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weekly goals #3 February 19, 2012

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I am now highlighting what I actually get done if anybody is interested in peeping at my old weeks.  😉  Last week was set back a bit by V-day, followed by “miscarriage day”, so I didn’t get as much done as I wanted.  I am totally ok with that though.

#1- print applications for upcoming art/craft shows
#2- copy down information for July and August shows
#3- do two metaphysical healing sessions
#4- get S hooks to complete the last display
#5- work on getting the Etsy store back up and running/ take pictures!!
#6- stop by the post office to ask about shipping recommendations
#7- make two windchimes (Yay, this is a new thing for me!!!)
#8 – stop by Bridgie’s to ask about the hole punching thing
#9 – doubled folded bias tape and elastic for skirts
#10 – add some small swirly designs to displays for a final touch of arty fun

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