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Easter revelations (and resurrecting deonn) April 8, 2012

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Song of the Day -The Littlest Birds – Jolie Holland

Happy Easter to all of my blog readers!

I hope my blog title wasn’t too sacrilegious for you folks- I just couldn’t resist.  Sacrilegious, more like sacrilicious!!  Good thing my mom doesn’t read my blog or she would be telling me to be more reverent of our lord.

I am here putzing around on the lappy and we are supposed to be making peanut butter chip brownies to take to Cubby’s aunt’s house.  Yup.  It is now eleven o’clock and both of us are lazing about in bed.  At least I got up and went downstairs and pretended to be ready for the day for about forty five minutes.  That oughta count for something, yeah?

Well, as of tomorrow I am going back to avoiding meat for the most part, because my weight goes down when I do, and my energy level increases.  My Grandmother is having this big ole birthday party for her ninetieth birthday, and a shit ton of my family are all going to be here, and I would really like to be 195 for that event.  I am still staying away from the scale since it turns me into an immediate lunatic, but I will know if my weight hits 195 anyhow.  In my opinion I should never weigh more than that number, because beyond that and I get an extra chin.  That damn nightmarish thing disappears the second I hit that number.

I will be doing either Jane Fonda or the upper body sculpting pilates dvd that I have that uses hand weights.  These two dvds give me the quickest results, so they are a winning combo for the time being.  I like the aerobics because I notice a difference in my waistline so quickly.  Hopefully if I stick to the upper body workout my flabby as hell arms will trim down a tad.  In the past I have tried to do more than one dvd each morning, but now I know that was a huge mistake.  Making things too complicated in the morning is a superb way for me to ensure that I won’t do anything at all.  😉

I am also going to make sure that we go on a couple of birding adventures each week.  It is a really great way to stay active and get in a good walk, and I am itching to go to some places close by that are on The Great Birding Trail of Wisconsin.  (Don’t be fooled, it isn’t really a trail.  What it is is locations all over the state that are noted for good birding)  Cubby starts his new job on Wednesday, and also has drill this weekend, so hopefully the weather is nice on Monday and Tuesday.  Walking is seriously the most logical activity a person can do to maintain lasting health and all that.  I’ve always liked hiking, and throwing birding in makes it more of a hobby.  I want us to pursue active hobbies, and not just lazy hobbies like movies and games.

We are going to start going to open salsa nights at this dance club in Milwaukee too.  I believe there is a brief lesson of sorts, and then salsa dancing every Saturday for a five dollar cover fee.  My friend used to be hardcore into all kinds of dancing, and she mentioned at book club that she would like to start going out dancing again with her husband.  She said he is much more willing to go if there are other people along as opposed to just the two of them.  I guess they used to go to this club sometimes, and she liked it a lot.  We are very interested in taking dance lessons, and finding more dance clubs.  My fella is actually a pretty good dancer already, but there aren’t many places to go dancing around here.   Usually we dance at the gay bar – which is fine, but it would be cool to find places that played different music.  Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely thrilled to be with a man who is comfortable dancing with me at a gay bar.  However, the dj’s tend to play the same music there all the time, and that gets kind of old.

I truly enjoy dancing, and yet I have never taken lessons or actively pursued it.  Why?  Because in my mind I weighed too much to go to official dance classes, and I have been waiting around to be a certain weight before learning to dance better.  What rubbish!  I don’t want to live that way anymore.  Are there things that you are waiting to do?  Oh, well, when I am (insert size here) then I will do (insert interesting thing here). If I was pursuing all the things I’ve held myself back from I don’t think I would have any weight issues right now.  Thinking like a fat girl keeps me fat.  Believing that there are “off limits” activities keeps me stuck in the same place.  Ug.

Anyway, since we can’t exactly afford true salsa classes I figured the open salsa night is a good alternative option.  It will get us out there with some friends, and perhaps we can meet some new and interesting folks.  Also, as soon as I have the money I am going to order some salsa dvds that I have had my eye on for a number of years.

There are three dvd’s in this set (there is actually one with five- holy smokes), and I am finally with a person who is totally willing to do dvd workouts with me.  So. Very.  Stoked.  The three dvd set is fifty dollars, but I might just start with the first one because it is only twenty.  Purchasing the set is ten bucks less than purchasing them separately, but getting them individually is probably easier for me to manage.  Each dvd is two hours long, so what I am thinking is that we could start on the first dvd and do it twice a week together, and kind of treat it like an official lesson.  This combined with the salsa night, and we’ll be dancing up a storm in no time, right?  🙂  The five dvd set is 118.00, which seems like way too much money at the moment, and (of course) I want to know that we actually like the first dvd and are going to do it regularly before investing in all of the dvds.   Hopefully down the road we’ll be able to afford lessons.  I think it would be fun to learn swing dancing, hip hop, and ballroom dancing as well.

I have realized that if I want to be fit and healthy, I have to start living like that person right now.  I can’t sit around day dreaming about how perfect my life is going to be when I reach my ideal size.  I do not need to fantasize about the girl that I want to be.  Instead I can simply be her.  She’s the kind of girl who stays active, takes dance classes, and goes out dancing on the weekends.  She isn’t the kind of girl who talks herself out of activities she enjoys, because she is fearful that she won’t fit in.

Ok, I really gotta get my ass in gear.  I hope you peeps (get it, PEEPS- oh boy, I am such a stitch) have a splendid Easter!


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