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too hot January 23, 2011

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song of the day (stole this idea from Jel, cause it’s just stylish and brilliant) To Go Home- M. Ward

Hey gals, those of you participating in the Valentine’s Day Challenge (lose ten pounds by Valentine’s Day)- don’t forget tomorrow is weigh-in day.  And if anybody else wants to join in you are welcome to!  The first weigh-in day was the seventeenth, so you can just use your weight from that day as your starting point.  I have a link to the challenge at the top of my blog.  Come on, pretty ladies, let’s get sexy together.

I officially lost five pounds last week, and I am pretty happy about it.  I’m going to push myself harder this week to see if I can repeat the loss.  I CAN NOT WAIT to be back under 200 pounds, and I’ve only got ten to go to achieve this mini goal of mine.  I’m already half way to my Valentine’s Day Challenge goal… and that kinda makes me wish I had set my sights even higher.

I’ve been meaning to get a camera, and I need some help with this because I haven’t had a camera in a zillion years.  Any suggestions?  I am thinking maybe a panasonic lumix… I want to take pictures of my ever increasing hotness.

Pretty soon we’ll all be so sexy that it will eventually have to be criminal.  Dudes will literally explode in their pants when they see us.  Just sayin’…  You’ll heed these words when some random johnny crosses the street in front of you and blows a load in his shorts.  At some point the government will have no choice but to make such sexiness a criminal offense.  They’ll be, like,”Sorry girls, but people can’t focus on work and menial tasks.  The country is going to fall apart because men are spending so much time at home washing load after load of boxers and briefs.  For realsies, girls, I’ve already jizzed in my pants twice since I’ve been talking to you…”

Anyolddanghow.  I better get back to my homework.  Just wanted to share some thoughts and post another challenge to keep myself pumped.


4 Responses to “too hot”

  1. garnetrising Says:

    Criminally sexy, huh. You’re shameless, Didi and I love you for it. ^^

  2. pepagirl Says:


  3. jelbelle Says:

    I am often stylish and brilliant =P and incredibly hot.

  4. goodnuff Says:

    You are freaking’ hilarious. I’ll take a one-way ticket to whatever planet I need to live on where i’ll incite spontaneous spoo-age.
    Love that your song of the day led me to She & Him, which is now a channel on my Pandora 🙂

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