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indoor gardening April 16, 2012

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Today I had to drop off my car for a good fixin’ because the cables that pull the motorized windows up and down are so used up that the one on the passenger side snapped.  The driver’s side window will only go up if I push the window up with my hand while pressing the button, so I told the guy he may as well fix that one as well.  I was driving around for over a week with a plastic shower liner duck taped to the window, because the parts had to be ordered.  Ok.  I should tell the whole truth.  I have been driving around with a shower curtain for a window for two and a half weeks.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if the plastic didn’t rattle and make so much noise.

My original plan was to create an indoor herb garden today, and I am hoping that my car will be fixed by tomorrow because I am ready to plant stuff- now now now.  I have two empty Earth Boxes that are twelve by twenty nine inches, and a ginormous round pot (plastic) that usually sits outside and gets annuals planted in it in the summer time.  I am going to fill the Earth Boxes with perennial herbs and scented flowers, and then stick them in the upstairs hallway.  The south facing window makes this an ideal location for such a project, and I’ve thought about doing it for years.  It seems like a perfect idea at the moment, because we hope to move out by the end of summer anyway.  I don’t want to plant stuff and leave it behind.

Here are a couple of pics so that you can visualize what the heck I am talking about.

My bloggy friend, Ellen, mentioned deck gardening in a recent post, and I am wondering if she has ever heard of or used Earth Boxes before…  If she hasn’t, I must take a moment to recommend them, and tell her how awesome and easy they are to use.  Check out the Earth Box website, and then just trust me and order some. 🙂   I have the older ones, but the new ones even come on wheels.  Oh, heaven!!  These suckers will grow the most beautiful flowers and vegetables that you have ever seen.  The system is self watering, and once it is set up for the spring/summer there is no need for any further fertilizing or weeding.  Earth Box containers are designed to maximize the yield and flower production of plants that are limited to small spaces, so they are perfect for porches and decks, and areas where the soil is poor.

Jeepers, I sound like I am working for them in that last paragraph.  I get so nerdy about endorsing products that I love.

The first box that I create will have the basic cooking herbs that I love to use fresh, but grumble and gripe about over paying for them at the grocery store.  These include: parsley, sage, chives, marjoram, thyme (possibly lemon thyme if I am feeling fancey), basil, rosemary, and oregano.  It would be nice to have tarragon and winter savory as well, but I don’t want the box to get too crowded.  In the second box I am going to grow sweet bay, gardenia, lavender, and some scented geraniums.  Yesterday I googled “top fragrant houseplants” and found this helpful article which gave me some good ideas.  I wouldn’t mind giving cuban oregano a try, but I don’t know if my garden store carries it or not.

So why am I so interested in lovely scented plants, you ask?  Wellllll, the upstairs hallway is where the litter box is tucked away.  I keep it clean, but I have a sensitive nose and can always smell even the fresh litter.  I figure there is plenty of sun and space up there for plants, and the only plant currently residing in that location is a large rubber tree that was rescued from a dumpster (and is now growing madly and beautifully) at least five years ago.  Her name is Grace.  She could probably use some company, and the fresh scent of the other plants will neutralize the smell of that dang cat box.  I will have plenty of fresh herbs on hand to use in the kitchen, and when we move we (and by “we” I mean Cubby) can simply lift the plants and take them with us.

My eventual goal is to live in a place that is literally overflowing with plants.  I want hooks in every window with hanging baskets full of herbs, vegetables, and flowers.  Ah… sounds so dreamy.


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