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being annoyed January 29, 2011

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I never got around to making tabouli yesterday, which means that I’ll have to put it off until Friday.  Tomorrow I have a neonatal resuscitation class from nine to five in Gainesville (leave at seven, back at seven), and I am supposed to be at the clinic on Monday for eleven hours or so.  I texted Kelly (my preceptor) to see if I could possibly come on Thursday instead because I have a test in microbiology on Tuesday.  She hasn’t texted me back yet.  Hopefully she isn’t annoyed with me because of my damn car bailing on me on the twentieth… fricken catalytic converter can go blow.  I couldn’t go to clinic or the birth that took place that night.  Ug.

I had an awesome day yesterday, so I can’t account for why I am soooo blasted grumpy today.  There are days when I wake up and all I can think about is how much time I’ve wasted on this that and the other, and today is such a day.  And then I can’t snap out of it, so I mope about, wallowing in ridiculous misery. I think I will make a list because list making cheers me up enormously.

Things that I find aggravating today:  my room needs to be cleaned, and i have no desire to clean it, i have to do laundry and i don’t feel like it, i am lonesome and feeling sorry for myself because i haven’t met anybody that i am interested in dating since i have moved to florida, my friends back home won’t trade mixes with me because they are too lazy to mail things, as i am making this list i seem more and more like a childish whiner, i haven’t worked out today, i’ve not completed all my homework, i still haven’t gotten over my test anxiety since attending this school, i ate a cheeseburger yesterday to see how it would affect my mood and that was a BAD IDEA, i am attracted to useless no-accounts so when i do meet somebody i’m not going to trust my own shakey judgment, i always spell the word “judgment” j-u-d-g-e-m-e-n-t and then have to go back and fix it, my lower back still hurts, i’m still on the hunt for a good traveling companion but the search has been fruitless, each day i wake up a little bit nerdier, i am still a sub par juggler, erica wants to reclaim the crib that i have been using as a giant hamper… alright, this list is making me giggle now.  Mission accomplished.

My brain hurts.  Maybe it was the cheeseburger.  I guess giving up meat again was a good idea after all since today I feel like punching somebody in the head for no reason.  I even know just who I would like to punch in the head…  one ex roommate who was quite possibly the biggest douchebag-chode-faced-phoney on the whole damn planet (and i bet he knows it, poor bastard), and also another friend of mine who was a bit mean for no good reason and a bit gossipy when it happened to be unnecessary.  Yup, he gets a punch too.  There is a third person out there in the world, and I don’t feel the need to punch him, but I would like to knock him down for being an ass…

Most of my irritation currently stems from my struggle with time management.  That is the truth.


5 Responses to “being annoyed”

  1. pepagirl Says:

    Yeah I hate being annoyed too, I want to punch things when I eat pizza. I personally thinks it’s the soduim…

  2. jitterfish Says:

    judgement? judgment? I thought both were accepted, funny that ff spell check doesn’t like the spelling of the second version. And yes I am totally focussed on the wrong thing and not the whole post!

    I never got over test fears, to a certain degree it is a good thing to have as it keeps you focussed. What do you do to cope?

  3. garnetrising Says:

    I’m feeling a little bit blue myself today, even though I weighed in at under 239, finally. But it’s only by a few tenths of a pound and with official weigh-in tomorrow, it makes me sad.

    And thank you for reminding me that I need to do laundry, too. Heh. I should start those now and then go from there. ^^

  4. goodnuff Says:

    Ha, my words are decision and definitely (I paused spell check them and lo and behold I got it right this time) I feel like punching things often >:-( And the next time I do I’m going to make a list of why I’m so pissed and hope it makes me giggle as much as yours did. I think the burger gave you mad cow! I had my NRP renewal last Wednesday, it was the first year I didn’t study…I figured my real life experiences would be sufficient.

  5. angela Says:

    Hey girl what is tabouli?? Your food looks very interesting (in your recipes section,lol). Yes I feel like punching things sometimes there are days that it seems like everything is annoying us and we’re more irritated than usual. Just have to get through it..focus on doing things instead of what needs to be done..does that make sense? lol

    Read your comment about the St.Paddys day challenge…count me in! My weight all last week was 153 if you want to count that as my starting weight..notice that you guys have weighed in already..or you can count the 151 I was at this AM…doesn’t matter (doubt it will be lower tomorrow tho :P).

    Have a great week!!! I am glad we all have one another too!

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