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indoor gardening, part two April 17, 2012

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Today we planted our new indoor herb garden.  In the back row is oregano, chives, parsley (flat leaf) and english lavender.  In the front row is thyme, sage, genovese basil, and another english lavender.  I decided to hold off on planting the other Earth Box and the round planter, because it is very early in the season and the selection of herbs was extraordinarily limited.  What you see here is about all that is being offered right now.  I may tack a piece of fancy fabric around the box- or perhaps I will paint it so that it looks a little fancier than it does at the moment.  I am leaning towards fabric, and then using beaded ribbon around the top edge to give a nice gypsy look.  (Yep, that’s right- I want to make a cozy for the Earth Box)  We also decided to spread rocks over the top just in case Lendri Sprocket (the grey beastie) was tempted to dig in it.

We went to the dollar store to buy the rocks, and because they were only a dollar a bag we may have gotten carried away.  🙂  Three of the bags we bought are over half full, so I guess we can just use them up in a couple of weeks when I plant the other box.  I still want sweet bay, rosemary, and marjoram, but am undecided on what else to put in the second box.  The rosemary and bay will go in the back as they are tall and all that, and I was thinking maybe cuban oregano, another type of basil (thai or purple), and jasmine.  I kind of want a gardenia, but from what I have read they are difficult to grow well indoors.  I have a multitude of pots in the garage, so perhaps I could try growing one on its own.  Do any of you have any experience with growing gardenias indoors?


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  1. incontrol2day Says:

    This looks amazing! I’ve always wanted an herb garden!

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