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happy april everydangbody April 30, 2012

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I haven’t dropped off the face of the Earth, if that’s what some of yous are thinking.  I should make a sheep joke and change yous to ewes.  Ye gads, I’m retarded sometimes.  Let’s just start over.

I’ve been meaning to update, but a shit ton of my family was in town because we had a party for my grandmother’s ninetieth birthday.  Jecca’s mom (who I love, but she is definitely batshit crazy like so many of us) stayed here for the last week or so, and that was interesting.  Is it ok if I leave it at that?  Cubby and I actually fled to my mother’s house for two nights just because the crazy was too much for me to handle.  Yeah, you heard me right.  I chose to haul ass to my oh-so-soothing mother’s house because for once there was a lesser amount of crazy there.

The past week was quite stressful- I ain’t even gonna sugar coat it.  I got myself so worked up all week that I was seriously a bundle of nerves.  I know it has been two months since I miscarried, but I was thinking about it a lot.  Many of my cousins have adorable young children, and nice houses, and stable careers and all that jazz- and here I am living in a house that is going to foreclose, and still trying to find my way in the world, and my little babies died and were washed out of me into the bath tub.  I scattered their ashes into Lake Michigan.  Soooooooo, when I get asked what I’ve been up to I always feel awkward at first.  I feel like I have two black eyes, and scars on my wrists, and everybody can see that I am still chasing rainbows.  What’s a girl to do?  I love my family, and I also feel like a nappy headed black sheep.  It’s really my problem, and my illusions, and I wish I could let it the fuck go… hopefully I will sometime soon.

It was great seeing a lot of my cousins, and most especially Jecca’s younger brother.  He’s a couple of years younger than me, but we have lived together several times, and he’s sort of a pseudo brother to me.  I’m glad that he was able to make it up here (he lives near Orlando), because I needed a few laughs.

This week I am posting twenty four new necklaces and thirty or so more crystals into the shops.  I have been thinking about trying Art Fire out, but am not completely sure how their pricing works yet.  I know they charge a monthly fee (Etsy does not), but I don’t know what sort of other percentage they take out of sales (if any).  It is fourteen dollars a month.  Hmm.  Decisions, decisions.

I am getting sleepy, so I will post more tomorrow.  I simply must tell you about my makeup adventure that happened earlier.


dinner in a glass April 19, 2012

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Cubby: How was book club?

Me: It was ok.  Had to end it early though.

Cubby: Now what would you like to do?

Me: Drink beer.

Cubby:  Don’t you want dinner?

Me:  Beer is like dinner in a glass.

Cubby:  I don’t think that’s accurate.

Last night after book club we went out and had a few beers.  Oh my god- she drinks on a Wednesday?  What will the neighbors think?  Sometimes I just really want a good beer.  Beer is another one of my hobbies.  It is perhaps the easiest hobby of all time because all I have to do is, like, pop off a bottle cap or lift a glass.  And if I am out in public I don’t even have to pop off my own bottle cap.  Yeah.  I know.  Fricken amazing.  The bartender will do it for me.  I started the evening with an IPA from Bells and ended it with a chipotle smoked imperial porter.  Porters and IPAs are two things that are good things in The Book of Didi.

Cubby isn’t a beer person.  I make him taste things and he makes faces as I explain the subtleties of the flavors.  He gets miller light in a beer bar because there is no sense in paying more for something he could care less about anyway.  It totally cracks me up. He is like the opposite of the kind of guy I thought I would end up with.  Long ago I made some joke (yes, it actually happened) about never dating anybody who was in the armed forces, and who didn’t like onions and beer.  And here we are today.  Check, check, check.  I think it’s some kinda cosmic joke that is supposed to serve as a reminder to me that I don’t know my ass from my elbow.

So yesterday (apart from the beer drinking and book clubbing) I decided that I was going to start writing a book.  I’ve not mentioned it to anybody yet- although there are plenty of people who know that I have always wanted to write children’s illustrated books- because I think I’ll just do it and then mention it later.  I am thinking of writing out parts of it and then having my book club read it and edit for me.

Hmmm, it has approached the snacking hour, so I must leave you with cliff hangers


indoor gardening, part two April 17, 2012

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Today we planted our new indoor herb garden.  In the back row is oregano, chives, parsley (flat leaf) and english lavender.  In the front row is thyme, sage, genovese basil, and another english lavender.  I decided to hold off on planting the other Earth Box and the round planter, because it is very early in the season and the selection of herbs was extraordinarily limited.  What you see here is about all that is being offered right now.  I may tack a piece of fancy fabric around the box- or perhaps I will paint it so that it looks a little fancier than it does at the moment.  I am leaning towards fabric, and then using beaded ribbon around the top edge to give a nice gypsy look.  (Yep, that’s right- I want to make a cozy for the Earth Box)  We also decided to spread rocks over the top just in case Lendri Sprocket (the grey beastie) was tempted to dig in it.

We went to the dollar store to buy the rocks, and because they were only a dollar a bag we may have gotten carried away.  🙂  Three of the bags we bought are over half full, so I guess we can just use them up in a couple of weeks when I plant the other box.  I still want sweet bay, rosemary, and marjoram, but am undecided on what else to put in the second box.  The rosemary and bay will go in the back as they are tall and all that, and I was thinking maybe cuban oregano, another type of basil (thai or purple), and jasmine.  I kind of want a gardenia, but from what I have read they are difficult to grow well indoors.  I have a multitude of pots in the garage, so perhaps I could try growing one on its own.  Do any of you have any experience with growing gardenias indoors?


indoor gardening April 16, 2012

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Today I had to drop off my car for a good fixin’ because the cables that pull the motorized windows up and down are so used up that the one on the passenger side snapped.  The driver’s side window will only go up if I push the window up with my hand while pressing the button, so I told the guy he may as well fix that one as well.  I was driving around for over a week with a plastic shower liner duck taped to the window, because the parts had to be ordered.  Ok.  I should tell the whole truth.  I have been driving around with a shower curtain for a window for two and a half weeks.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if the plastic didn’t rattle and make so much noise.

My original plan was to create an indoor herb garden today, and I am hoping that my car will be fixed by tomorrow because I am ready to plant stuff- now now now.  I have two empty Earth Boxes that are twelve by twenty nine inches, and a ginormous round pot (plastic) that usually sits outside and gets annuals planted in it in the summer time.  I am going to fill the Earth Boxes with perennial herbs and scented flowers, and then stick them in the upstairs hallway.  The south facing window makes this an ideal location for such a project, and I’ve thought about doing it for years.  It seems like a perfect idea at the moment, because we hope to move out by the end of summer anyway.  I don’t want to plant stuff and leave it behind.

Here are a couple of pics so that you can visualize what the heck I am talking about.

My bloggy friend, Ellen, mentioned deck gardening in a recent post, and I am wondering if she has ever heard of or used Earth Boxes before…  If she hasn’t, I must take a moment to recommend them, and tell her how awesome and easy they are to use.  Check out the Earth Box website, and then just trust me and order some. 🙂   I have the older ones, but the new ones even come on wheels.  Oh, heaven!!  These suckers will grow the most beautiful flowers and vegetables that you have ever seen.  The system is self watering, and once it is set up for the spring/summer there is no need for any further fertilizing or weeding.  Earth Box containers are designed to maximize the yield and flower production of plants that are limited to small spaces, so they are perfect for porches and decks, and areas where the soil is poor.

Jeepers, I sound like I am working for them in that last paragraph.  I get so nerdy about endorsing products that I love.

The first box that I create will have the basic cooking herbs that I love to use fresh, but grumble and gripe about over paying for them at the grocery store.  These include: parsley, sage, chives, marjoram, thyme (possibly lemon thyme if I am feeling fancey), basil, rosemary, and oregano.  It would be nice to have tarragon and winter savory as well, but I don’t want the box to get too crowded.  In the second box I am going to grow sweet bay, gardenia, lavender, and some scented geraniums.  Yesterday I googled “top fragrant houseplants” and found this helpful article which gave me some good ideas.  I wouldn’t mind giving cuban oregano a try, but I don’t know if my garden store carries it or not.

So why am I so interested in lovely scented plants, you ask?  Wellllll, the upstairs hallway is where the litter box is tucked away.  I keep it clean, but I have a sensitive nose and can always smell even the fresh litter.  I figure there is plenty of sun and space up there for plants, and the only plant currently residing in that location is a large rubber tree that was rescued from a dumpster (and is now growing madly and beautifully) at least five years ago.  Her name is Grace.  She could probably use some company, and the fresh scent of the other plants will neutralize the smell of that dang cat box.  I will have plenty of fresh herbs on hand to use in the kitchen, and when we move we (and by “we” I mean Cubby) can simply lift the plants and take them with us.

My eventual goal is to live in a place that is literally overflowing with plants.  I want hooks in every window with hanging baskets full of herbs, vegetables, and flowers.  Ah… sounds so dreamy.


can coffee be they key? sure, why not? April 15, 2012

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Remember in my last post when I mentioned sashaying around in front of the mirror naked?  Well, I just have to tell you that it is seriously fun, and I think that you should try it.  Embellish the sashays with sound effects and whistling for extra fun.  It is in the seventies today, but rainy, so something in the air combined with the humidity is making the nakee-time hip circles extra sultry.  Good god, I am such a freaky deaky girl.

Oh, and ya know how I mentioned that I was reuniting myself with black cups of coffee?  Because healthy size me always drank black coffee cause she was totally in love with it?  Well, I don’t know what it is exactly that happens when I have one or two cups a day, but I feel like I am literally transforming.  I believe that much of it is tied into my self script, and the beliefs that I had about myself for the last six years.

I ceased coffee drinking six years ago because I was attempting to enforce rigid rules in order to improve my health.  My health was actually quite good, but suddenly I thought that I needed to be much thinner than I was.  My weight at the time was healthy and easy to maintain, but I got it in my head that I ought to weigh twenty five pounds less.  I suddenly got it in my mind that there was such a thing as a BAD food/ beverage.  It was at that time that in my mind I decided that I could only be healthy if I ate certain foods and ceased touching many others that I labelled as bad and forbidden.  It was after enforcing all these stupid rules that I gained about sixty pounds.  It was after imposing rules upon myself and thinking that I was too fat that I actually became too fat because I was bingeing on forbidden foods.  I was not fat when I made up all of those rules for myself, but it seems that I made myself fat to prove to myself that the negative beliefs I had about myself were true.

So I am not saying that drinking a cup or two of coffee a day is going to help anybody else drop any extra pounds.  What I am saying is that somehow coffee is tied in with deep beliefs about myself and my weight.  It is a symbol of a false belief that only through sacrifice and self denial can I ever become healthy.

Interesting.  Very interesting.


the coffee and birding diet April 13, 2012

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Ahoy!  Namaste!  The days since my last post have been much kinder.  I swear- I am such an emotional creature these days.  I am trying to take it slow and give myself room for healing.  I try to be patient with myself and keep moving forward.  It works a little at a time.

I was just sashaying around naked in front of my mirror and cannot help but notice my shrinking waistline.  I still don’t want to weigh myself, because I have decided I need to be “cured” of my insanity before I hop back onto that tiny square motherfucker of doom otherwise known as  satan the scale.  Buuuuuuuut, I am feeling a bit lighter and I would guess that I am around the size of a manatee two with the twin zeroes after it.

How does healthy size me live I keep asking myself.  And then I try to take up the habits of healthy size me.

Things that I am taking up:

COFFEEEEEEE!!!  I have taken up coffee drinking after a six year period of staying away from caffeine.  Healthy size me drank coffee cause she loved (and still loves in spite of our long break up) black cups of coffee.  I gave up caffeine back in the days when I was slightly brained washed into thinking that some foods/beverages had higher spiritual properties and energies than other foods/ beverages.  Hah!  What a crock.

Salsa!  Yeah, the two dvds that I ordered came in the mail today, and I am mega stoked.  Cubby is away this weekend, but you better believe that come Monday we’re going to be having our first living room salsa lesson.   I also got a dvd called Salsa Solo that teaches women salsa moves sans partner, so that I can practice steps even when he isn’t around.  Healthy size me is a sultry dance floor sex goddess.  She is also very modest.  😉

Serious birding.  I went to a new wildlife area yesterday with Cubby and Sparks, and realized that my passion for nature and staring at things makes obsessive birding an obvious choice for an active hobby for me.  *Double wink*  Sparks and Cubby are not nearly as crazy about it as I am, so I am considering finding a birding group.  I will still go with Cubby, of course, but it would be nice to meet some new people.  It’s splendid to have people around that are truly passionate about the same nerdy hobbies.  My dad is a serious birder, and so are my cousins (they live in Orlando, boo!)- and they are generally interested when I mention that I saw a belted kingfisher and a pair of mute swans.  Dad was so impressed with my new birding app today that he is considering getting an Iphone to replace his Blackberry.  When I was showing Cubby and Sparks they were sort of nodding and smiling, ya know?  I totally understand, but I must revel in my own brand of nerd-dom.

Now I don’t want to overload myself with new healthy size me rules and regulations, so for the time being I’m keeping it simple.  Baby steps.  Remember that I am a sloth with several leg casts and a head cone.


Behold!! Zombos!!! April 11, 2012

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I just wrote a couple pages of affirmations, and had to take a break because my little hand is cramping.  Jeepers, self work is tough stuff.  I feel like I am moving at the pace of a quadriplegic sloth.  I know that I have blogged on that topic in the past, but it still holds true.  It’s like I am slower than a dead guy.  Real life zombies are much scarier than the movie versions.  In fact, last night I had a dream about zombies, and the dream ended with some pretty positive messages.  And then I wake up and think to myself, “Cripes, Deeders, you’re starting to make me worry.  What kind of shit is going on in that head of yours?”  And then I think about the agonizingly slow pace of my progress, and I begin comparing myself to a zombie.  Do zombies eat brains cause they are in dire need of a new one?  Are they after perspective and a human connection?  All the deep musings about the intricate lives of zombies kinda made me not want to get out of bed.

i’ll just rest here for a while and think things over

Blerg.  So I literally have stayed in bed all day.  I read and took some naps.  I did affirmations.  I shed a few tears.  Cubby wanted to know why I felt sad, and I couldn’t think of any one thing.  Weight?  Living situation?  Miscarriage?  Not being in school?  Missing my Florida friends?  Feeling disconnected?

I had intended to do Jane Fonda, and then go do some birding, but my chest felt all heavy.  I’ve been in bed feeling weird all day, and not getting much of anything done.  The affirmations are helpful, and I am going to keep doing them until I cheerfully accept each one in the depths of my core.  That’s the only useful thing that I have done today.  What else was I doing?  Playing Plants Versus Zombies on the Xbox.  I took the dream as a sign.

I need a life coach right about now.


goals? what goals? i wash my hands of the whole mess April 10, 2012

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I have just realized that the distraction of Easter assisted me with forgetting to post my weekly goals.  So, what shall my weekly goals be?  Erg, I just want to go birding and put some new apps on my Iphone.  Lets keep it simple here, people, let’s keep it simple.  Here is the list that I just banged out.

#1 – Drool over new binoculars that I cannot afford right now  (I’m using 10X50’s from the sixties, gang.  I gotta update my gear sometime in the near future) and add them to my wishlist.  Oh, and a new strap would be lovely.

#2 – Resist paying nineteen dollars for the fancy Audubon Ebird app that I have been lusting after for the past couple of months.  Remember that I am a hedonist and that I probably need extra presents and treats, and then go ahead and buy the app.  Hooray for indulgence!  (It rules over common sense, reason, and cautionary thriftiness)

#3 – Well, you already spent nineteen dollars on one app.  You may as well spend another ten on that other bird log mobile data entry app thinger.  Mmmhmm.  Indulgence.

#4 – Order the first Salsa Crazy dvd so that you and Cubby can start practicing and going to open salsa night.

#5 – Get the next book club book

#6 – Reign your crazy ass in and stop spending money, like, immediately

Hey, check that out!  Everything on the list is highlighted already, so I would say that my week is a complete success.  I was going to hold off a bit longer to purchase the salsa dvd, but what the hell- I want to start learning it as soon as possible so that we look like we at least know a little something when we go to salsa nights.  Like I have mentioned recently, I want to get majorly into active hobbies and start meeting new people. I am thinking of looking for a local birding club to join, but I’ve not made up my mind about that yet.  Perhaps birding is more of a solitary occupation.  😉

Wilson’s Snipe

Speaking of which, yesterday I went birding alone for a few hours at Richard Bong State Park.  I have been going to that place since I was a little kid, so it’s an old favorite.  I went on some trails on the western side of Wolf Lake, and back near some smaller ponds to look for early migrating ducks.  All in all it was a much needed solo hike, and I saw plenty of feathered beasties.

blue winged teal
eastern meadowlark

Those adorable little snipes were all over the place.  Out of the nine that I saw, only one of the little suckers was sitting still.  Most of the time they do what I call a “flush and fly” meaning that a person never knows of their presence until they are hurtling away and doing little calls.  It is impressive that a bird with a goofy bill that long can melt away so easily into its surroundings.

The weather today was crummy bummy, though I am hoping that tomorrow will be nice and clear so that I can go out wandering.  I still need to update my resume and head over to the temp agency, but I might wait until after my car gets fixed on Monday to go to the temp agency.   Perhaps I am just dragging my feet.


Easter revelations (and resurrecting deonn) April 8, 2012

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Song of the Day -The Littlest Birds – Jolie Holland

Happy Easter to all of my blog readers!

I hope my blog title wasn’t too sacrilegious for you folks- I just couldn’t resist.  Sacrilegious, more like sacrilicious!!  Good thing my mom doesn’t read my blog or she would be telling me to be more reverent of our lord.

I am here putzing around on the lappy and we are supposed to be making peanut butter chip brownies to take to Cubby’s aunt’s house.  Yup.  It is now eleven o’clock and both of us are lazing about in bed.  At least I got up and went downstairs and pretended to be ready for the day for about forty five minutes.  That oughta count for something, yeah?

Well, as of tomorrow I am going back to avoiding meat for the most part, because my weight goes down when I do, and my energy level increases.  My Grandmother is having this big ole birthday party for her ninetieth birthday, and a shit ton of my family are all going to be here, and I would really like to be 195 for that event.  I am still staying away from the scale since it turns me into an immediate lunatic, but I will know if my weight hits 195 anyhow.  In my opinion I should never weigh more than that number, because beyond that and I get an extra chin.  That damn nightmarish thing disappears the second I hit that number.

I will be doing either Jane Fonda or the upper body sculpting pilates dvd that I have that uses hand weights.  These two dvds give me the quickest results, so they are a winning combo for the time being.  I like the aerobics because I notice a difference in my waistline so quickly.  Hopefully if I stick to the upper body workout my flabby as hell arms will trim down a tad.  In the past I have tried to do more than one dvd each morning, but now I know that was a huge mistake.  Making things too complicated in the morning is a superb way for me to ensure that I won’t do anything at all.  😉

I am also going to make sure that we go on a couple of birding adventures each week.  It is a really great way to stay active and get in a good walk, and I am itching to go to some places close by that are on The Great Birding Trail of Wisconsin.  (Don’t be fooled, it isn’t really a trail.  What it is is locations all over the state that are noted for good birding)  Cubby starts his new job on Wednesday, and also has drill this weekend, so hopefully the weather is nice on Monday and Tuesday.  Walking is seriously the most logical activity a person can do to maintain lasting health and all that.  I’ve always liked hiking, and throwing birding in makes it more of a hobby.  I want us to pursue active hobbies, and not just lazy hobbies like movies and games.

We are going to start going to open salsa nights at this dance club in Milwaukee too.  I believe there is a brief lesson of sorts, and then salsa dancing every Saturday for a five dollar cover fee.  My friend used to be hardcore into all kinds of dancing, and she mentioned at book club that she would like to start going out dancing again with her husband.  She said he is much more willing to go if there are other people along as opposed to just the two of them.  I guess they used to go to this club sometimes, and she liked it a lot.  We are very interested in taking dance lessons, and finding more dance clubs.  My fella is actually a pretty good dancer already, but there aren’t many places to go dancing around here.   Usually we dance at the gay bar – which is fine, but it would be cool to find places that played different music.  Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely thrilled to be with a man who is comfortable dancing with me at a gay bar.  However, the dj’s tend to play the same music there all the time, and that gets kind of old.

I truly enjoy dancing, and yet I have never taken lessons or actively pursued it.  Why?  Because in my mind I weighed too much to go to official dance classes, and I have been waiting around to be a certain weight before learning to dance better.  What rubbish!  I don’t want to live that way anymore.  Are there things that you are waiting to do?  Oh, well, when I am (insert size here) then I will do (insert interesting thing here). If I was pursuing all the things I’ve held myself back from I don’t think I would have any weight issues right now.  Thinking like a fat girl keeps me fat.  Believing that there are “off limits” activities keeps me stuck in the same place.  Ug.

Anyway, since we can’t exactly afford true salsa classes I figured the open salsa night is a good alternative option.  It will get us out there with some friends, and perhaps we can meet some new and interesting folks.  Also, as soon as I have the money I am going to order some salsa dvds that I have had my eye on for a number of years.

There are three dvd’s in this set (there is actually one with five- holy smokes), and I am finally with a person who is totally willing to do dvd workouts with me.  So. Very.  Stoked.  The three dvd set is fifty dollars, but I might just start with the first one because it is only twenty.  Purchasing the set is ten bucks less than purchasing them separately, but getting them individually is probably easier for me to manage.  Each dvd is two hours long, so what I am thinking is that we could start on the first dvd and do it twice a week together, and kind of treat it like an official lesson.  This combined with the salsa night, and we’ll be dancing up a storm in no time, right?  🙂  The five dvd set is 118.00, which seems like way too much money at the moment, and (of course) I want to know that we actually like the first dvd and are going to do it regularly before investing in all of the dvds.   Hopefully down the road we’ll be able to afford lessons.  I think it would be fun to learn swing dancing, hip hop, and ballroom dancing as well.

I have realized that if I want to be fit and healthy, I have to start living like that person right now.  I can’t sit around day dreaming about how perfect my life is going to be when I reach my ideal size.  I do not need to fantasize about the girl that I want to be.  Instead I can simply be her.  She’s the kind of girl who stays active, takes dance classes, and goes out dancing on the weekends.  She isn’t the kind of girl who talks herself out of activities she enjoys, because she is fearful that she won’t fit in.

Ok, I really gotta get my ass in gear.  I hope you peeps (get it, PEEPS- oh boy, I am such a stitch) have a splendid Easter!


finding my groove April 5, 2012

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Although I am still having problems with my 3fc blog, I am going to try to send an email and get it taken care of.  Who do I email?  I could look, but I am hoping that one of you dolls will simply tell me.

I have decided to go back to double posting.  It seems that as soon as I was going to leave 3fc the site started having problems.  Am I partially responsible?  Will 3fc fall the fuck apart without me?  I can’t be responsible for such a travesty.

Today was delightfully productive.  We started the day off with some Jane Fonda (Cubby does it with me cause he’s just that cool… and I totally think we should get some fancy leotards and leg warmers), cause I decided that I needed to stop making dumb excuses as to why I can’t do a twenty five to thirty minute workout each day.  One teensie workout dvd when I wake up in the morning is not that difficult, and I don’t know why it has taken me so long to get back into the habit of doing it.  Consider it done!

I have a wee theory that may or may not explain why I was so motivated to work out today as soon as I got out of bed:  I have shortened my affirmations to “I am noticed and appreciated in the most positive of ways.  I am always safe and secure.  I am always taken care of.  I am loved,” and I have been reciting them over and over in my head.  Somethin’ must be sinking in, because I have been feeling an increase in confidence in the past few days.  The confidence boosts my energy level.  I also started reading this book called Radical Forgiveness by some British dude (at least, I think he’s a British dude, not that it makes  a fuckload much of a difference) named Colin Tipping.  The concepts aren’t new to me, but perhaps I was due for a refresher course.  The first thirty six pages are all that I have read, and I think the book is worth reading just for this part alone.  I’ve been stewing over recent events that did not seem to end in my favor, and part one of the book helped my brain look at things more positively.  I actually started to weep as I was reading, and I got that oh-so-lovely-weight-has-been-lifted feeling.  Hot damn, I love it when that happens!

Ya see, I got a case of the down-and-outs because some of my school chums from back in Florida were messaging me.  That got me to thinking about how things did not work out at the birth center.  That got me to thinking about anything that hadn’t worked out during my whole life.  That got me to thinking about my core problems, and why couldn’t I get over them, and why was I still stuck in this strange I re-gained weight phase that I have been in for six years.  That got me to pick up this damn book that I have been meaning to read since I returned to Wisconsin.  I figured under everything was some kind of forgiveness issue.  It was all the down-and-out thoughts that were making me rethink my blog- hopefully my last posts haven’t been too dismal.

Anywhoozles, I am still trying to learn to live in a balanced and healthy way.  There is no way in hell that I am going to give up on that.  I am making small changes to increase my activity level, and to improve my diet each day.  I believe that I may begin using measurements and smash the shit out of put away the scale for a while.  Doing affirmations and listening to the Nutrition Diva podcasts help me, so I will continue to do those things as well.  I still wish to re read a lot of my emotional-eating-diet-psychology type books, because that helps with the emotional and underlying issue end of things.

I am happy to report that The Ten Moons and Journey Notes are now both officially up and running.  Today I posted ten necklaces on Journey Notes, and set all the store policies, and shipping and all that.  I may be lowering the shipping at both shops, because I think I will stop using flat rate boxes unless somebody purchases multiple items.  I truly wish that I had more necklaces to post on Journey Notes, because I really feel that this shop is going to pick up much faster than my other one.  The items have already gotten a lot of hits and have been favorited, which is a good sign.

There are links to both stores (and you can preview items) at the right side of my blogger blog.  You probably already noticed those over there though.  Awwwwwww yeah, shameless advertising!!  There is a link to my Ten Moons shop at the top of the 3fc blog, and I will post a link to Journey Notes up there soon.

We also (and by we I mean Cubby did it while I got my shop online) removed all the gross old carpeting from the hallway and stairs.  And wouldn’t ya know it, underneath the hardwood looks much nicer anyhow.  Have I ever mentioned that I truly loathe carpeting?  I don’t mind it in a bedroom I suppose, but I always think of all the crap that has to be living in the fibers.  Normally I could care less about such matters, yet something about carpet kinda grosses me out.  HOWEVER, new carpeting is one of my top twenty (might even slide into top ten) favorite smells.  If there were candles that smelled like new carpeting I would purchase them with no hesitation.  Weirdsville is the name of the town in which I was birthed.  😉

Talk to you folks later.  Have a great weekend everybody.


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