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did somebody say, ST. PATRICK’S DAY CHALLENGE? January 23, 2011

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Ok.  I know we haven’t even finished the “Lose Five Pounds in January Challenge” or the “Valentine’s Day Challenge,” but I have been so on point the last two weeks, and I am trying to keep up the momentum.  The weigh in for this challenge will start tomorrow, which will make things easier since the V-Day challenge weigh in is also tomorrow.

I want to lose 17.5 pounds by St. Patrick’s Day, which is on the 17th of March.  If you do the math, this is about a 2.5 loss per week (which is the same as the V-Day Challenge).  I just need something to make me work harder.  Two and a half pounds is pretty manageable at this stage of my weight loss, and I want to push myself to work out as much as I can.  Let me know if you are down for some Leprechaun-weight-loss-madness.  And hey, if my goal is too high join anyway and just lower the amount of weight you want to lose!!!  We can still support each others individual goals.  I will post this page at the top of my blog for easy access and updates.


9 Responses to “did somebody say, ST. PATRICK’S DAY CHALLENGE?”

  1. garnetrising Says:

    Part of me hesitates to join a challenge. I’d hate to feel like I failed or something, but previous experience says that I like challenges. So, count me in.

  2. pepagirl Says:

    I’ll join up Didi, my goal is to lose 15 pounds- that’s only 2 a week for me. My body is still being weird!

  3. jelbelle Says:

    Ahhhh so many challenges! I’m bad at keeping up like this! Can I start on February 15th?!

  4. pepagirl Says:

    Weigh in for St Patty’s Day Challenge.
    SW/CW= 169.2 GW= 155.0

  5. jitterfish Says:

    I like the sound of this, am new to blogging but if you’ll have me I’m keen!

  6. garnetrising Says:

    Weigh-in for St. Patrick’s Day.

    SW = 239.0 lbs
    CW = 239.0 lbs
    GW = 231.5 lbs

    I know, I know. I’m only aiming for 1 lb a week. I’m sure there’s the possibility that I could achieve more than that and I’d really like to, but as I’m just easing back into things, I think it’d be best if I don’t aim to high. Causing missing the stars could lead me back to square one. So, slow and steady. 🙂

  7. elliehastings Says:

    My weigh-in for whatever dad-gum challenge you’ve got going over here…can’t keep up with ya anymore, Didi! Just put me on on, will ya!?!

    Agghhhhhh! 263. Ugh.

    *Beats head against wall* I hate the beginning of a semester. 🙁

  8. goodnuff Says:

    I’m in!!!
    ST. Pat’s GW:291.5

  9. jitterfish Says:

    Start weight: 109kg, Challenge goal weight: 100kg

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