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is anybody still on here? June 21, 2012

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I was double posting for 3fc people, but I don’t seem to hear from any of them any more on this site, so maybe I’ll give up my 3fc for good.


facebook and pinterest and other things

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Apparently the last link that I left didn’t work (Goodnuff told me so) so here is a new one that should actually work this time and take you to my shop’s facebook page.  Do me a solid and “like” my shop.  I am trying to use pinterest and facebook more to advertise for the shop, but- ya know – everything seems so new.  I have to build up a following, and expand my shop still, and la dee da dee dum etc.  Starting your own business is scary, guys.  Some days I am so sure of myself, and other days I am all insecure and thinking that everything will fail, and the Earth will slip off its track and go careening into the sun.  Hopefully that formidable ending isn’t really hanging in the balance. If you have some extra time, click on a few items of mine that you like, and then “like” them on your facebook.  Every bit helps.  When I’ve got more of a crowd of followers on facebook I want to do some kind of store giveaway.  Some other gals with shops on etsy gave me the idea. If any of you are pinterest junkies, you can follow me on pinterest as well.  Pinterest is the bomb diggity.

Today I got a second folding table and another fancy table cloth to go with it.  And by “fancy” I mean a brightly colored dotted sky blue thing that was on clearance at Target for ten dollars.  I got it for four dollars less because it had been repackaged.  If somebody had taken the two minutes to properly fold it nobody would have ever known it had been repackaged… silly Target employees.  Ha!  Saved me four dollars for the item I would have purchased anyway.
I really want the stuff I ordered to get here already!!  I am dying dying dying to make the new bracelets and add them to the shop.

Not much else is really going on.  I have to catch up with blog reading.  Am I waiting for my life to begin, or is this my life right now?  Sometimes I’m not entirely sure.  I am doing Jane Fonda, trying to eat like a health conscious balanced person, and working on getting my shop going.  I think about moving, worry about money, wonder about starting a family, long for a vacation, and wish that there was someplace nice to go swimming (that wasn’t frigid as hell- thanks, Lake Michigan) that was close to the house.  I watch birds, stare at everything, listen to the wind in the trees, sing in the shower, and wish that I was singing in a band.  I pick up after my relatives, I wash a lot of dishes, I play games with Cubby, I wish that I could fit into my old clothing, and I think my life is pretty good but there is still something missing somewhere.
Am I doing everything that I should be doing?  Am I doing something wrong?  Is everything working out well, and maybe I am just being impatient?
Hmmmmbles.  I really do need to get away for a few days.


you must pay twice this amount to ride this ride June 2, 2012

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You know how I was freaking out the other day because my weight was up two pounds?  Well, I told myself that I was going to do the rice diet for ten days or so, but I haven’t started it yet.  (I was thinkin’ of starting Monday)  So I was following the same eating guidelines that seemed to have got me at plus two pounds, and today I weighed and my weight is down three pounds.  Mmmhmmm.  Just another example of how the scale has it in for me.  I was not cutting back or restricting my food, either.   Yesterday I had vegetarian shepherd’s pie for breakfast and lunch, and had chicken tacos for dinner.  Yup.  Down three pounds.  None of it makes any sense.  Stupid scales should all rot away in the fiery infernos of Hades.  Just sayin’.

Well, yesterday I added a dozen items to my etsy shop which left me feeling pretty productive.  I still have many many many more items to add, but I’ll probably do a bit each day.  Adding listings is a tedious business, guys, for realsies.  Today I watched a special live critique of several Etsy shops, and also a longish speech (from a highly successful Etsy shop owner) about how to correctly price handmade items for retail.  There is a formula and everything – yay math!  The shop owner started off selling her items cheap, not selling much, and making no real profit.  And then she got a very useful shop critique and revamped her store.  Now she sells wholesale to many stores, and also maintains a highly successful etsy shop.  MY DREAM!  It was inspiring, (mucho mucho inspiring) listening to all of her tips and pointers.  I have a clear goal (my selling goals have gradually changed as I achieved each one) that I wish to make $30,000 dollars a year from my Etsy shop alone.  I need to sell about a dozen items a week to achieve this, and I know that I can do it.  I’ve not added my wholesale listings yet, and that is something that I certainly need to get cracking on, and I have also not re listed my positive affirmation necklaces to The Ten Moons site.  Those are my two next tasks.

I am trying to value my time and appreciate what I have to offer with my creations.  It was scary to reprice all of my stuff so much higher, but I know that I have to get used to the idea.  There is nothing wrong with being paid well, and I am worth it!!!  This is a far more positive thing for me to focus on, and I am excited about it.

So that is why even though the foreclosure papers were served today the amount of fucks that I give right now equals ZERO.  (In the state of Wisconsin once a person is served with foreclosure notice they’ve still got a year to vacate, so I’m not too concerned anyhow)