serious workouts.  All I’ve been able to do is light stretching and a little walking.  I was going to attempt to do some upper body work yesterday, and then I thought better of it.  Honestly, it was a good judgment call.  Pretty sure I would have wound up on the floor crying!

I am going to get a good night’s sleep, and hopefully by tomorrow I will be back in the game.  I better be because the two new DVDs that I bought off of Amazon are here, and dang it, I wanna do them so bad!!   Since Tony Horton’s ten minute spiel is wayyyy too expensive for a DVD I bought Amy Dixon’s Give Me 10 workout.  Let me just say that I am pretty sure Amy Dixon is a fricken demi god.  Have you guys seen that woman in action?  Holy horse and hound, Batman, that chiseled vixen does the whole workout along with everybody else, and talks you through everything in a normal and clear speaking voice.  You tube it.  Do it now.  Watch a little preview of that ass kicking miss, and I dare you not to be impressed.

If I give you ten will you sew my limbs back together when it’s all over?

Things I like: She isn’t standing behind everybody as they work out yacking away, (ahem, ahem, Tony Horton), and she doesn’t stop to explain things (Jillian Michaels is sooo guilty of that- you know she’s stopping so that she can keep talking without gasping)- nope, that machine just keeps running.  So when you are sweaty and getting pushed to the max you don’t start to get riled because the trainer is standing there telling you to keep going while they’ve got their thumb up their ass doing nothing.  Grrr.  Another thing I like is that there is just something about her that makes me feel like I can get to that point, and keep going.  Ya know?  Not like have to be a crazy gym rat psycho about it, but just workout everyday, get my heart up, build strength, and slowly turn into this strong lady.  I also like how muscular her arms and legs look- there’s something kinda cool and scrappy about her.  I watched most of the ten minute segments (there are six) and am raring to try them myself.  Hand weights are used throughout, which is another reason why I bought it.  I need more arm work!  If I can’t have willowy slender arms (my arms were and always shall be large) I wanna have super muscley ones at least.  That way I can at least kiss them and call them guns.  Right now it’s two tickets to the arm flab show.  Look at that sexy jiggle!  Anywhoozles, I think I may have a new trainer to set up on a pedestal next to Jane Fonda, and her name is Amy Dixon.  We needed some new routines to shake things up, and this lady is going to deliver. I’m glad she’s got a lot more options available for down the road too.  Maybe we can’t afford gym memberships right now, but we can certainly do a lot with what we have.

I also bought Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones as well.  It’s cheap (can’t beat the price on some of her dvds), circuit style, uses hand weights, and is fifty minutes long, which is everything that I was looking for.  I wanted to give Jillian another chance since I disliked the 30 Day Shred so much, so that’s one of the reasons that I chose it.  Not sure why, but that 30 Day Shred workout simply bored the bejesuses out of me.  Not saying it wasn’t a good workout, but something about it made my brain go into a snooze.  I won’t stick with something I don’t care for, so I ended up giving it to my cousin.  Buuuutttt if I added seven or eight dollars to my cart on Amazon I qualified for free shipping, so Jillian was on board!!!  I watched through parts of it, and it seems alright.  The two have different moves for variety, and I’m happy about that.  Obviously, I want to be doing different things from day to day or I’ll get sick to death of daily workouts.  Can’t have that, now can we?

I’m satisfied to be adding more resistance training to my workouts, and am thrilled to have a couple new ass kicking routines.  Now if only Back will cooperate and get back into the action.  I feel like what I need now is some deep solid sleep, and I’ll be waking up fresh and ready to go.  Most of the pain is gone, but everything feel, well, so weird.  It’s like my muscles are stretching in a different way than they normally do.  It’s just plain odd.

I asked if there were any exercises that would be beneficial to keeping things in place, so to speak, and he just said stretches for the lower back would be good, and core workouts.  I do plenty of core stuff with the pilates, so that’s not a problem.  My abs are surprisingly strong under those layers!  It’s good to finally be taking care of my body and moving forward.

I hope by tomorrow I’ve bounced back.  I’ve spent so much time on lappy the last few days that my eyes are going to melt.


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