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the coffee and birding diet April 13, 2012

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Ahoy!  Namaste!  The days since my last post have been much kinder.  I swear- I am such an emotional creature these days.  I am trying to take it slow and give myself room for healing.  I try to be patient with myself and keep moving forward.  It works a little at a time.

I was just sashaying around naked in front of my mirror and cannot help but notice my shrinking waistline.  I still don’t want to weigh myself, because I have decided I need to be “cured” of my insanity before I hop back onto that tiny square motherfucker of doom otherwise known as  satan the scale.  Buuuuuuuut, I am feeling a bit lighter and I would guess that I am around the size of a manatee two with the twin zeroes after it.

How does healthy size me live I keep asking myself.  And then I try to take up the habits of healthy size me.

Things that I am taking up:

COFFEEEEEEE!!!  I have taken up coffee drinking after a six year period of staying away from caffeine.  Healthy size me drank coffee cause she loved (and still loves in spite of our long break up) black cups of coffee.  I gave up caffeine back in the days when I was slightly brained washed into thinking that some foods/beverages had higher spiritual properties and energies than other foods/ beverages.  Hah!  What a crock.

Salsa!  Yeah, the two dvds that I ordered came in the mail today, and I am mega stoked.  Cubby is away this weekend, but you better believe that come Monday we’re going to be having our first living room salsa lesson.   I also got a dvd called Salsa Solo that teaches women salsa moves sans partner, so that I can practice steps even when he isn’t around.  Healthy size me is a sultry dance floor sex goddess.  She is also very modest.  😉

Serious birding.  I went to a new wildlife area yesterday with Cubby and Sparks, and realized that my passion for nature and staring at things makes obsessive birding an obvious choice for an active hobby for me.  *Double wink*  Sparks and Cubby are not nearly as crazy about it as I am, so I am considering finding a birding group.  I will still go with Cubby, of course, but it would be nice to meet some new people.  It’s splendid to have people around that are truly passionate about the same nerdy hobbies.  My dad is a serious birder, and so are my cousins (they live in Orlando, boo!)- and they are generally interested when I mention that I saw a belted kingfisher and a pair of mute swans.  Dad was so impressed with my new birding app today that he is considering getting an Iphone to replace his Blackberry.  When I was showing Cubby and Sparks they were sort of nodding and smiling, ya know?  I totally understand, but I must revel in my own brand of nerd-dom.

Now I don’t want to overload myself with new healthy size me rules and regulations, so for the time being I’m keeping it simple.  Baby steps.  Remember that I am a sloth with several leg casts and a head cone.


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