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goals for 2012 January 4, 2012

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Yesterday was an awful day, and this morning I woke up slumpish, but I am happy to report that I shook it off and had a pretty productive afternoon.  I even made enough sales today that I was inspired to open a new savings account.  (I’ll be doing that tomorrow though, because my bank was already closed by the time I finished making the rounds)  I haven’t had a savings account for a longish time, so I am kinda excited about it
Speaking of being excited, let’s talk about the new year.
This year I chose not to make the same tired-old-lame-ass resolution of losing forty pounds.  Clearly that goal has not served me very well in the past six years, and I felt that it was time to retire the stupid thing.  (I am compelled to mention that I originally spelled the word “felt” f-e-a-l-t, and then had to go back to correct it.  wtf?)  I am happy to report that I am lighter this year than I was last January, but I want to focus on goals instead of one dumb resolution with nothing to back it up or support it.
This year is about becoming the very best me that I can be; I am longing for a balanced life, and true fulfillment.

Goals for 2012
1) Continue doing positive affirmations until I believe every last word of them in the very depths of my soul.
2) Do Jane Fonda with my fella four times a week so that I can start the day off right, have more energy, and feel stronger and better about myself over all.
3) Do one dreamboard a month (at least every two months) to keep my mind fixated on positive things.  The dreamboards that I did last year were a really creative and fun way for me to visualize happy changes in my life.
4) Complete the Winsor Pilates upper body workout with my hand weights two or three times a week.  I am now using three pound weights, and I’d really love to be up to five pounds by the end of the year.  My plan is to use the three pounders for four months, and then switch to four pounders for four months, and finally graduate to five pound weights for the last four months of the year.  I may end up shortening the length of time that I stick with the three pound weights, but we’ll see how it goes.
5) Take a dance class
6) Start a book club (this is totally already happening, yay me!)
7) Improve my budgeting skills, and learn to save money better.  I spend money like a psycho… no, really, it’s true.
8) Do craft fairs as soon as the season starts!!!!!!

I was going to put “stop being obsessed about my diet” on there, but I don’t even feel like it.  I have been food and weight obsessed enough in my life, and it is time to cut it out.  If I need to obsess about something my time would be better spent obsessing about positive affirmations, and learning to love myself more.

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  1. felesi Says:

    These are awesome goals! You are much more motivated than me. 🙂

  2. goodnuff Says:

    Supreme goals, any one of those is way better than losing 40pounds!

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