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oh, the confusion January 31, 2011

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Weight loss is a tricky business, and maybe I shouldn’t step on the scale every single day.  My weight was at 208.5 on Thursday and today it is at 211.  I have been eating well and following my own plan.  It get’s better though- I LOOK thinner and more defined, and all of my measurements are DOWN half an inch to an inch.  The measurements are down but the weight is up, so I should be satisfied, but I am ULTRA ANNOYED anyway.  It’s weigh in day DAMN IT!  Of course, I do feel like I am retaining water today, and I know that must have something to do with it.  Somebody pat me on the back before I have a big ole tantrum.  Screw it.  I’m gonna have a tantrum anyway.


I have a microbiology test tomorrow and homework to do.  Excuse me while I tantrum study.


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  1. fitforlife357 Says:

    Keep up the great work and don’t let that scale get to you. You could be down again tomorrow. Seems same thing happens to us all sometimes; it did me today and I’m on plan. I put my scale in the closet until next week.

    Love microbiology btw. That was one of my favorite courses. Good luck with your studies. 🙂

  2. jelbelle Says:

    MGMT = major luff <2+1

    Deederz you should know durn well that our bodies get all messy on us for no reason! You always know exactly what my body is doing when I freak out :O Here, I’ll try to be Didi for a day: take two spoofulls of lemon juice with every glass of water! But not too much or you’re tum tum will start to hurty <3

  3. jitterfish Says:

    Have your tantrum because we all deserve to have them from time to time, great stress relievers! But yep, the scale is just one way to track that weight loss, we just all focus on it because it is the easy quantitative way to measure. I only weigh once a week, the scale is out of sight the rest of the week otherwise it is too easy to obsess about the number.

    I hope your test went well, I love micro 🙂 It is the last topic I teach each year so that might have something to do with it haha. Micro=holidays!

  4. angela Says:

    hey girl..yes the scale can be a real pain in the arse! Keep up the great WILL go down!
    Good luck on the test!
    weight was 151.5 today 🙂

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