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the error of my ways January 22, 2011

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Remember back in the day when I used to blather ceaselessly on and on about how I wasn’t going to log stuff like my measurements, weight, and daily exercise?  Well I am here to let you know that I was just being a dipshit about it.  I bought this dry erase board with the whole month printed on it, and hung it above my bed in an effort to be more organized and less scatter brained.  This purchase combined with the fancy scale was a wise investment.  Since I have been tracking and writing my numbers down on the board, I have lost five pounds!  GO ME!

here is the dry erase board the has changed my life in three days. look, ye chubby brethren, and behold the glory!  the green snowflake is for the end of the January challenge, and the red heart is the Valentine’s day challenge.  to the left are my measurements. as you can see, the eraser is wedged into the necklace hook on the right.

It has been fun writing everything down too, which isn’t all that surprising to me in spite of all my previous nay saying and whining.  I really LOVE to list things down even if I never look at the list again.

I’m still not counting calories, but I have been achieving my goal of eating two pieces of fruit , (at least) two and a half cups of vegetables, and one Greek yogurt a day.  I also have only eaten tuna once since I made the decision to avoid all meats (apart from tuna and sushi) for the next six months.  Once July rolls around I may incorporate chicken back into my diet once a week, and beef once every other week.  We’ll see how I feel about it when the time comes.  For whatever reason, it seems I have a difficult time suppressing my hunger when I include meat in my weekly diet.  Oh well. On the plus side being a pescatarian again has been insanely easy.  When I was a veggie from 18 and into my early twenties I craved meat, but not this go-round.

Last time I was a veggie my weight was at a healthy level, but I certainly didn’t have a balanced (or good) diet.  I am truly proud of myself for the modifications that I have made in my diet over the last few weeks.  Instead of relying solely on carbs, I’m making sure to balance my meals properly.  I’ve been incorporating a decent amount of protein into each meal without just relying on tofu and soy.  Adding raw, unsalted nuts to salads, and different types of beans to salads, soups and main dishes is more simple than I anticipated.  Teaching myself nutrition is preparing me for my nutrition during pregnancy class, which I believe is next semester.  It’s sweet that I am getting a head start!

I’m feeling really good about myself today.  Last night I read skinnyk10’s latest blog ( and it really made an impression on me.  The gist of it is that YOU ARE DOING BETTER THAN YOU THINK, and I really believe this is one hundred percent true.  I spend so much time beating myself up over all the things I “should” be doing.  I don’t give myself credit for what I have done and what I am doing.  I live in the past and in the future; more time is spent thinking about where I used to be and where I want to be (also been thinking about Pepa’s blog “The Deadly Comparison, and I miss out RIGHT NOW because I’m not present.   Though I live in a land of then and later I am trying to make a serious push towards enjoying things as they are.



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  1. garnetrising Says:

    That’s fantastic. I still haven’t found my dry erase board since we moved. And my scale disappeared a quite a few weeks ago… On the bright side, I got a new and improved scale today that informed me that I wasn’t 250 lbs despite what I’ve been telling myself for months now. ^__^

  2. angela Says:

    Awesome board! Maybe I should get one of these..not only for dieting but to put in special dates etc….between work/meetings/working out and babysitting I’m flat out, lol.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. jelbelle Says:

    I really like when my Didi is being gung ho. You go woman! Hey, I don’t care if it’s a sob story or a dry erase board that gets you going as long as you’re GOING! And to be completely honest, you’re the one that has really inspired me to lose this next 10lbs. I’ve been on a couple of challenges this month, but I only half-assed it at best. Your V-Day challenge has made me completely switch gears. Maybe it’s because you yourself are so important to me that you do encourage me to get moving, and back to my old healthy habits again after a derailing holiday. Just to let you know that my life is a lot brighter when Didi comes back full force =P

  4. jelbelle Says:

    I got a Canon Powershot SD1400IS for Christmas, it’s real sharp.

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