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finding my groove April 5, 2012

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Although I am still having problems with my 3fc blog, I am going to try to send an email and get it taken care of.  Who do I email?  I could look, but I am hoping that one of you dolls will simply tell me.

I have decided to go back to double posting.  It seems that as soon as I was going to leave 3fc the site started having problems.  Am I partially responsible?  Will 3fc fall the fuck apart without me?  I can’t be responsible for such a travesty.

Today was delightfully productive.  We started the day off with some Jane Fonda (Cubby does it with me cause he’s just that cool… and I totally think we should get some fancy leotards and leg warmers), cause I decided that I needed to stop making dumb excuses as to why I can’t do a twenty five to thirty minute workout each day.  One teensie workout dvd when I wake up in the morning is not that difficult, and I don’t know why it has taken me so long to get back into the habit of doing it.  Consider it done!

I have a wee theory that may or may not explain why I was so motivated to work out today as soon as I got out of bed:  I have shortened my affirmations to “I am noticed and appreciated in the most positive of ways.  I am always safe and secure.  I am always taken care of.  I am loved,” and I have been reciting them over and over in my head.  Somethin’ must be sinking in, because I have been feeling an increase in confidence in the past few days.  The confidence boosts my energy level.  I also started reading this book called Radical Forgiveness by some British dude (at least, I think he’s a British dude, not that it makes  a fuckload much of a difference) named Colin Tipping.  The concepts aren’t new to me, but perhaps I was due for a refresher course.  The first thirty six pages are all that I have read, and I think the book is worth reading just for this part alone.  I’ve been stewing over recent events that did not seem to end in my favor, and part one of the book helped my brain look at things more positively.  I actually started to weep as I was reading, and I got that oh-so-lovely-weight-has-been-lifted feeling.  Hot damn, I love it when that happens!

Ya see, I got a case of the down-and-outs because some of my school chums from back in Florida were messaging me.  That got me to thinking about how things did not work out at the birth center.  That got me to thinking about anything that hadn’t worked out during my whole life.  That got me to thinking about my core problems, and why couldn’t I get over them, and why was I still stuck in this strange I re-gained weight phase that I have been in for six years.  That got me to pick up this damn book that I have been meaning to read since I returned to Wisconsin.  I figured under everything was some kind of forgiveness issue.  It was all the down-and-out thoughts that were making me rethink my blog- hopefully my last posts haven’t been too dismal.

Anywhoozles, I am still trying to learn to live in a balanced and healthy way.  There is no way in hell that I am going to give up on that.  I am making small changes to increase my activity level, and to improve my diet each day.  I believe that I may begin using measurements and smash the shit out of put away the scale for a while.  Doing affirmations and listening to the Nutrition Diva podcasts help me, so I will continue to do those things as well.  I still wish to re read a lot of my emotional-eating-diet-psychology type books, because that helps with the emotional and underlying issue end of things.

I am happy to report that The Ten Moons and Journey Notes are now both officially up and running.  Today I posted ten necklaces on Journey Notes, and set all the store policies, and shipping and all that.  I may be lowering the shipping at both shops, because I think I will stop using flat rate boxes unless somebody purchases multiple items.  I truly wish that I had more necklaces to post on Journey Notes, because I really feel that this shop is going to pick up much faster than my other one.  The items have already gotten a lot of hits and have been favorited, which is a good sign.

There are links to both stores (and you can preview items) at the right side of my blogger blog.  You probably already noticed those over there though.  Awwwwwww yeah, shameless advertising!!  There is a link to my Ten Moons shop at the top of the 3fc blog, and I will post a link to Journey Notes up there soon.

We also (and by we I mean Cubby did it while I got my shop online) removed all the gross old carpeting from the hallway and stairs.  And wouldn’t ya know it, underneath the hardwood looks much nicer anyhow.  Have I ever mentioned that I truly loathe carpeting?  I don’t mind it in a bedroom I suppose, but I always think of all the crap that has to be living in the fibers.  Normally I could care less about such matters, yet something about carpet kinda grosses me out.  HOWEVER, new carpeting is one of my top twenty (might even slide into top ten) favorite smells.  If there were candles that smelled like new carpeting I would purchase them with no hesitation.  Weirdsville is the name of the town in which I was birthed.  😉

Talk to you folks later.  Have a great weekend everybody.


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