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“Mom, I’m fat.” January 13, 2012

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Go and read this. DO IT!!


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  1. munchberry Says:

    We had our niece and nephew for the summer two years ago. My niece was 8. She asked me (who was terribly obese at the time) if I thought she was fat. My initial reaction was to tell her to stop being absurd. After all she was so skinny she bordered on being severely underweight. A light went on. So bright it nearly blinded me.

    I did the same thing as Rachel with the countdown of her finer qualities. Then I began to grill her about why she was thought she was fat and what girls were saying – without the slightest notion about the proper way to contradict what she thought or what others said. I sort of freaked out. And who was I to say???

    Then when I was singing and playing guitar one day on the couch she came up to me and curled up between me and the guitar and sang with me. It was a song by Christina Aguilera called “Beautiful”.

    When words fail… sing yourself a song and give yourself a hug.

  2. felesi Says:

    I posted this link on my blog, I need to share this, and I hope other women understand they shape what our girls think of their bodies. When I was twelve and wearing a size 7 my grandma who was very very fat told me she had a fifteen inch waist at my age. When I was 13, my mom needed to tell every neighbor and everyone in our family and at our church that she could wear a size 5 and I couldn’t. I didn’t get that they were suffering extreme self esteem damage. All I heard was my matriarchs echoing what every girl at school was telling me….fat…fat fat fat fat fat.

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