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New Year’s Eve!!! December 31, 2011

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I wanted to tell you all to have a happy slappy amazing New Year’s.  I would love to post more, but I don’t think that is going to happen.

Soooooooooooo quick updates:

I was sick, and then got better, and then have spent the last week pms’ing like hella bad.  I am not even joking, I was having hot flashes, cramps, nausea, headaches, and the whole works.  I burst into tears several times for no reason, and felt like running around swinging a shovel at people’s heads several times.  Today it escalated when I got a headache that was so bad that I almost threw up.  I was resting my head on the table and started to cry, and Chris was patting me and trying to make me feel better.  Bother.  I curled into the fetal position on the loveseat, and took a wee nap, and shortly after that I managed to drop my 64 ounce water bottle on the floor.  It exploded and formed a tiny lake that I considered leaving to its own devices.  My gypsy living room could kinda use a little area of bog.  I think it would be relaxing to listen to bullfrogs singing in the evening, and I have always been a fan of cattails.  Instead of permitting such environmental shifts in my living room I mopped it up with about five towels, and a little help from Chris and Nevis.  I was sort of laughing at the situation and shaking my head, because what else can ya do??

The nap made my head feel a bit better, and so did the hotpockets and Pomegranate Raspberry Bartles and Jaymes that I just drank.  What the hell.  It’s new year’s eve and I have been feeling like death all day, so I make as well get fancy dancy with sugary cheap booze and hot pockets.  WOOOOOT!!!!  It’s a trailer park New Year’s shindig ’round here!!

Things that are awesome: My boyfriend decided to move in with me after Christmas because we are madly in love with each other and don’t like not seeing each other for whole days at a time.

I got some really great Christmas presents, and the presents I gave were loved and admired.  I didn’t get a lot of stuff, but the things people did give me were super cool.  (A deck of fairy cards by Doreen Virtue that go with the other two decks of hers that I have from my dad, an awesome new journal, an adorable monster sticker, and a set of glitter pens from Chris, an aesop’s fables pop-up book, and a hand illustrated story from Sparks, a hand blown vase like thingy with a stopper in it from Egypt -wish I could describe it better cause it is beautiful from my aunt, and some nice bath stuff from my mom)

Evening though I was feeling poorly on Christmas, it was the greatest Christmas that I have had in a long time.

Things that aren’t so awesome:

I really have been feeling physically awful, and actually feel completely bat shit insane at times.  My hormones have gone ape shit.  Why, you ask?  I think it is because I was using progesterone cream to balance my jacked up hormones, and I had to stop taking it a few months ago because I didn’t have the money.  However, my last two periods have been a fricken horrorshow, so I ordered some cream off of the internet.  To hell with my budget.  I don’t want to go banana sandwiches and pummel some clown into the pavement because my lady parts are acting up.  Tee hee hee.

I felt so garbagey that I haven’t been able to work out, so that’s no good either.

Ah well.

I’ll get back to blogland tomorrow and display my new year’s resolutions and all that jazz.  Also, the Hate Loss Challenge starts tomorrow, and I urge all of you to join in.  For more info, check out fatgirlwearingthin’s blog at the link under my blogroll.


too many sick people in one house December 19, 2011

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Have you ever lived in a giant house with two young children, and three adults, and everybody is throwing up and has diarrhea?  Have I mentioned that although the house is rather large there is only one bathroom?  Welcome to the holiday misadventures that consumed most of my week.  I was able to work out on Monday and Tuesday, but the sickness took hold of our house and swallowed us all by Thursday.  At one point my cousin, my Chris, and my self were all prone on couches and moaning from stomach cramps, and I remarked on what a fine Thursday it had turned out to be, and how I was pleased we could all share it together.  I am typically a cheerful sick person, and was joking a lot of the day when I wasn’t vomiting up my stomach lining.  It’s rough enough having to feel like garbage, so I try to keep things light.  I have probably lost weight since I couldn’t eat for two days, and was very actively running at both ends, but I haven’t checked.

So… other than that.

I made a couple of Christmas presents, finished my Christmas shopping yesterday at the crazy crowded mall, was disgusted that they were selling sugar gliders in said crowded mall out in the center walkway to stupid people with whiney kids who knew nothing about the poor creatures that were literally all sealed into tiny cardboard boxes that were actually stacked in a display (so sad), and participated in a house cleaning extravaganza, and also saw the movie Hugo.   Today I will probably be wrapping presents, and making some things out of clay.

Not much is going on other than that.  I was perfectly fine yesterday, but today I’ve been spending a lot of time in the bathroom again, which is somewhat annoying.  My stomach has been finicky enough on its own without having any extra ridiculousness going on.

More later!  Have a good week everybody.


help me Christmas shop, gang December 13, 2011

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I am doing a little online Christmas shopping at the moment, but you know me, I get a little distracted.  I just found a few prints by Mucha, and I want to get one framed for my dad.  He is fond of pictures of goddess-ey looking women, but I am not sure which one I like the best.  Have a peak, loyal readers, and tell me which one you like the best.  I appreciate it.  🙂

The first one measures 11×17, the second 9×20, and the third 24×36.  On amazon the first print will cost thirteen dollars total with shipping, and the other two are only four dollars with shipping.  I love amazon!  I am going to frame it myself, because the cost of preframed prints online is absolutely ridiculous.  Ok, enough about my Christmas shopping- I just wanted some additional opinions.

Today Chris did Jane Fonda with me.  I sort of wanted to ask him to join me before, but maybe I was too self conscious about working out with him in the same room.  Posting horribly unflattering pictures of myself in my blog yesterday seems to have successfully dissolved that fear.  I straight up asked him, and he cheerfully agreed.  He liked the workout, but parts of it had us both laughing (particularly the segment featuring butt exercises).  Some of that stuff looks so silly that a person can’t help but giggle.  I mean, come on, even the super fit people in the workout look like complete goons.

He told me that he would also do the pilates upper body workout with me as well, but I only have one set of hand weights here.  He has ten pound weights, but those aren’t really appropriate, so we will have to get another pair of three pounders.  I had hoped that my cousin would also join in with us, but she is having a series of shots done in her knees for the next three weeks, and doesn’t want to put any stress on them.  I (we when Chris is here) will now be doing my Fonda Mondays through Fridays (while the boys are at school), and I think I’ll do the weights on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Perhaps when I am stronger I’ll do the upper body workout five days out of the week as well.  It is a short enough workout that it shouldn’t be a problem, but I don’t want to strain myself, so I’ll make sure to let my body adjust for at least a few weeks.

I still need to do measurements, because I have no idea what they are anymore, but I think I’ll just let it be until the first of the year.  I have stopped weighing myself again, because (as I have posted about before) weighing is not good for my brain.  When the numbers aren’t changing the way that I think that they should I go all kinds of manic, and often times stop working out completely.  Even if I look visibly more toned, and my measurements have gone down, my brain wants to see a smaller number.  I believe I might stick with a weigh in and measurements only on the first of every month.

I am really happy that Chris wants to participate in my quest to achieve a fit body.  He’s already in pretty good shape, but it is nice to have extra support from somebody that I am simply mad about.

Today I made tabouli, tzatziki, and falafel, and it was really tasty.  We put the falafel on pitas with tomato, onion, and the tzatziki sauce, and it was quite tasty.  I also made a peanut sauce just for my fella because he isn’t a fan of tzatziki.  (crazy!!!)  Tyler ate everything, but I made two hot dogs for Nevis right from the get go.  He did at least try a piece of the falafel, so I can’t complain.  I am feeling better after several days of vegetarian fare, and plan on limiting my meat eating to no more than three days a week.  One night for chicken, one for red meat, and then a wild card to use whenever I want.  Everybody is different, but I personally feel sluggish and yucky if I eat meat every day.

Well, I need to get off of lappy, so I will talk with y’all later.  🙂


save these pics for the spank bank December 12, 2011

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I may have been a tad glum on Friday, but I bounced back and had a nice weekend.  I try my best to keep my posts cheerful, but I catch the worry bug myself every so often, and it helps to write down my troublesome thoughts.

Today I did my workout while chanting, “I am beautiful.  I am confident.  I am strong.”  I did my inner chanting in my “outside rowdy voice” just to pep things up.  Yelling in ones own head is quite entertaining.  Pick a positive affirmation and give it a try.  😉

Oh, and I went through my workout clothing before I did aerobics, and the results were varied.  The pants I usually workout in are dark blue sweats, and they have a small hole located in the… errr… crotchal region that I’ve been meaning to stitch up.  So anywhoozles, this morning I was looking through some other gym pants to see if any of them fit well, and part of me really wants to post some pics of me wearing them.  Why, you ask?  Well, two of the pairs fit, but they really enhance my humpty dumpty like belly.  The look is further highlighted when I pair them with my bright pink and somewhat short gym shirt.  The blue sweats are loose and pajama like, but the other two pairs of yoga pants cling to my lumpsy flabbo bits and highlight all of my wiggling jiggling extra portions.   My butt looks especially pudding-pop-tastic underneath the grey and slightly shiney stretchy fabric.

I have decided to post pictures of the wondrous sight of all of my wobbly areas.  This is clear proof of my emotional progress, because before this night I NEVER would have had the cajones to put these images on the interwebs.  I may speak lightly of such things in this moment, but I assure you, I have spent ample time crying about my imperfections, and my fat, unsightly, wiggly body.  The tears were because I thought I was powerless to change my situation.  My pain manifested as a physical layer, and I felt trapped inside of an awkward body that did not seem to belong to me.  I chose to believe negative things about myself, and then used those ideas to prevent myself from living in the world and putting myself at risk of getting hurt.  Now I am in the process of reprogramming my brain to better serve me.  I’m not going to spend any more time crying about my body.  There is seriously not one damn good reason for that.  I am strong and capable, and whatever I do not have today I have the power to get for myself tomorrow if I so choose.

I got extra bold and decided to do some shots with me wearing no shirt.  Check out the arm flab!!!  That is officially the least favorite part of my body.  The humpty dumpty stomach effect doesn’t bother me anywhere near as badly as them damn arm fat sacks.  *shudder*

On January first I will be posting new measurements, so lets see what kind of changes I can make happen in the next few weeks.  I have the power to create my own life, and I want to create a strong one!  My Winsor Pilates Upper Body Sculpting dvd came in the mail today, so tomorrow I will be adding it to my daily routine.  I believe the workout is just over twenty minutes, so adding it to my Jane Fonda aerobics will put me at around an hour of butt-kicking activity Monday through Friday.  For the next couple of months I want to stick to this routine, but I will probably mix it up in the future.  Right now I want to keep it simple.

So what’s worse?  Is it the extra flub or the cluttered state of my room?  Hmmmm.

I will also be joining the Hate Loss Challenge that fatgirlwearingthin is hosting.  I urge you to check out her blog (it’s great, and there are links on the right side of the post) and the challenge.  GO.  NOW.  This is just the thing you need to start the year off right.  😉

HAVE A GREAT WEEK EVERYBODY!  Hope my fat pictures didn’t make you throw up too much.


a touch of the holiday blues? December 9, 2011

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Yesterday I responded to a comment that munchberry left on my “don’t hold back” post.  I was telling her that my weight has caused me to skip (multiple) Thanksgivings at a certain aunt’s house.  I spent Thanksgiving with my boyfriend’s family this year just because it gave me a good excuse not to go to my aunt’s and feel like an awkward, fatty mcfailure.   Yup.  True story.  And you wanna know something else?  I also plan on skipping Christmas over there this year as well.  I suppose this is stupid of me, seeing as how I have been away in Florida for a year, and should probably stop by and all, but I’m just not going to do it.  I feel too vulnerable and fragile, and I honestly don’t want to talk about what’s going on in my life with anybody who isn’t going to be positive and supportive.

I’m twenty eight. I moved away from Florida without finishing school.  Yes.  That is correct.  I have attended four different colleges.  I still haven’t finished school, and in my family when you don’t have at least a master’s you are a second class citizen.  I am of course exaggerating with that last statement, but that’s kinda how I have always felt about it.  I don’t make enough money to fully support myself, and the things I am focused on at the moment aren’t traditional “job” type jobs.  I also now live with one of the black sheep of the family, and her banana sandwiches ten year old who pees his pants pretty much every day at least once, and throws tantrums like a two year old.  (Don’t misinterpret me here; I love my cousin, but a lot of my family doesn’t know her very well, find her odd, and disapprove of some of the choices that she has made)  Oh yeah, and I still happen to be by society’s standards a fucking heifer.  (It is commonly agreed upon that I am quite pretty and attractive, but am oh-so-sadly-overweight)

Progress has been made, sure, but I can’t describe such changes at a brief family function in semi-hostile waters.  It’s sad that I am admitting it, but if I had lost more weight the year that I lived in Florida I would likely be ok with showing up at my aunt’s this Christmas.  Hey, look at me, I have obviously lost quite a bit of weight and that is physical proof that I have been doing something and improving myself.  See.  Ta-da.  Good game, everybody.

I want unwavering support or I want to be left the hell alone.  I don’t have brass ovaries large enough to just breeze in and say the following things: “I don’t know what I am going to do about school, so it’s just on hold right now, and I am mostly ok with that.  Oh, and I have decided that selling crystals, doing metaphysical healing, trying to publish a children’s book, and singing in a band are more important to me right now than school.  These are things that I have wanted to do for a long time, but I was always too scared to try to do.  Isn’t dream chasing more important that having a steady job with benefits?”

I’ve been thinking about all of that stuff non stop since yesterday, and it has me worked up into a frazzle.  I went to bed at ten thirty and slept for two hours, and have been up ever since fretting over this and that.  It is now nearly six in the morning, and I thought that getting some of this rubbish into a blog would help me out a little.

I am not sure if it is helping.

Since I couldn’t sleep, I listened to my guided imagery two times in a row, and then listened to the affirmations. After that I was in bed, with my eyes shut, repeating my personal mantra (normally reserved for aerobics sessions) over and over.  I am beautiful, I am confident, I am strong. Rinse.  Repeat.

I’m going to keep plugging away and hope that I make enough sales and get enough clients to keep going with my plans.  I won’t give up on myself or abandon the things that I desire most.

Happy thoughts.  Happy thoughts.  Happy thoughts.


back on track December 7, 2011

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We did two days of detoxing.  Apparently I haven’t the strength to resist strong smells of egg rolls, bacon, cookies, and every other dang thing cooking away merrily in my kitchen.  Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t eat any of the egg rolls, bacon, or cookies, but after two days of smelling nonstop tasties my brain was going to blow up and I told my detox buddy that I just couldn’t hang any more.  We even tried fleeing to my mom’s house yesterday afternoon, because I thought that it would keep us busy and away from temptation.  Hah!  My mom had a giant bowl of cookies on the table that she made that morning (yeah, she totally never bakes, so how was I to know the whole house would be cookie scented), and there were bowls of cherry filled kisses, and red and green peanut M&Ms all over the place.  I made her put the candy bowls out of sight, and she was laughing at me.  We had a good time, but Mom kept talking about recipes and food, and the fact that she and my stepdad were going to take his son and the new fiance to dinner at Chris’s favorite restaurant.  It was torture!  She even asked Chris what his favorite dish was there, because she wanted to try it.  That poor fella, when we got out of there he just turned to me and smiled and asked Did all of that really just happen? All in all I am glad that we went to visit her though, because we were all laughing a lot, and she loaned me a few movies and one of her Christmas trees.
Jecca said that next time we decide to detox we should let her know about it in advance, and then she’d make sure to give the kids things for dinner that don’t smell like Satan’s delicious temptations deep fried in scrumptious sauce.  We were laughing about it.  She suggested that all three of us do a three day detox in the future, and make things for the boys to have for dinner ahead of time.  That is a good idea.  Want to know what isn’t a good idea?  Trying to do the master cleanse in a house filled with yummy cooking smells and snacks.  Yipes.  It was utter torture!
On the plus side doing just two days gave me a nice energy boost, and it got us motivated to begin working out every day.  I workout in one room, and he does his routine in another.  Easy as pie and nobody gets hurt- haha.  And somehow the detox also cleared the brain fog out of my head, and made me stop fretting over how hard it was going to be to get back to my regular eating habits.  What a load of rubbish!  Today I ate greek yogurt, a whole wheat bagel, and vegetable stir fry with brown rice.  Done and done without any effort or conflict.  Why do I overthink things so much sometimes?  Oh, that’s right, because I am a big mongotard sillypants dumbbutt.  (yes, that IS a real thing)
I am sad to report that the Upper Body Sculpting (Winsor Pilates) dvd that I liked to do can no longer be found free on youtube, so I am going to have to fork over ten dollars to and order it.  Darn.  I wanted a short arm workout to do after my Jane Fonda, and that is the one that I like the best.  Perhaps when I am done blogging I’ll try to find a replacement for the time being.  The Fonda workout has an arm segment that I like to do twice, but it still isn’t enough for my Easter ham sized upper arms.  Can anybody recommend any arm routines using three pound hand weights?  I’d like something that is fifteen to twenty minutes long.
I feel really hopeful about the rest of this month, and the upcoming new year.  Working out again makes me feel like a strong warrior goddess, and maybe that is because while I am working out I chant, “I am beautiful, I am capable, I am strong.” (and other such things) over and over in my head.  Listening to the positive affirmations and guided imagery by Belleruth Naparstek for weight loss is also shifting my thoughts towards the positive.  A hypnosis/affirmations cd isn’t going to magically melt away pounds, but what it is doing is making me want to take care of my body right now and feed myself healthy foods right now. I have been using it for two weeks now, and I am getting closer to the point where I’ll recommend it to others.  😉
Ok, I gotta run.  There is a certain somebody who is beginning to pester me to get off of my lappy.  Hope you gals are having a nice week!


first day of detox December 5, 2011

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Day One of Detox

Today is the first day of the detox that Chris and I decided to do together.  So far it has gone without a hitch, and I guess the roughest part of the day was when my cousin was frying up some bacon to put into a batch of calico beans that she was making for dinner.  She was also browning ground beef to go into them, so luckily the smell of that canceled out the tasty bacon scent.  Up until recently, meat rarely found itself being cooked in my home, because for the most part I don’t care for the smell of it when cooking.  Since Jecca and the boys have been here it seems that meat is on the table every night.  I never ate much red meat, and my body certainly feels differently after two months of having meat nearly every day.

As all of us share meals, I was trying to cook things that would appeal to the palates of the kids, but I recently decided to nix that.  I need to get back to my regular diet.  Tyler (the ten year old) will eat most things whereas Nevis (eight) is a tad picky, but if they don’t like what I make they can live off of ramen noodles and hot dogs for all I care.  I prefer to cook mostly vegetarian meals, and I don’t think the boys get nearly enough vegetables anyhow.  My body is missing big green salads and grilled veggies!!

I told Chris that I wanted to do at least seven days of detoxing, and he’s all for it, so we shall see how this thing plays out.  I really feel like I need it, because I still have this lingering congestion going on in my lungs.  I always feel more and more sluggish from eating heavier foods and more meat.  Ug.  As soon as we are off of the detox, I am going back to simple breakfasts of yogurt or boiled eggs with fruit or veggies, and lunches of mainly salads with some beans for protein, or grilled fish and veggies.  I was slowly (but steadily) losing weight by doing that, and it was easy for me to maintain.  Most of the weight I gained back was a result of me eating out at restaurants EVERY day for pretty much the first six weeks I was home.  After that I stabilized and stopped gaining.  At least I didn’t gain everything back, and my weight has stayed the same since October.  My goal is to weigh 193 by January first, because that is what I weighed when I got back to Wisconsin.

I spent most of the day doing laundry and cleaning.  It hasn’t been a terribly eventful day.  The first couple of days of a detox I usually just feel sort of blah, so I guess it’s to be expected.  At the moment I am listening to Belleruth Naparstek’s guided imagery cd for weight loss.  I have been listening to the affirmations segment every day several times (sometimes more), and I listen to the guided imagery part before I go to sleep at night.  I bought a few of her cd’s years ago, and then promptly forgot about them, but found them again when my cousin moved in.  I quite like the affirmations, and I believe that they are having a positive effect.

On another note, I talked to a friend of mine a little while ago, and she told me about a weekly arts/crafts sale that goes on every Sunday here in town.  One of her friends sells jewelry there, and I believe it is only ten dollars for a space, so I am going to check it out.  It would be great to sell off a bunch of my stuff just before Christmas, and also nice to not have to give a store thirty percent of each sale.

I hope everybody has a great week- I have to get back to doing laundry.


don’t hold back December 3, 2011

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I don’t normally do two posts in one day, but something I just wrote really caught my attention.  In my last post I was writing about taking dance and kickboxing classes.  At the end of my blog I wrote that I didn’t understand why it took me soooo long to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for thirteen years.  What was stopping me from joining in activities that caught my interest?

I stopped me from joining in.
I created a belief in my head that spread like a weed and turned into a slew of unhappy beliefs.  Only a thin girl can enjoy dancing.  Somebody who is a little chunky isn’t allowed to do things like kickboxing.  I must be wafer thin or I can’t do anything. I created a template that I used over and over, and it looked like this:
When I am thin, I will (fill in the blank).  After I lose weight, I will (fill in the blank).
I didn’t let my body take any risks.  I didn’t let my body be out there participating in the world. I needed to whip it into shape first.  I needed to be trim and perfect before I could truly be seen.
And then I lost forty pounds, and I kept it off for many years, but I still never took those classes. I even went to this giant group learn-some-kinda-dance session when I was twenty (and quite beautiful and healthy) with my roommate and her friend, and I swear to you that I just stood off to the side and watched this enormous room full of people learning a dance.  It makes me a bit sad to think of this now.  Even at that time I was still fretting about my weight, and thinking that I needed to lose more.  I was still holding myself back.  The chant would repeat in my head.
When I am thin, I will (fill in the blank).  After I lose weight, I will (fill in the blank).
Some of these things I have managed to change.  I used to not wear dresses and skirts, because that was something for a girl with a perfect body.  I am thrilled that I dealt with that fatuous belief in the last few years.  (I wear ultra cute dresses all the dang time now and I love it.  I also buy myself plus sized lingerie and other pretty tidbits from time to time.  I highly recommend this. has loads of beautiful plus lingerie- thank me later)
What are you holding yourself back from doing?  Are there things that you have always dreamed of, but you have kept your life on hold?
Here are some of my holdbacks that I have changed or am in the process of changing.
When I am thin, I will (fall in love and date a person I am truly compatible with)
When I am thin, I will (try to be self employed)
After I lose weight, I will (take salsa and swing dance classes)
After I lose weight, I will (take kickboxing classes)
When I am thin, I will (wear cute and beautiful dresses all the time)
When I am thin, I will (have a great collection of lingerie, and sashay around my bedroom like a tart)
After I lose weight, I will (join more social clubs)
After I lose weight, I will (finally sing in a band)
I recommend writing down some of your own holdbacks.  Pick one off of the list and get to doing it!!!

book club bonanza

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The other day I was catching up with my blog reading, and after reading a post by beerab (she is under my blogroll, so go check out her blog) involving her bookclub, I suddenly became hell bent on joining a book club.  You see bloggy buddies and neighbors, I love to read, and I have been longing for more social/group activities.  These days I spend a lot of time with my cousin and her two boys, with Christopher Crocodile (yep, he’s getting nicknames… we have totally reached that stage), and with my pal, Sparks.  Once a week I might go out dancing or to the pub with some friends, but that’s about it.  I spend pretty much all my free time doing things with Chris, and after three months I am left feeling a tad guilty about neglecting my other friends.  I’ll admit it, I was swept up by a crazy wave of puppy love and infatuation for a while there, yet deep down I know that I need to maintain some social activities that are all mine and don’t include my boybuddy.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to drag him all over creation with me (and if I had my druthers he would be naked as I was carting him from one place to the next… tee hee hee), but the truth is that a better relationship balance will be achieved if we have “our own stuff” once and a while.
Soooooo, I searched for bookclubs in the area online, because I search foreverything online.  I live in Kenosha, but NOBODY IN KENOSHA MUST READ, because I didn’t find anything in town.  I ended up finding a lot of interesting ones in Milwaukee (le sigh), but I don’t fancy driving to Milwaukee for just a book club meet up, so that was nixed.  I also found a couple in Racine, but I wasn’t too thrilled with the books they were reading.  Finally, I decided to settle on a bookclub held every other Thursday night at the Barnes and Noble Starbucks in Racine.  I figured I might meet some interesting new people even if the books weren’t particularly grand.  Unfortunately when I clicked on upcoming meetings I found out that all of the future meetings were full.  The area they meet up at is just a small Starbucks, so they can’t have more than ten people.  BOLLOCKS!!!    So then I was moping about and trying to think of where else I might find a bookclub to join (the library, I guess).  And then it hit me. Lightbulb time. I can start my own book club!  Duh, Didi, it isn’t exactly quantum physics or string theory.  All you gotta do is pick a place, a day, a time, and some books.
I wrote a note about it on facebook, and then tagged a bunch of friends/friendly acquaintances from my friends list.  I told everybody that I was leaning towards seven pm on Thursday nights, and that all participants could take turns choosing books.  We would meet up at a coffee shop called Common Grounds every other week as soon as the holidays were over with.  Yowza, did I get a ton of positive feedback!!!  I just checked my facebook, and was so thrilled that I had to blog about it.  I know it- totally dorky.  I am super stoked that I will soon have a group of lasses to talk shmack about books with.  And I am kinda feeling proud that I decided to create an activity group and it was so well received.
I also spent a good chunk of time yesterday looking up the following classes: kickboxing, zumba, salsa/ballroom/swing/hiphop dancing.  The verdict is in.  I am too poor to afford a lot of the classes that I found.  Sorry, kids, no broke dicks allowed in here- we gots to keep out the riff raff.  Don’t worry, I’m not fretting about it at all.  I found one swing class that meets on Tuesday evenings and it is thirty six dollars for six weeks.  I can totally swing that.  Get it?  Swing?  See where I was going with that?  Chris and I both want to learn salsa, but I only found salsa at the YMCA, and it is 60 dollars per person for non members.  Ug.  I can’t afford to be a member right now.  The YMCA here has a lot of awesome dance classes, and kickboxing, and every other interesting thing, but they are too expensive for non members.  Le sigh.  I also found a zumba class that is only twenty bucks for five sessions, so I am trying to talk Sparks into taking it with me.  If she won’t agree to it, I am certain that I can find somebody who will want to go with me.  Perhaps I should post another note on facebook…  Of course, none of this stuff I am talking about is going to go down until January, but I am excited about it.
I know that I put kickboxing onto my To-Do list for the next year, so I’m not going to write it off just yet.  Hopefully my income will be steady by the spring time, and I will be able to afford a bit more for a class.  I have wanted to try kickboxing since I was a teenager, and have also wanted to take dance classes, and at this point in my life I can’t figure out what has been keeping me from doing those things.  Me!  I was keeping me from doing those things!  What a silly ass.


dreamboard five December 2, 2011

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I know, I know, I just keep making these things, don’t I?  Well, I have been up too late at night these days, so I decided to do another dream board while listening to some positive affirmations by Belleruth Naparstek.  This one has a strong, kick ass kinda theme going on if you couldn’t tell.  I really think all of you should go create an end of the year dreamboard.  Go.  Right now.  Do it. I save them onto my computer and then use them as wallpaper.  My lappy always has cool, custom, Didi made wallpaper that inspires me.  How sweet is that?  The first dreamboards I made were really centered on love and finding a perfect partner in crime.  Ta-da!  They must work because I met the cutest, nerdiest fella ever.  We go together like chocolate and peanut butter… perhaps carrots and hummus would be a better duo for a blog located on a weight loss site.


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