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Week Two Day One- getting ready for snowshoeing March 5, 2013

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It is snowing like crazy outside!  I, for one, am thrilled, because the weather for the rest of the week is supposedly going to be in the mid thirties and sunny.  Why am I so happy that buckets of snow are spewing from the sky?  Inspired by this awesome post from the blog thinfluenced (one of the new blogs I am reading), I decided to check to see if anywhere around here rents snowshoes.  Success!  The closest state park (Richard Bong) rents out snowshoes, so that gives me a good excuse to purchase my state park sticker early this year.  In the summer we do a lot of birding at good ole Bong (tee hee hee, gotta giggle at the name), but I NEVER knew they rented out snowshoes.  Remember how I’ve been pissing and moaning because I am going stir crazy from being stuck indoors way too much?  Well, this is the perfect opportunity to not only try something totally new, but to get us out into the great outdoors.  There is no such thing as too cold, there is only under dressed.  🙂  I’ve never gotten into any winter sports, and have always wanted to dabble, so I am super excited about trying snowshoeing.  It was too late to call today to ask about rental prices, so I’ll give a ring tomorrow morning.

Not sure which day/days we will go, but I am thinking maybe tomorrow afternoon or Friday.  Honestly, once I have a sticker I wouldn’t mind getting out a couple of times a week as long as there is all this snow on the ground.  It’ll help me burn off my 400 calories a day, and I won’t feel as crazy being stuck in the house.

I literally can’t wait to strap snowshoes on these feet and then waddle my tubby butt around in all of this winter wonderland shit.  This is a great way to start the second week of my personal workout challenge.  Woo woo!

And now I have to go dig my car out of a mound of snow and help The Cubs shovel and plow the driveway.  Good times.


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