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i don’t wanna work i just wanna write on my blog all day July 29, 2011

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My blog title is a little goofy today, I apologize.  I’m not even working at the moment, and my etsy store is set to vacation until I can get better pictures up.  (Ok.  So I’m a lazy [email protected]$# and I’m unemployed.  Perhaps it is a better blog title than I originally thought.)  Mom and I were going to take pics with her camera when she was here, but it rained too damn much.  The days it didn’t rain we wanted to go to the beach and such.  Ah well.  Once I am back in Wisconsin we can take pictures outside someplace.  Actually, it should be quite nice with all the fall colors.

Speaking of crystals, there is a Saturday farmer’s market/ craft fair in town back home and I am all lined up to share a space there with a friend.  We are both worried that we don’t have enough merchandise to occupy our own spaces at the moment, so we’re going to team up and see how it goes.  Honestly, I have high hopes.  I wanted to do the Saturday market in Sarasota, but it takes them two months to process a request for a space & it also costs 150 dollars a week.  Yipes.  I am sure it would be well worth it, but I didn’t have the start up cash.  The one back home is only 25 dollars for a space, and that is going to be split between the two of us.  If I sell one crystal I have made my money back.  Now THAT I like.  My friend and I also talked about looking into doing other craft fairs, and I am pretty excited about it.  I am having mucho trouble getting my etsy store going, but if people see my crystals in real life they love the darn things.  They sell very well in stores, and I know I could do great at art/craft fairs.  I pray that well shot pictures with Mom’s Nikon will be just what I need to get the online store going.

Another nice thing about heading back to my hometown for a bit is that I have a couple of friends with stores who have sold my merchandise in the past.  My mom has also found a store or two in Burlington that she thinks might be promising.  The shops in Sarasota are hardly local artist friendly, and that has been a major disappointment.  I thought because Sarasota was touristy I would have better luck.  I truly feel that I’ll do just fine visiting different cities in Wisconsin and selling merchandise to shops.  My goal right now is to have ten stores carrying my stuff & to make at least one sale a week off of my etsy shop.  I think that’s a reasonable goal.  Right?  My wholesale price to shops gives me ten bucks in profit per crystal & I can make about six of them in an hour (so long as I’m not trying to watch a movie at the same time, lol).  Not too shabby, right gals?

And yet another super thing is that my cousin, Jecca, told me she is willing to go cavorting about the lower half of the state of Wisconsin with me.  Good deal!  I figure that we can take some nice day trips as I scope out stores.

My current plan is to be in Wisconsin long enough to restore my ailing bank account.  I am hoping that I can pull this off in six months, and save up enough of a chunk to be able to move again.  Where will I be moving?  I’m not sure.  I kinda sorta accidentally started seeing a fella in Orlando, because- you know, my life doesn’t have enough complications in it.  We are taking it slow, and literally have done NOTHING physical at this point, but it’s pretty obvious that we are both retardedly infatuated with each other.  Le sigh.  Not enough crap floating around in your head to make you so dizzy that you wanna yack?  Maybe you should consider a long distance relationship.  Great idea, kiddo.  Ya know, I should just by myself a permanent seat on the blunder bus.

As for school, I believe what I will do for now is try to take Anatomy and Physiology II & Microbiology at some community college wherever I end up.  It would be nice to get those classes out of the way when I am not on call for births and don’t have clinic.  It’s too late to take them for the fall semester, but I should be able to get in after Christmas break.  That way, when I do decide on where I want to be I can transfer the credits for those two classes and be ready to jump right into the good stuff.

Oh, and since I have an adorable and awesome fella chasing after me who totally doesn’t mind all my jiggly bits, I have been super inspired to bust my ass and get back to my former semi fit self.  For reals, gang, this dude is doing me a huge favor.  I am so keen on lookin’ good when we get around to doin’ some couch calisthenics that I have been working out like a mad woman.  I went to my fitday account today, and there were crows nested in the section where my activity log once was.  I didn’t know the internet could have so much dust and so many hornets nests.  What’s that, fitday account, I’ve neglected you so horribly that there are raccoons living in your rafters?  PREPOSTEROUS!

I must say, in spite of the current imaginary infestations, it is a pretty neat site.  The calorie restrictions and calorie balance segment under the “goal weight” tab is particularly interesting.  I mean, it isn’t exactly accurate or anything, but it gives you good starting points to consider.

I have a list of fourteen natural preserves in the area that I’m going to check out, because I want to jack up my level of daily activity.  I need more places to hike, because I don’t like wandering around the neighborhood without my dog.  I don’t feel silly hiking, going to the beach, or visiting places by myself, but for whatever reason I feel strange walking around neighborhoods alone.  Don’t ask me how my goofy flippin’ brain works.  I don’t have the foggiest idea.

The plan is to get up in the morning and work out for an hour and a half.  After that I’ll have a nice walk for a couple of hours, and then I’ll go to the beach.  I’m not working and I get pretty bored when my cousins aren’t in town, so I need something to occupy my time for the next four weeks anyolddanghow.  What happens in four weeks?  Well, my fella is going to be here for three or four days, & I figure that’s probably a good time to start nailing each other.  Pardon me for being lewd, but I can’t help my damn self.  The following weekend is Labor Day weekend, and we’re going to Macon, Georgia to visit some of his friends.  After that I’m going to head to Gainesville for part of the week to see my school chums, and then I’ll be on the road back to Wisconsin.

Blerg.  I guess I should be enjoying my time at the beach, and chillaxin’ and all, but it’s so much better when there’s peeps around to share the moments with.  There are many things about Sarasota that I will definitely miss, and I will certainly try to get back here every year to lounge around.

I kind of want to keep writing, but I don’t want to bore the bejesuses out of everybody.


Final Week Of Midsummer Splash Challenge July 28, 2011

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Hey, gang. I am truly sorry that I did not get the week’s challenges posted for you all on Wednesday as I should have.  My Dad decided to come for an unplanned visit, and we had some major plumbing issues at the house.  Although I have two roommates, one of them was in Tampa, and the other was not available to take care of the problem either, so I had to spend a ridiculous amount of time on the phone with my landlord.  He was out of town.  It was a fun couple of days for little old me, let me tell you.

The final weigh in will be on the third, but if you want to push it to the fourth (Thursday) because of the upset in my schedule I am cool with that.  I will have the challenges posted in this blog, and up at the top of my page sometime tonight.  (Probably in the next couple of hours).  Thanks for your patience!



All these are writing activities.  Grab a pen and a notebook, gals!  (I stole all of this out of Geneen Roth’s “Why Weight?” workbook.  If you like them pick up a copy of the workbork)

#1)  What would my life be like? (QUESTION ANSWERING TIME!!)  Most of us believe that if we didn’t have conflicts about food or our bodies our lives would be perfect.  We’d be happy, and pretty, and wear awesome clothing.  People would shower us with praise and gifts.  The truth is that thin, beautiful people with tons of money are just as jacked up as us.  Seriously.  Look at all the famous folk out there checking into rehab and getting DUI’s.  Think about this one girls.  Think about it good.  The truth of the matter is that as hefty lasses we spend a ton of time fantasizing about how great life will be when we are at our goal weights.  If this were true then so many people wouldn’t regain weight after dieting.  Our lives will be different if we don’t eat compulsively though.  If we aren’t focused on weight we will have to be thinking of something else…

What would your life be like if you had your ideal body?  If you were to live with no conflicts about food, how would the way that you live and the quality of your days be different?

Complete the sentence:

If I didn’t have conflicts about food…  (Examples- I would have much more energy than I do now.  I could eat out with friends and not have a panic attack)

I would (fill in the blank)

My life would (fill in the blank)

My friends would (fill in the blank)

My family would (fill in the blank)

My days would (fill in the blank)

My dreams in life would (fill in the blank)

Read over your answers when you are done.  Are any of your answers surprising?  Do you think that your answers are true?  What would you fill your life with if you were thin?  Why can you not do these things now?

I want you to expand on EXACTLY how your life will be when the extra pounds are gone.  Write a list of at least ten things, but twenty is better. GO CRAZY!  Be specific!  What will your life be like when you have reached your goal weight?  Will it be scary?  Do you think that you will have more responsibility?  Does having extra weight keep you safe from the things that you are afraid of in the world?  What happens if you reach your goal and still are not satisfied with the way things are in your life?

#2)  STANDING AT THE REFRIGERATOR (This one makes me laugh, because I love to graze out of the refrigerator.  I like doing it so much that I consciously decided not to give it up.  However, now I keep things like cut raw vegetables and fruits in the front of the fridge, so that at least my grazing is healthy!)

Imagine inviting a friend over for dinner.  When he or she arrives, tell him/her that he/she will be joining you at your favorite table – the refrigerator.  And that you will be standing, not sitting, for dinner.

Complete the sentences:

I think my guest would…

As her hostess, I would feel…

When I think of standing and eating at the refrigerator in this light, I…

Are you a car eater?  Because if you are you get to do these questions twice!  Picture the same scenario.  You have invited a good friend to dinner & are now informing them that you must both have dinner while driving in the car.  Go back and answer the three questions again.

#3)  LIVING AS IF – If you were to decide that you were already absolutely perfect just the way you are, if you were to begin living as if you deserved love, satisfaction, success, and respect, what would you do?  How would you live?  What could you do RIGHT NOW to show the world how lovely you are?

EXAMPLES: I would not feel such a tremendous need to prove myself in everything I did. I would tell people what I think in the moment instead of censoring my thoughts. I would give myself time each day to do something I love, etc.

Complete the sentence (make a list of ten or more things again):

If I were to begin living as if I deserved love and satisfaction and all good things I would:


#4) Being deprived Overeating food means that you feel deprived of something else.  You feel that you don’t have enough love/ respect/ attention/ smarts/ etc.  We overdo it with food and weight because of a deep lack of other things.  It’s time to explore what we are deprived of.  When you are completing each sentence you might want to list out many things.  Write as much as you need to.

EXAMPLE – As a child I felt deprived of attention from my parents.  I felt like I didn’t matter and that I was the invisible girl.  I was deprived of guidance and love.

Complete the sentences:

As a child, I felt deprived of –

As an adolescent, I felt deprived of –

As I got older, I felt deprived of –

Now, I feel deprived of-

As we are growing up, we often have no choices about the ways in which we are deprived.  If our parents were distant or unavailable, if we were physically or emotionally abused, we still needed those parents for our survival.  We had to stay where we were.  But as adults, WE HAVE CHOICES.  Unfortunately we follow old habits and patterns and choose to continue depriving ourselves in the very way that we have already been deprived.

Depriving ourselves of foods that we love can lead to bingeing.  Depriving ourselves on an emotional level can also lead to over eating.  When we deprive ourselves of the things we like to do, when we do not allow ourselves pleasure in daily doses (not monthly, not yearly), we turn to food.

How do you keep yourself deprived?  Some examples might be:  by not going on vacation, by always being in a rush, by thinking negatively about my choice, etc.

I keep myself deprived by :  (make a list of at least ten things again)

#5) Ways To Nourish Myself With Something Other Than Food When we started using food to express our feelings (or to numb our feelings as the case may be), it was because no other resources were available to us.  Food was convenient and fast and it tasted good.  Now, however, we have other choices.  When we are hungry, we can, of course, eat.  But when we are not hungry, we can do a variety of other things as well.

If you didn’t eat to comfort yourself or stave off boredom, what would you do instead?  The next time you feel like snacking, ask yourself how you are feeling.  Are you sad?  Angry?  Lonely?  Are you just bored and don’t know what to do with your time?

(Make a list of at least ten things) Maybe you could post it on the refrigerator!

Ways in which I can nourish myself without eating are: Examples: I could go for a walk, I could take a walk, I could read a book, I will take a nap, I will give myself a facial, etc.

#6) IDEAL WEIGHT vs. NATURAL WEIGHT I had to move to Florida and attend midwifery school before I could truly appreciate the difference between ideal weights and natural weights.  Throw out your healthy body weight range wheels, and stop obsessing over the scale.  We usually have an idea of the weight that we most want to be and maintain.  Nine times out of ten, this idea is unrealistic.  Why?  Because it comes from media images, articles we read, and charts we see.  Most of this information is a total crock of shit.  I learned about what it means to be truly healthy by spending a ton of time at clinic, and in school.  Every woman has a natural body weight.  Every woman has a size that is her own.  When you eat when you are hungry and pay attention to the cues that tell you that you are full, your body WILL reach its natural weight.  It can be difficult to learn when we are eating automatically though, and it will take time.  We have taught ourselves to ignore our bodies and to distrust them.  This was a major error.  Americans have taught themselves to eat until they are stuffed.  Stuffed is too much.  Stuffed means you over ate.  If we can be aware of our emotional eating issues, and never go on another binge weekend, we can hit our natural sizes.  Each of us has a weight at which our body is most comfortable.  This weight should not be a struggle to maintain.  A bit of exercise, and walking, etc. is good, but you should not have to kill yourself to keep fit.  Generally, once you have hit your natural size you will fluctuate over and under this weight from around five or six pounds depending on the seasons, and when your time of the month is.  This is actually pretty normal, and I think it’s another good reason to ween ourselves off of scales at some point.

What is your ideal weight?

Why have you decided that this is the perfect weight for you?

Have images from the media influenced this goal weight?  Are you trying to have the body of somebody else?

Suppose that you have tons of energy and feel healthy at a size ten.  What if when you try to lose more weight it is a struggle and you feel drained and tired all the time?  Would you continue to battle for the rest of your life because you believe that you should be a size four?

What does being beautiful mean to you?  How thin does a person have to be to be beautiful?  Is it possible that you have beauty RIGHT NOW?


WHAT (!?) was coming out of the drain? July 25, 2011

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Holy horse and hound, batman!  Today liquid refuse, otherwise known as shit, was bubbling up out of the shower drain.  I’ll fill you in on my awesome day later.

Jitterfish- 3FC has not been letting me comment on your blog for the past couple of days.  Send an updated weigh in when you can.

I am going to catch up with everything tomorrow.  It’s been busy around here.


midsummer splash challenge week two July 20, 2011

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Ok. The first week we focused on noticing patterns in our day to day eating habits, and we tried to shoot for twenty minutes a day of activity. I also requested all of you to make a dream board, because I think it is important to visualize positive changes in order to make them happen. I decided that the dreamboard creation can be done at any time during the entire challenge instead of just within the first week.

This week I want to expand on our eating journals. We are going to focus on food, but in a positive and helpful way. Read over the following tips and suggestions, and focus on them all week. I am sure that some or all of these tips are familiar. We all hear such tidbits from time to time, and sometimes we try them out for a while, but often we end up returning to our old habits. Utilize these tips this week! Track any changes in your emotions while you are eating, and write down how you respond when you try out the following eating tips. Is there any one tip that you feel could make a big difference in your eating habits?


First of all, we have to keep a kitchen that is stocked for healthy and fast meals. Having nothing quick and healthy to munch on when we are hungry can be a disaster and lead to a lot of poor food choices. Here is a nice list of items that can easily be thrown together for a speedy meal. Avoid those late night pizza delivery orders, gals!

  • Cottage cheese, or individually wrapped string cheese
  • Frozen vegetables
  • Bags of pre-washed greens
  • Canned diced tomatoes
  • Canned beans
  • Whole-grain wraps or pitas
  • Pre-cooked grilled chicken breasts
  • A few containers of pre-cooked brown rice
  • Condiments such as braggs liquid aminos, low sodium soy sauce, liquid smoke, tobasco, mustard,etc.
  • Cut raw vegetables such as mushrooms, baby carrots, sliced peppers, diced onions, baby tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, etc.


· Thinking about everything we CAN’T eat is a pain in the ass. So start by focusing on getting the recommended 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

· It might sound like a lot of work getting in that many servings of fruit and vegetables, but it will keep us full and give our bodies plenty of fiber.

· Fruits and vegetables provide the body with tons of health benefits, and you’re also less likely to overeat because fruits and vegetables displace fat in the diet.

· Work vegetables into meals instead of just serving them as sides on a plate.

· Take seasonal vegetables and make stir-fries, frittatas, risotto, pilafs, soups, or layer on sandwiches. It is easy to buy a variety of vegetables and incorporate them into dishes.


Making a long list of foods that are “naughty” and that you aren’t supposed to eat is a foolish idea. Telling ourselves that we are “bad” if we eat something is ludicrous and is also a waste of time and energy. What invariably happens is that we set ourselves up for a cycle of “rebound” eating. We are “good” for however long, and then finally we snap and binge on some magical forbidden food. The shame often causes us to overcompensate the next day. Uh-oh, I was sooo bad yesterday, so today I had better starve myself. This cycle of behavior is dangerous and foolish. Think about it. How silly are we to treat ourselves this way?

Instead of cutting out your favorite foods altogether, be a smarter shopper. Buy one fresh bakery cookie instead of a box, or a small portion of candy from the bulk bins instead of a whole bag. If you have a craving for a certain food, allow yourself to have it. Don’t stuff yourself until you are sick- have a little bit and stop when you are satisfied. When we give ourselves permission to eat as we like many of our trigger foods lose their power.

Enjoy your favorite foods, but do so in moderation.


Don’t eat because you don’t know what else to do. When you are reaching for a snack ask yourself how hungry you are. If you aren’t actually hungry take a moment to think. Are you trying to avoid thinking about something? Are you using food to ignore emotions? When you are done eating you should never feel “stuffed”, bloated or tired.


#1)  Take an hour long walk

#2)  Repeat the dance challenge for a period of no less than twenty minutes

#3) Do a thirty minute workout of your choosing


#1 – BECOME A SLOW EATER (try this during at least three meals this week)

Set a timer for 20 minutes and reinvent yourself as a slow eater. This is one of the top habits for slimming down without a complicated diet plan. Savor each bite and make it last until the bell chimes. Paced meals offer great pleasure from smaller portions and trigger the body’s fullness hormones. Wolfing your food down in a hurry blocks those signals and causes overeating. How does taking 20 minutes to eat a meal make you feel?

#2 – Shrink Your Dishes (do this all week – it really does make a difference)

Chose a 10″ lunch plate instead of a 12″ dinner plate to automatically eat less. Cornell’s Brian Wansink, PhD, found in test after test that people serve more and eat more food with larger dishes. Shrink your plate or bowl to cut out 100-200 calories a day – and 10-20 pounds in a year. In Wansink’s tests, no one felt hungry or even noticed when tricks of the eye shaved 200 calories off their daily intake.

#3 – SOUPS ON!! (create your own home-made soup to have as a meal at least twice this week)

Add a broth-based soup to your day and you’ll fill up on fewer calories. Think minestrone, tortilla soup, Chinese won-ton, vegetable, etc. Soup’s especially handy at the beginning of a meal because it slows your eating and curbs your appetite. Start with a low-sodium broth, add fresh or frozen vegetables and simmer. Beware of creamy soups, which can be high in fat and calories. Adding a can of beans to your soup is a great and inexpensive way to boost the amount of protein. Fresh or dried herbs can be added in a multitude of ways to create new flavors and taste combinations.

#4 – Try the 80-20 Rule (do this during at least half of your meals this week)

Americans are conditioned to keep eating until they’re stuffed, but residents of Okinawa eat until they’re 80% full. They even have a name for this naturally slimming habit: hara hachi bu. We can adopt this healthy habit by dishing out 20% less food, according to researcher Brian Wansink, PhD. His studies show most people don’t miss it.

#5 – Catch the “Eating Pause” (try this for at least half of your meals this week)

Most people have a natural “eating pause,” when they drop the fork for a couple of minutes. Watch for this moment and don’t take another bite. Clear your plate and enjoy the conversation. This is the quiet signal that you’re full, but not stuffed. Most people miss it.

#6 – Go All Raw (try this for ONE DAY this week)

Sometimes it is good to shake things up a little bit. If we eat very differently for one day it can often change our perspectives on food and eating habits. I would like you to choose one day this week, and on this day please consume only raw foods. Help yourself to as many raw fruits, raw nuts (not roasted, gals, only raw and unsalted), and raw veggies as you like. Get creative! Use romaine leaves to make wraps and replace the bread in sandwiches. Hummus, salad dressings, salsa, & other condiments are ok to eat for this challenge. Going raw for one day a week is actually a really great and easy way to detox the body. Take note of your energy level on this day.

#7) Favorite Meal (Do this for one meal this week)

What is your favorite meal? Why do you like it so much? Have you ever forbidden yourself the food items from your favorite meal? Well, that kinda blows if you did, and you shouldn’t be so mean to yourself. This week I want you to treat yourself to your favorite meal. Eat without distractions. No tv, no reading, no eating standing up while chatting on a phone and trying to organize the linen closet. Sit down. Turn off the noise. Eat. Savor every bite. Do not over eat. Stop eating when you are full.


Midsummer Splash Dreamboard a.k.a. my second masterpiece

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I sure am focused on clothing and appearance, aren’t I?  Main points that are represented in this dreamboard: A home that I love living in because it is cozy and unique; Success with selling my crystals and getting plenty of clients; An ample supply of cash flow to support all my wants and needs; A partner to travel around and grow with; Travel to new and interesting places; Finding my true self and chasing after my heart’s desires; Having the courage to bring out my inner goddess; Being able to purchase a cello, because I have missed having one around sooooo much; Creating hope and love everyday in my life; Plenty of time spent with good friends; Lots of time spent outdoors; Rockin’ out a bitchin’ wardrobe


the point of it all July 16, 2011

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song of the day – Kanye West – Gold Digger (can’t help it, it was lodged in my brain!)

Hey, all you participants in the challenge, how are things going so far? Are you finding that getting in 20 minutes of activity into a day is difficult? Are you wondering what in the sam hill I was thinking trying to get everybody to fit a third of an hour’s worth of workout in every busy day of the week. Well, there was a point! And here it is!

Burn 100 Calories More

Lose 10 pounds in a year without dieting by burning an extra 100 calories every day. Try one of these activities:

  • Walk 1 mile, about 20 minutes.
  • Pull weeds or plant flowers for 20 minutes.
  • Mow the lawn for 20 minutes.
  • Clean house for 30 minutes.
  • Jog for 10 minutes

Get the picture?  The average low impact style workout (such as pilates, swimming, or walking) burns off one hundred calories in just twenty minutes.  Maybe ten pounds over the course of an entire year doesn’t seem like a whole heck of a lot, but every little bit counts.  If we add this to other clever dieting tidbits, we can really make positive long term changes.

Ok.  You all have been keeping up with those food journals, right?  Is anybody noticing any patterns?  I’ve been doing mine for two months, and here are some things I have found out:  For five magical days out of the month I am as destructively ravenous as a rabid Kodiak Bear at a state park on Labor Day Weekend.  Yeah.  I smell the hotdogs and hear the sweet dulcet tones of the children laughing, and all the sudden I’m tearing my way through cases of Budweiser and bags of marshmallows and family sized sacks of ruffles potato chips and manflesh… WHOA.  I lost myself for a minute there.  You get the point.  I’m sure you can guess which days as I’ve been carrying on like a drunken mother in law about it for the last posts.  So that’s the big thing I noticed that has changed in the last year.  I also can’t help but notice just how much freaking cheese I eat.  I mostly eat the same things every week, and am back to my normal routine now that my mom has gone home.  Lots of greens and vegetables, brown rice, eggs, shaved turkey, provolone… shouldn’t I be sick of the same crap every day?  I’m not.  And I will never fall out of love with cheese.

Let me know how you are doing, and what you think of the challenge so far.


Very funny, @$#hole July 15, 2011

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My scale is a humorous little fucker.  Remember that time when the scale had the same reading on it for weeks and weeks even though I lost three or four inches off of my waist?  And then I changed the batteries and moved the scale to a different part of the room, and was instantly six pounds lighter…  Yeah, I remember that month.  I drove myself crazy weighing myself a jillion times a day to see if anything would change.  That incident is what prompted me to stay the hell away from that rat bastard.  I worked myself into a depression over it!  Yipes!

Anyway.  I have been weighing myself more frequently because of recent challenges, and as a result decided to hop on the thing this morning.  And do you know what that smarmy little cur told me?  184.  I started laughing so hard.  I didn’t want to get off of the scale, because I figured it would be a while before I saw a 184 reading again.  I was just standing there, chuckling, and thinking “Well, this is what it will feel like sometime in the not so distant future when I actually weigh 184.”  And then I thought, “Damn, whatever I did yesterday I need to repeat, because I lost sixteen pounds overnight.”  And I’m still really bloated because my period isn’t due until tomorrow.  My scale is such a card.  I deliberately bought a fancy dancey one when the last scale bought the big one, and this is the thanks I get.

It has all these buttons and settings and special features, but occasionally has issues doing its simplest task: telling me how much I weigh.  Poor guy must be off somewheres on a union break half the time.  Anywhoozles, when I got off and got back on the reading was back to 200.  I used to only bloat the day before my period, but now I inflate up for several days before it strikes.  Yay me!  And I also get odd food cravings, which is a development that began occurring in the last several months.  I never used to have any food cravings.  Now for a few days before I crave sweets (I NEVER crave sweets).  Yesterday I wanted cake soooooo bad, and I wanted brownies.  Instead of giving in to that impulse I ate a bowl of my roommate’s Reese’s Puffs cereal for lunch.  Yeah, that didn’t help.  I ate a bowl of her fruity pebbles for dinner.  Real healthy, huh?


There are a total of six participants for the Midsummer Splash Challenge.  As I mentioned before, there is no individual weight loss goal.  HOWEVER for this challenge we have… wait for it…. drumroll… A GROUP WEIGHT LOSS GOAL!  We either all make it or we all go bust on this one, girls.  We must lose twenty pounds during the three week period of this challenge.  (If you work it out, that’s an individual loss of just over a pound a week for each of us)  This is an attainable goal.  If we support and cheer each other on I think that we can lose more weight individually than we would on our own.  THERE WILL BE ONE WEIGH IN at the halfway point.  Get your weight to me on SATURDAY the 23rd- or within a couple of days of that, please. The final weigh in will be on Wednesday the third of August.


Day One of Midsummer Splash Challenge July 13, 2011

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Pepa: 160

Goodnuff: 284.6

Jitterfish: 200.2


Misscatty: 224

Didi: 200

Have you all noticed my weight right up there?  Yeah.  I’m about to get my period so I am disgustingly bloated and my weight was really high when I got on the scale.  It didn’t surprise me.  I was hoping that I could get a more accurate starting weight after flushing the melatonin out of my system, but here we are.  The water percentage reading on my scale was much higher than normal, and the fat percentage was higher as well.  I guess this just confirms the whole “time of the month” thing.  Le sigh.

I need starting weights for most of you, so send them when you can.  If you would like to send your other measurements I will keep track of those as well.  I didn’t want to require it, because I lost my soft tape measurey thinger and keep forgetting to buy a new one.  Ah, me.

I am going to chart my daily activity at the top of my blog, and I am also going to put my food journal up there as well.


(more) updates for midsummer splash July 12, 2011

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Hey all.  I just posted the weekly challenges for the midsummer splash challenge.  I am going to start the official challenge on Wednesday, and will have the list of participants up as soon as possible.  I am going to permit people to sign up until Friday, so let me know if you want to join!  We added a couple more people onto our list of participants, so keep spreading the word.  The more the merrier!

Pepa, Jitterfish, Goodnuff, Mismichelle, Misscatty (please send me a link to your blog, misscatty) will be participating & I’d like to add a few more to that list.  🙂  (And myself of course)

I’ve been feeling under the weather for the past couple of days.  To tell you the truth I still feel wonky.  I was battling with insomnia again, and caved in by purchasing a bottle of melatonin.  Unfortunately, that stuff only works for me for a night or two and then it won’t do a thing.  AND it makes me super bloated for some odd reason.  For several nights I was taking it and still couldn’t sleep, and as a result I am retaining about five pounds of extra water.  Yuck.  Now I can’t sleep and I’m all puffy and gross.  Great.  That’ll teach me.  I stopped taking it, and am trying to drink a crap load of water to flush everything out of my system.  I’m due to get my period in a few days though, so I suppose my tubby ass is going to bloat up no matter what.  GRRRRR.

I want to do the Midsummer Splash because I need something to focus on.  My thoughts are driving me loco, and I am going to attempt to combat them with physical exertion.  I don’t have much to do until I move, and there are seven weeks and three days left to kill!

I have it narrowed down to two programs to transfer to- I just need to see which area I want to live in.  Ug.  I have not been in a good mood at all.  I feel like I have somehow failed again.

WHOA!  Sorry for the negativity up there.  I was in an awful mood yesterday and this morning, but the rest of my day went very well.



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Well, everybody, we have reached the middle of summer and this isn’t the time to lose track of our goals!  I really enjoyed Pepa’s “Summer Slam Down” yet I didn’t feel like I got to end it with a loud enough BANG.  My mother visiting shook up my normal eating habits and schedule, and I am sure that the holiday weekend did the same for everybody.

I decided to come up with a new challenge today to end up the month of July with style.  I am going to start the challenge on Wednesday the 13th of July.  Participants may sign up until Friday the 15th of July. If you wish to participate, please send your current weight as soon as you can. Wednesday will be the weigh in day for this challenge.

I will be posting activities each week.  As soon as I have an idea of how many participants will be involved I will reveal a not yet mentioned and nifty part of this challenge.  There is no individual weight loss goal involved, but there will be different workouts/ food challenges during the week.  I will put a page link at the top of my blog, and this is where you can find the weekly activities and challenges.  They will also be shown in a regular blog post.  I want this to be fun, but still keep us on track!

Check back tomorrow for the first week’s events.  Since there are three “warm up” days you may choose to wait until Wednesday to begin the challenge if you wish.


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